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Pre-Exam Training Empty Pre-Exam Training

Wed Apr 11, 2012 6:53 pm
Name of Jutsu: Lightning Release: False Darkness
Element: Raiton
Rank: B

Coming out of just passing his written exam Jinchu needed a quick preparation for the forest of death challenge by learning a new and useful technique, 'I can't learn something too advanced, I need to be able to use the jutsu quickly and with strategy... I already have a gamechanging secret weapon so Chidori would be out of the question... Something of my element would be helpful though, since lightning can run through trees, making it extremely useful.' Jin was trying to be very careful of his selection especially with the possible competition he could face through the forest. He then concluded he should learn a rather dangerous jutsu called the False Darkness technique.

Standing in the center of the training area, he looked left then right. Jinchu slowly brought his arms together to form the snake hand-seal as his raiton chakra was being gathered to create a build-up right at the base of his throat. His insides felt like they were being fueled by fire but of a different sort, a sparatic well of power coarsing through his existence. The ends of his hair began rising and waving around like he'd been hit by some sort of static. All of this was happening at once but time seemed to slow down for Jin as he registered all of the senses he experienced for the first time, definitely the most powerful lightning release technique he's learned yet. Jinchu then finally tilted his head back in a kind of way that would mimic the form that katon users did while performing a Fireball jutsu. With the tilt back of the head he gave a small smirk then he held his position for a fraction of a second. Jinchu then shot his head forward and opened his mouth simultaneously to expel the concentrated raiton from his mouth. From his mouth came a powerful stream of zig-zagging lightning towards a tree just fifteen meters away. Unable to control the blast, Jin was sent flying backwards and watched helplessly as the lightning ripped clean through the tree.

Having nothing else to do but start over, Jinchu stood up and dusted himself off looking at the destroyed tree. It was completely split in two (top and bottom) with a definative chunk of the middle missing. Half shocked, half impressed he made his way over to examine the damage. Jin then found that it wasn't just the initial blast that effected the tree. There was also the current that ran through both of the severed trunks giving Jin the exact effect he desired, 'I see... I can use this in the forest but not for direct attacks. A direct attack could most definitely kill someone but a perfectly timed or concentrated blast at a tree could either cause a less lethal shock or even entrap a foe, but I should try again to make sure my aim is right and so I don't injure myself as a cost.'

Jinchu retook his original position at the center of the area and momentarily closed his eyes. As he opened his eyes they held an intense gaze of determination nearly mirroring an expression others could see as rage. He molded the chakra within his body forcing it to his throat area and relived the power of the intense level of raiton but did his best to remain focused on his goal. Jin made his required hand-seal and tilted his head back refusing to get lost in the techniques power and sinking a bit into a firmer horse stance. The effort it took for concentration generated some sweat just by his left brow and the chakra buildup reached its breaking point. With the release from his mouth the lightning began its zig-zagging again but in a more controlled and determinable manor for Jinchu. His legs began to shake a little but refused to leave the ground. The last step was complete when Jin altered the trajectory of the blast to miss the tree just ahead and instead making contact with a boulder just off to the right. When the jutsu was over Jinchu slackened his posture and put a light smile signifying his pride about his personal victory, "Ha! Forest of death, here I come...."

705/600 words Learnt jutsu and 3 chakra stat points
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Pre-Exam Training Empty Re: Pre-Exam Training

Wed Apr 18, 2012 5:40 pm
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Pre-Exam Training Empty Re: Pre-Exam Training

Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:55 am
Could someone please accept this train or deny it and explain why?
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