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Jinchu's Training (open to all) Empty Jinchu's Training (open to all)

Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:11 am
The day was rather perfect for pure improvement, no alternate responsibilities, no authorities to challenge, and no one else to fight at the moment.... Jin's training oasis. He stood in the centre of this humble training ground taking in his surroundings... he felt a slight wind barely catching the ends of his hair and saw the boulder off to the left, the dirt hill that ran into the wall that encircled the area. The whole set up is similar to the classic chuunin exam arena but with a few twists. The most noticeable twist were the three large trees in a triangle formation on the edges of the space, 'I'm gonna do a quick warm up before I get into anything serious' he thought,'let's feel this place out!'

With his little self motivation, Jin took off running straight for one of the large trees leaping forward like he was going to blast straight through it. Jinchu stuck his arms out to recieve the tree and absorb the near-collision and quickly rotated his body to plant his feet into the tree trunk bounding off it like a spring visualizing an opponent that could counter his every movement. His airborn assault to the imaginary opponent began with a high kick aimed straight for the jaw. Of course the kick was dodged so he used the kick's momentum to backflip and avoid the punch he nearly was delivered to the face. Seeing as he was now airborn without any real forms of movement he formed his and seal used the substitution to trade with a distant branch near the tree he leaped from earlier. His enemy anticipated the substition and body-flickered as soon as Jin reappeared ready to give an unsuspecting kick to Jinchu's gut. The only thing that saved Jin was that he was expecting a quick attack and countered a manuveur he thought of while watching some of the Hyuuga clan members fighting. He rotated his body and placed his hand his opponent's leg to guide it forward completely avoiding the attack,'That was too close. I need to get faster!' coming out of the dodge, Jin did a handspring to create some distance between himself and his enemy. He looked long and hard at his mental creation and saw all the little improvements he gave himself to face someone to push him to the next level. He actually then gave a little smirk,'This is gonna be a good fight....'

He set himself into a ready stance... completely motionless copying his mental creation like a mirror, neither giving way to what their next moves were going to be. Eager to brake the silence Jinchu finally advanced forward making his reflection react by doing the same. He jumped and kicked his left foot out ready to connect in the mid-section while letting his right arm hang back just above the ground tingling with the focus of raiton chakra. The opponent bounded into the air in response, stretching his left leg skyward then began shooting it down to make a potential finishing blow to Jinchu's left side... With a smirk, Jin released the chakra in his fingers to create electricity and dug his hand into the ground effortlessly to stop his current trajectory then pulled back getting his body out of his opponents line of fire. Continuing with the momentum he gained from the pull, Jinchu rotated around his arm to kick the unsuspecting right side of his enemy as he decended.

The kick made contact and left the imaginary enemy flying with a look of shock on his face. To guaruntee his victory Jin had his lower right leg already planted and sprung him towards his dazed enemy the instant he pulled his hand out of the ground. His final assault was his right fist cocked up for a shot straight for the face. His opponent had his wits regathered enough to form the required seals for a body replacement just in time switching with a log just fifteen ft. away. Jinchu planned for this occurence though, he brought his arm down with his left to form a ram seal activating the body flicker technique. It was almost the instant that his opponent got space Jin was directly under him and shot up with his left fist landing an uncontested blow to the jaw...

The imaginary opponent seemed to have desintegrated back into Jin's mind as he knew he won that battle,'Wow I expected that I could create a better challenge for my self... Well I can't be as leniant next time, I was actually pretty sloppy. Definitely a lot of room for improvement. I think it is finally time I used a weapon in battle and stroger jutsu though, real enemies wont go down just from strikes... I guess I'll deal with the easiest one first. Off to the weapons shop!' his pondering went on for a couple more moments then he took action. Jinchu walked out of this training oasis of his and headed for the weapons shop eager to see what he might find....

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