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Ryo : 2500

Joro and Kayori after the Purple Socks Empty Joro and Kayori after the Purple Socks

Wed Jul 03, 2024 12:01 am

Joro woke up to the soft, golden light filtering through his window blinds as he began to hear the birds chirping. Rubbing his eyes, he stretched and yawned. He shuffled into the kitchen, still attempting to wake up, and put on a pot of water to boil. As he waited for the water, he cracked a couple of eggs into a pan, the sizzle of the eggs providing a comforting background noise to the otherwise quiet morning. Outside of the beautiful chirps from the birds.

The aroma of the tea soon began to fill the apartment from the gentle boil of the tea kettle. Joro carefully poured the hot water over a teabag in his favorite mug, watching as the water turned a deep, amber color with a hint of honey. He inhaled the steam rising from the mug, feeling the warmth spread through his body. It was the perfect way to start his morning.

With his tea in hand, Joro returned to the eggs, flipping them over with a spatula. Soon, the eggs were done to his liking, and he transferred them to a plate. Sitting down at the table with his breakfast and his steaming mug of tea, Joro took a deep breath and savored the moment. It was supposed to be a wonderful day. After savoring his breakfast, Joro felt inspired to write. He grabbed his notebook and pen, eager to capture the ideas that had been swirling in his mind since he woke up. As he sat at the table, the words flowed from his pen onto the pages of the notebook, the morning silence broken only by the scratch of the pen against the paper.

Before he knew it, the sun had climbed higher in the sky, and Joro realized that the morning had slipped away. The first task of the day, he had a mission with Kayori! What a way to start the day. Kayori and he had gone on a few missions at this point and each time, Joro couldn't help but be mesmerized by that woman. Not that he was in love or obsessed with her by any means. But she was a sight for sore eyes. Especially ones that Joro had with all of these missions lately. The other day, Kayori and himself along with two others had done 5 missions in one day. I mean 5 missions. Bonkers he thought.

Anyways, he better get going so Kayori wasn't waiting on him. He wanted to keep his good impression for her, well good. As he grabbed a few of his things he headed out of his apartment and onto the street. As he made his way out the door at the bottom of the steps he felt the Spacetime chakra surround him and teleport him to one of his favorite areas of the market.

The messenger had gone to Kayori after Joro he was pretty sure. So he told the messenger to tell her to meet him there. Stout tagged along as well, scuttling from shoulder to shoulder on Joro as they looked for the blonde-haired woman he had been so imbued by.
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