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Ryumi Hiyu
Ryumi Hiyu
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A restaurant construction project Empty A restaurant construction project

Mon Jun 24, 2024 6:43 pm
Mission Details:

The sun was high in the air, beating down on the villagers throughout the sweltering morning. A few taking off their shirts or having buckets of water with them to help cool off. The local restaurant, Baritone, was rather small, it’s outside merely a few benches for seating and a small sign that directed customers to enter through the front door(even though some customers still thought it was wise to try and enter through the other doors that were reserved for gusts). Baritones main appeal was that music would be played throughout the day and night, whether it be the shrieks of saxophones, the roars of the trumpets, or the sharp cries of a flute. It was a symphony every single night. The restaurant hopping up and down to the beat of the music. However the place was getting a rather large reconstruction project due to a new plot of land that had previous been occupied. The owners had enlisted the help of shinobi of the village in order to help deal with the reconstruction process. Asking for someone who was “Strong” in the physical sense in comparison to the more ninjutsu focused shinobi that walked around the city with their blades attached to their hips.

Which is exactly where Ryumi would have been the perfect choice for this assignment. She had practically nothing to do today besides train, and helping out with a simple construction project seemed like the perfect thing to do to pass the time. She had heard stories about Baritones, how it’s a rather popular venue for Shinobi that wished not to crash out inside of the many bars and taverns surrounding it. Lloyd even noting that a few Nova Members had previous graced the halls of the location. Yet this new renovation could prove vital to expanding their brand and also making them and her some money as well. Money she was hoping to pour into her own private funds for a new weapon she was hoping to find. While her bo-staff certainly did the trick. She wanted something with a slight more amount of flare to it, at least, enough to where she could show herself off. The construction of the place would have to be done rather quickly. Yet she was sure that she could easily help with the moving process. After all, her physique wasn’t just for show, and she would make sure that everyone around her understood that fact very well.

Arriving at the scene of the mission was rather interesting. The hot, sweltering conditions made it running through the village a relative breeze. Small beads of sweat dripping from her forehead as she used her arms to stretch out for more manevurability. The Hiyu clan member could have forced her sweat glands to stop function if she wanted to. But that was a dangerous idea in it of itself, as sweat was how the body was able to cool itself naturally. Yet she had done it a few times before, namely when she went to get her promotion into becoming a chunin.

She was like a black dot, her hair flowing in the accelerated winds behind her. Some would only see her for a fraction of a second. She’d jump from rooftop to rooftop, gaining even more speed, quickly making her way over towards the front of the restaurant, seeing the beams of construction having already been placed and set up, it meant that her job now was to simply support the construction project as much as she could. Purple eyes scanning the scenery to find where the mission requester was, as he would be the one to probably helm this project. She began to walk around the perimeter, keeping her eyes peeled for anyone or anything that could direct her on where to go.

“Look Out!” A voice shouted above her, as a massive steel beam came speeding towards from the near top of the roof. A few of the workers there were wide eyed, trying to motion that she needed to get out of the way. Yet a simple steel beam would not be much of a problem. As she’d raise her hand, catching the steel beam with her legs and stomach braced for the impact. The metal slightly bent from the force of the drop, with Ryumi’s fingers being imprinted into the metals silver surface. A few of the construction workers there only could stare at the sudden reaction time of the chunin to be able to catch the metal beam, but to also being able to catch it at all. Ryumi slowly set down the metal beam, looking upwards to see the two that had initially warned her about it’s fall.

“Thanks for the heads up! Guessing you guys need help with moving all these beams and wood to the right spots?” Ryumi called out towards the workers, each of them blinking in surprise at how she was even standing. One of them, an older man with skin that looked like leather attached to a skull, His beard a dark shade of grey, eyes turning towards his fellow co-workers before nodding at the Chunin from down below. His hand, large and round, went up right to his mouth, coughing silently and clear out his voice before announcing to Ryumi what her current assignments would be for the day.

“You’ll be primarily moving the wooden blanks, logs, bricks, and metal beams. Afterwards come see us if there’s any other items that you can help move. Although I don’t think that will be much of a problem given what we just saw,” The older man said. Ryumi nodded her head. Immediately, she turned towards the large packages of wooden planks, each of which nearly 3 meters in length. Ryumi’s hands reached outwards, and like a giant, began to lift up all of the packages of the Wooden planks at once. Using her shoulder and arm to primarily balance the loud that was now on her shoulders. Her strength was simply a marvel to look at and appreciate while she was moving around with the rest of the workers. She kept track on where the steel beams needed to go, as well as where all of the planks would be to make construction easier. Each steel beam had to be carried out individually due to the balance of the weight and their overall size. Each of them being around the same length as the wooden planks, with the two flangs meeting together at the base of the web. They were not an easily stackable item, usually having her have to constantly come back in order to grab more and more for them. It only stopped after the final beam was screwed into place, largely being held steady by Ryumi’s hands. They were surprised to see that it was indeed a Hiyu that had been helping them out, with some curious if that was natural strength keeping her so fit, or the Hiyu clans shapeshifitng like abilities are what allowed her to have all of that muscle.

Whatever it was, Ryumi felt that hot morning sun beating down on her again, yet this time, she decided to stand there. Basking in the rays of sun that she’d begin to call her own.


Exit and Claims:
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A restaurant construction project Empty Re: A restaurant construction project

Sat Jun 29, 2024 10:21 am
Ryumi Hiyu wrote:

Exit and Claims:
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