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Hanzo Uchiha
Hanzo Uchiha
Stat Page : Hanzo of the Black Flames
Mission Record : Hanzo's Mission Book
Summoning Contract : The Wolves Of Death Gorge
Weaponry Ninjutsu Default
Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 15000

Chinoike Clan [V7.2] Empty Chinoike Clan [V7.2]

Sun Oct 08, 2023 3:49 am
Clan Name: Chinoike
Home Village: Kumogakure
Clan Specialty: Genjutsu

Chinoike Clan [V7.2] N2SbjrC

During the Warring States Period, the Chinoike was one of the many mercenary ninja clans active in the Land of Lightning. At some point, a woman of the Chinoike clan married the Land of Lightning's daimyō. The daimyō's first wife became jealous of her, and when the daimyō died soon after their marriage, the first wife blamed the woman and her clan for the daimyō's death. Many believed the first wife's lies, causing the entire Chinoike line to be banished from the country. The Uchiha clan was hired to carry out this task, forcing the Chinoike family to settle in the Valley of Hell in the Land of Hot Water.

The Valley of Hell was thought to be uninhabitable. Ninja from the nearby Yugakure checked in on the Chinoike clan a few months after they were relocated to the valley and found them drinking what appeared to be blood; it was only water, turned red by minerals in the earth. Unwilling to investigate further, Yugakure declared the Valley of Hell off-limits. Over the years, the valley's location was forgotten, and the Chinoike clan faded from history. In truth, the Chinoike survived, surviving off the valley's minimal wildlife and resources and enjoying decades of peace.

Though living peacefully, the Chinoike clan had their disagreements. Being forced to live so closely together for so long caused even minor arguments to erupt into violence; in the anime, the tipping point was whether or not the clan should seek vengeance against the Uchiha clan for exiling them there. The clan wiped themselves out in a single night, with only En Oyashiro and his daughter, Chino, surviving. They left the valley and Oyashiro, guilty of his role in the deaths of his clan members, decided to hide his identity from Chino, raising her to believe that she was the last of her family in the hopes that she would not repeat his mistakes.

Shortly after the deaths of the Chinoike clan, the Valley of Hell was rediscovered by Hidan. He reported this to Yugakure, who traveled there and confirmed that nobody was still alive in the valley. They again declared the valley off-limits and officially ruled the Chinoike to be extinct.

Clan Bloodline:
Chinoike Clan [V7.2] N2SbjrC Chinoike Clan [V7.2] ZUSXeJl
Jashin's Chosen | Ketsuryugan
Clan Skill: N/A
Clan Element:
Chinoike Clan [V7.2] 3NUHpqV
Blood Release
Fighting Style: Barrage of Bloodshed
Joining Requirements: Birth

Notable Members:

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