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Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
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A night of Interesting People - Page 2 Empty Re: A night of Interesting People

Thu Jun 27, 2024 6:46 pm
There was so much joy and happiness that filled Emilia in this moment. It was probably easy to tell from how she spoke and the way she opened up about her life. She hadn’t always felt this way, and so when she said thank you to Jojo, it came from the heart. Having an opportunity to just speak and be in the presence of another without having to give something to be in that presence… it was almost like a gift. She didn’t really notice the time that Jojo had taken to respond to her. The saying must really be true… time flies when you’re having fun. She could feel something though, it was an unfamiliar sort of feeling to Emilia. Connection or bond may be too strong of a word, but that was the way she could relate it to herself. It was nice and comfortable. ”I could get used to…”

As she put down her tea, she had noticed that something from her plate was missing and as soon as her eyes gazed to Jojo… he had already slipped the prawn into his mouth. She chuckled slightly and then noticed that he was leaning his plate more towards her. It was all fun on his part, and she enjoyed it. ”You know - some people in this world would kill if someone took some food off their plate…” The young kunoichi had attempted to keep a straight face, but it wouldn’t stay for long as she started laughing at her own sarcasm. Not sure how he would react to such a comment, she began to blush a little bit. Her sense of humor was a little dry and probably needed some work.

Jojo had set his tea down and finally allowed some verbal expression to come from his lips. Her golden eyes widened gently as the first words out of his mouth was how he should be thanking her. It was sort of a surprise, given the mysteriousness of him so far. He of course had told her about himself a little bit - but he didn’t really allow himself to be vulnerable in any sense. At least not like this. The way he expressed these words were more passionate, as if he himself really believed them. It was a sign that what he was saying was truthful. Something Emilia had just sort of learned in life, when people are lying, they don’t really believe what they’re saying - for the most part. There will always be good liars, but you don’t come across many that can truly show passion and belief in their own words unless they’re true.

Jojo quietly leaned his back against the chair… moving his head towards the window and letting his eyes gaze for a bit. Emilia, still a little wide eyed, let a smile creep up. It wasn’t big, just enough to where the edges of her lips curled upward ever so slightly. His words continued to cut through to her - as he talked about how different things are here versus outside of Hoshigakure. It was something that Emi was enamored by and maybe even slightly jealous of. She of course had never been outside of Hoshi to different lands. It was sort of a fantasy that she would maybe concoct sometimes - imagining herself traveling the world and being this super kunoichi that no one would dare bother.

Jojo’s hand gently touched her back as he turned back in and began to dig into his meal. Emilia felt herself getting a little warm in her face… maybe embarrassed? Though that wasn’t exactly how she felt. He would start to speak again and then trail off… by this time, Emilia was making sure that she was eating her spicy udon to try her best and cover her face. Of course, she must have taken one too many bites in a row and had to grab some tea… she closed her eyes briefly as his words began to come alive once again.

”A request for my name… how interesting. Should I tell him my full name or give him the same schtick that he gave me… decisions… decisions.”

As her thoughts finished and her gaze turning towards him, she offered up her name… and something else as well.

”Emilia… if you’d like to know the rest, you’ll have to do some digging on your part. Mysteries… mysteries…”

The young genin would drop enough money on the table to cover her meal and the tip with the waitress. Her chair slid back and she stood up, moving towards the exit. Just before she left, she left Jojo with some final words for the night.

”Some regular meals would be wonderful. I hope we can hold each other to at least that. I’ll see you around, Jojo.”

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A night of Interesting People - Page 2 Empty Re: A night of Interesting People

Sun Jun 30, 2024 5:43 pm
Emilia Kaneko wrote:

Exit Claims:
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