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Shitai Orochi
Shitai Orochi
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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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Despia [ V 7.2 ] Empty Despia [ V 7.2 ]

Tue Aug 15, 2023 1:13 pm
Name: Despia
Element: -
Rank: S
Specialty: Ninjutsu or Space-Time
Particular Jutsu Type: N/A
Backstory: The jutsu came about after Morio fell into his despair. The accumulation of his self-doubt and lack of self-worth caused a build-up of negative chakra to fuse with his Grafted Living Weapon. The fusion of the two caused an imbalance and soon an explosion. Since his retirement he has released the technique in an ambiguous way in order to let his fellow clansmen find their own way to recreate his technique.

Appearance: A 5 cm green ball of energy that expands into a 30-meter explosion
Handseals: Dog -> Horse > Dragon > Hare > Boar > Snake > Dragon
Duration: 3 Posts
Cooldown: Posts used x2
Range: 50 meters. The explosion Radius is 25 meters
Power: Explained Below
Speed: Explained Below
Health: Explained Below
Stat Boosts:-
What it does: The user creates Despia by charging chakra into the GLW (if one does not have Grafted Living Weapon they must have another outlet to do so) in his arms, making the 5cm green ball before expelling it forward. Due to the green ball having space-time properties, will create a gravitational pull of 5 meters in every direction. At any point during the flight, the user can detonate the ball before reaching its maximum range of 50 meters, causing it to explode 25 meters in all directions, pulling in and damaging anything caught in its pull. For characters, if their strength is lower than the power of the technique, they will be unable to resist the pull and will be trapped within the explosion. While the blast can be debuffed, the pulling effect cannot. The user is immune to the pulling and explosion effects of this technique. It should be noted that the technique itself will break down any technique that does not match or surpass this technique. Anything that matches or exceeds Despia will put this technique on cooldown.

Unique to this technique, if users learn it under the Space-Time specialty while being a Pureblood, they gain the Gravitational pull effect. They can apply damage at full power instead of as a Dot. If not, then for every post someone is pulled into the blast, they will take 70 damage per post until freed. Those with Ninjutsu will not be able to gain the pulling effect but will be able to use the ability with the added effect of adding one element into the blast. If the user learns this technique under Ninjutsu, it will be locked into Vigor for the stats. If chosen as Space-Time, it will be locked into Chakra for stats.

Character Specific: --
Wordcount to learn: 5000
Action Cost: 100 AP, 50 AP upkeep
Mastery: Y
Bonus Requirements: Hoshimura Style: Grafted Living Weapon or any applicable skill that acts or is based on it
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Bloodline, Site Canon
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