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Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
Stat Page : The Breaker
Remove Remove Ninjutsu Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 74500

ninshu: quantum scrying sensory probes Empty ninshu: quantum scrying sensory probes

Mon Aug 07, 2023 5:34 pm
Name: ninshu: quantum scrying sensory probes
Element: lightning/wind
Specialty:Space-Time, sensory
Particular Jutsu Type: detection

Observing barriers,and having a bag of tricks as well, Zaled took his time working and understanding the mindset of why and how a barrier works. The simple means for to intrude, and find a means to deal with slippery targets whom may simply try to either hide away in defenses of barriers, or otherwise attempt to dissuade, disable, or stop the use of teleportation and phasing jutsu, he was not a fan of such things, as he understood like anything he built, these were meant for containing, and otherwise stopping shinobi like himself,and that was not a very fun thought. A mission fail best to cover tracks, and leave out where it could not bother him.

So he took his rather whimsical and random ways of not brute forcing his way unlike others, and dove into finding backdoor ways that most would not think of, or must use extra methods to stop. Developing recon like techniques to scope and study other locations and their inner workings.

His life as a puppeteer really came as handy As he combined his nature of tinkering to create the lovely probes to autonomously work through space and time with gathering infomation.

Through this zaled evolved his technique realm map with the idea to quietly monitor events around the shinobi world, and if need be based on the information gathered. step in or disrupt an issue. The idea keep an ear on the ground and stay ahead was the simple role he played.

Appearance:Golden constructs when detected,and revealed. Each one will be about 3 meters in a spherical shape with a white core. These flow with an internal wind and lightning core emmitting a vast pulse which illuminates the areas which they encounter. much easier to detect with thoes who posess sensory as a specialty, and a dojutsu.

The user can remotely interact with these through a seal with the information they gather. As such the user will get a view of any kind of barrier, Which will in combination with other sensory jutsu reveal the nature of the barrier or induviduals. To those who are using a sensory technique,the user will appear as an ghostly avatar if detected.

otherwise if spoken through and unable to be detected, the users voice will be heard if initiated but unseen.(sort of like hearing a ghost.)
Handseals:Dragon, ox, dog, ram, tiger, rabbit, boar, seal of confrontation.
Duration:5 posts.
Cooldown:1 topic(see below)
Range:country wide- (global)
Power:chakra stat
Speed:chakra stat (probe creation/ non teleporting speed)
Health:chakra stat.
Stat Boosts:N/A
What it does:

 The user creates 1-3 chakra constructs which allows the user to   remotely observe various activities from a base global range of 1 country away, and study the inhabitants. This is by sending out a long range probes (based on how many jutsu are combined with this jutsu.)  Each probe created after paying the cost will be able to detect the various activities that may be happening, and travels in a direction the user desires country by country.

If performed from the user's dimension the user has the ability to spawn these probes from any location they have traveled to within 1 year.

Probe interaction/ relocation

By weaving any seal used to cast this jutsu, and pay 70 AP the user can incorporate special jutsu used with this technique through the probe, speak to communicate through said jutsu/as well as hear the words spoken, or set up a teleportation/ portal technique within 5 meters of said probe. Allowing the user or other individuals to enter said topic should they possess teleportation jutsu., and make physical contact with the user. the user can volintarily not teleport, but is like a guide to said area, therefore allowing a space-time user to teleport to said area.  This also allows the user to initiate any teleportation jutsu they possess from a probe as well. Using the probe as the base casting point for the teleportation technique.

grand probe sensory arsenal:

A probe when created follows the below personal mode. Subquent jutsu will enable diffrent modes for probes created, or the likes based on this jutsu.

personal mode:

(below covers clashing, and jutsu limitations.)

sensory clashing:


Character Specific:Zaled and those he teaches
Wordcount to learn: 6k
Action Cost:100 AP to cast, 70 AP per probe, 100 per post. 70 AP to interact with probes.
Bonus Requirements:pureblood required. ninshuskill must be trained.  Must possess a dimension, or teleportation jutsu, must have trained and mastered at least once gauge up to S rank, must have  trained realm map
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: custom
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