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Reizo Shōyu
Reizo Shōyu
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Dead End Straight Empty Dead End Straight

Sat Aug 05, 2023 6:29 pm
Name: Dead End Straight
Element: -
Rank: S
Specialty: Taijutsu
Particular Jutsu Type: -
Backstory: Dead End Straight was a forgotten technique of a bygone era in the annals of Kirigakure's long, storied history. The jutsu has long been forbidden due to its nature of consuming the user’s lifeforce, which eventually killed its creator, Raizen Yamada. He also happens to hold the record for most consecutive uses, which is four. The jutsu cannibalizes the user’s muscles and lifeforce, making it extraordinarily risky to use. Despite this, it was used by Raizen to great effect, taking down entire nations and exterminating whole clans with it. It is rumored to corrupt the user with bloodlust as they become addicted to the power the jutsu wields; however, some say that was simply Raizen’s cruel personality. Whatever the case, the jutsu was recently rediscovered buried underneath old Kirigakure’s Archive ruins and transported back to new Kirigakure for safe-keeping.
Appearance: The user’s arm from the elbow down glows a fierce color of the user’s choice, usually blue, black, or gold. It is often accompanied by a brilliant flash of light upon initial channeling of the chakra.
The Punch:
Handseals: -
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Range: Self
Power: User’s Strength
Speed: User's Speed
Health: -
Stat Boosts: -
What it does: The user gathers chakra to the point it’s visible throughout one arm from their elbow down to their finger tips. The user then delivers the ferocious punch, unleashing all of the chakra on a singular knuckle to maximize destructive damage. The chakra then transfers from the user’s fist and permeates through the target, destroying it completely and irreparably. The chakra control is so precise from the user that the target can be anything as small as a baseball such as a creature’s singular vital organ without destroying the body or as vast as an entire wall, building, or construct. Upon contact, If their strength is below the power of this jutsu, the target is sent flying 70 m backwards, destroying any environment in their path and taking full environmental damage (following normal environment rules).

If this jutsu makes contact with the ground, a 35 m radius crater/shockwave is produced that travels at jutsu speed and with jutsu power. Any constructs or effects to terrain (i.e., earth-style constructs or ground-based traps) within the range of the technique with a lower health/power stat will be destroyed. Additionally, anything in the AoE's range that wasn't hit by the initial epicenter of the attack will still be damaged by the shockwave force that allows this technique to create craters and damage structures. Anyone caught up in this shockwave will be subject to a strength check. If their strength is below the power of this jutsu, they will be knocked back to the edge of the crater (35 m from the user). The crater effect will still occur if the user hits something already on the ground.

This jutsu, like most other close-range Taijutsu, is equipped with a Taijutsu Barrier equal in power to the user’s Strength (or Speed if the user has a Speed-based fighting style) that enables it to clash with other jutsu and weapons.

With every use of this jutsu, the user receives 1 damage marker dealing -10 HP that cannot be healed within the thread. Each subsequent use will add an additional marker such that the 2nd use will acquire 2 damage markers (for a total of -30 unrecoverable HP), the 3rd use 3 damage markers (for a total of -60 unrecoverable HP), etc. until the end of the thread. If the user possesses Heavenly Body, Heavenly Body stacks can be consumed in place of damage markers in a 2:1 ratio, 2 Heavenly Body stacks per 1 damage marker.

This jutsu is often accompanied by Dead Man's Visage, although it is not required to use this jutsu. The two jutsu share a common duration and cooldown, however, so if the user opts to not use Dead Man's Visage on the post Dead End Straight is used, they must wait until this jutsu is off cooldown to use it.

If the user has a Speed-based fighting style, this jutsu’s power can scale off the user’s Speed instead of Strength and the learning requirements are reversed.

Character Specific: -
Wordcount to learn: 5000
Action Cost: 100
Mastery: N
Bonus Requirements:
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive:  Kirigakure Village Exclusive [Restricted]
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