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Heart Clone Technique  Empty Heart Clone Technique

Fri Aug 04, 2023 8:56 pm
Name: Heart Clone Technique
Element: All Five Basic
Rank: S
Specialty: Ninjutsu/Fuinjutsu
Particular Jutsu Type: Living Clone
Backstory: Akabayashi was intrigued by the rinnegan's ability to spread his awareness beyond his own personal body. He continued his research utilizing the hearts he had gathered to generate new bodies. These bodies had individual consciousness and were capable of reporting to Akabayashi, but unlike with the paths he could not see through them. In fact in many cases theses clones of him were almost entirely different outside of the basic DNA they had been created from.

Appearance: Varies by Clone
Handseals: Monkey, Dog, Dragon, Ox, Hare, Horse, Tiger
Duration: Permanent
Cooldown: Once per Topic
Stat Boosts:
What it does: Upon sacrificing a heart a clone of the user is created. The body forms around the heart at 70 speed and is fully formed after one post. This clone has the starting element of the heart used within the sacrifce as Tau gain elements through absorbing hearts. The clone will begin with 100 stats, be D-rank, and inherent one bloodline, one specialization, and one skill from the creator. This technique can only create a maximum of two living clones in existence at one time. If one or both parish new ones may be made to replace them. The heart of a living clone is retrievable and able to be transplanted as it was a physical organ before the living clone existed. Except for the sacrifice of a heart in creation the clone follows all standard creation rules for creation aside from the special abilities living clone jutsu may have described above and below.

Homunculus Body: A living clone created by this technique can start with the clan of either the creator making them a Tau, the clan of the heart used as a sacrifice, any bloodline the user of the technique possesses, or they can be clanless as normal.

Failed Path: Each clone can be given a path of the rinnegan and the path can be switched, but only once per thread. They may only possess one path at a time and the path they were given Akabayashi loses access too. Any jutsu shared among paths follows the same rules as normal paths do. For example if a living clone used Black Reciever Rods then the jutsu would be unavailable for Akabayashi or any other paths in a thread. When using path jutsu the living clone uses its own AP and its eyes briefly display a rinnegan pattern for the duration of the jutsu (No additional ap requirement purely cosmetic and does not grant chakra vision). Unlike the true Rinnegan however Akabayashi cannot see through the eyes of his clones. Any path jutsu used by a living clone from this technique removes the rinnegan requirement and the requirement becomes Heart Clone.

Character Specific:
Wordcount to learn: 4000
Action Cost: 100 per clone
Mastery: No
Bonus Requirements: Tau, Masked Beasts with all elements, 1 heart used to create the clone and determines its initial element, 1 or more transplants, Rinnegan
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Bloodline
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