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Chiharu Misaki
Chiharu Misaki
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Village Leader
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Multi-Size Technique Empty Multi-Size Technique

Tue Aug 01, 2023 4:43 pm
Name: Multi-Size Technique
Element: N/A
Rank: A/S
Specialty: Taijutsu
Particular Jutsu Type: Enhancer
Backstory: The signature technique of the Akimichi clan, the Multi-Size Technique was created in order to enhance the physical power of the users through enhancing their size. Through the manipulation of calories and body fats, the user is able to temporarily increase the size of their whole body, thus increasing their destructive capabilities proportional to their increased size and weight.

Appearance: After performing the necessary handseals, the user’s body rapidly expands at jutsu speed, increasing significantly in size. An inexperienced user of this technique will seem to become much rounder as well as heavier and bigger, while a more experienced user will retain their normal physique and simply expand in size. This expansion typically increases the user’s total height by up to 10m, and their overall weight proportionally.
Multi-Size Technique Ch%C5%8Dji%27s_Multi-Size_Technique
Handseals: Ram - Special Seal
Duration: Up to 5 Posts
Cooldown: Posts Used x2
Range: Self
Power: N/A
Speed: N/A
Health: N/A
Stat Boosts: +60 to Two Stats (A) +70 to two stats (S)
What it does:

Character Specific: N/A
Wordcount to learn: 2,500 (A), 4,000 (S)
Action Cost: 40 AP (Activation) 20 AP (Upkeep) (A), 50 (Activation) 25 (Upkeep) (S)
Mastery: Yes
Bonus Requirements: N/A
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Canon Hiden, Must be Akimichi or taught by one.

Last edited by Chiharu Misaki on Tue Aug 01, 2023 5:45 pm; edited 1 time in total
Shiro Hyuga
Shiro Hyuga
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Multi-Size Technique Empty Re: Multi-Size Technique

Tue Aug 01, 2023 5:40 pm
The What it does section is empty on this, could you please fill it out?
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