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Tenshi Uchiha
Tenshi Uchiha
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Genin Exam [Arutemisu Anbura] Empty Genin Exam [Arutemisu Anbura]

Fri May 26, 2023 4:12 pm

Tenshi was standing in the largest classroom of the Konoha Academy, his arms crossed as he stared out the window. The Uchiha was wearing his usual black and dark red Shinobi attire. His long flowing silver hair was tied up in a bun, held up by a single senbon. He wore his usual large black boots, uncharacteristic for a Shinobi. His Konoha headband wrapped around his arm, as was his style. It was a beautiful sunny day today, the brightness bringing his mood up and leaving a carefree smile upon his face. When he woke up and started his day, he had never expected to receive a specific order from the Hokage’s office.

At first he had thought he was in trouble once more, he remembered the incident with Himari at the border and shuddered. But upon reading the scroll that was left with him, Tenshi’s eyebrow had raised in surprise. A class of academy students were due to have their Genin exams today, and yet their teacher was nowhere to be seen. It was rumoured that the possibility of foul play being involved was not off the table, however, Tenshi could not help but wonder why he had been chosen for the task. Perhaps he was being punished further, dealing with a room full of snot nosed brats was not how he wanted to spend such a beautiful day.

In the classroom, Tenshi heard the distant chatter of young voices drawing closer to him. He was thinking to himself about how to look when they arrived. Standing by the door and greeting them cheerfully? No that’s too easygoing, they would walk right over me. Standing out the front and yelling at them to hurry up? No they would think that I am crazy, it would be a terrible look if they all failed while I was presiding over the exam. Sitting down with his feet resting above the desk, looking impatient? Ok maybe I should just stand here and keep doing what I am already doing… Tenshi decided this was for the best, and continued to stare out the window with his arms crossed as the children entered.

He heard the classroom door open and the kids began to file in together, he knew that they had spotted him when he heard confused mumbling and the children stopped moving around. “No, you are not in the wrong classroom, continue to your desks please.” Tenshi’s voice was as calm and collected as his demeanour and stance. No doubt these children were confused, potentially even worried about this sudden shakeup of examiners. Tenshi had heard that the usual teacher was a slouch who let the kids get away with murder. Apparently this was one of the worst performing classes in the entire academy, however, it had a few standouts.

As the children walked to take their seats, Tenshi walked to the front of the classroom to take his own, he stopped and instead decided to walk to the front of his desk and lean on it, looking over the class. “My name is Tenshi Uchiha, and I am something that every one of you is not yet. A Shinobi of Konoha. I do not say this to flaunt my superiority over any of you. I want each of you to know what you have been training to become.”

He took a moment to pause and look over the class once more for dramatic effect, before tapping the headband on his arm. “This is what you have been training for. And no I do not mean a metal headband with an engraving on it. I am referring to what it represents. It represents each and every single person that lives in this village. It represents the people you will be fighting for, the people you will placing your lives on the line for. If you are not prepared to do that, then you need to get the hell out of my classroom.”

He paused a moment and waited to see if any of the children were going to leave. Thankfully nobody budged, however, a couple of the scrawnier kids looked like they were about to wet themselves. “You may be confused as to why I am the one overseeing your exams, as opposed to your usual instructor. That is because, unlike him, I am not going to smile and wave you through as your underperform and embarrass this entire village by being named a Shinobi. Your previous teacher was a slouch, and I am here to rectify his mistakes and strip away the trash.” Tenshi could get used to this teaching stuff, most of the children were hanging onto every word he said.

He pointed to a large mat with the Konohagakure logo in the centre. “You have all somehow made it through the written exam. Most of you barely scraped through and I hear that this was out of the generosity of your last teacher. Well now it is time to show me what you are truly capable as a Shinobi. You will each come up in order and perform both the Transformation and the Clone Techniques. If you cannot even muster that up, I will fail you in front of your classmates.” One of the students in the back yawned dramatically, garnering a few laughs from some other students. Tenshi raised an eyebrow.

“Well it appears we have our first volunteer, get up here and show us how our fierce Shinobi Protector of Tomorrow begins his story.” The young boy with curly red hair seemed stunned, clearly he was used to getting away with such antics from his previous teacher. Tenshi was keen to inform him that this would not be the case here. The nervous boy walked up to the mat and prepared to draw in his chakra. First up was the Transformation Technique.

To Tenshi’s complete surprise, the student was even worse than he had predicted. The stupid idiot of a boy forgot what hand seal to use and ended up standing there awkwardly for a whole minute. He would finally look up to see Tenshi staring down at him in disgust. “You fail. Get the hell out of my classroom. Go be a baker or waiter, you will never wear a Shinobi headband.” Crushed, the boy ran out of the room screaming and crying. It was going to be a long day.

Tenshi continued calling students up in reverse alphabetical order. Some would pass, many of them failed, and most of those left with tears. The few students who passed received their headbands and left to register in the academy office. The standard of potential Shinobi in this classroom was embarrassingly low.

Finally there was only one left, a dark haired student with two differently coloured eyes. With most of the students, Tenshi saw the stupidity or blissful ignorance of youth. However with this one, it was something entirely different. These were eyes that had seen much pain and suffering. They were full of loss. Tenshi was intrigued.

”So finally we reach Arutemisu Anbura. Well the stage is yours, do what those other silly children could not, impress me.” Tenshi leaned back and waited, he had a slight anticipation for a reason he could not quite place his finger on.

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Arutemisu Anbura
Arutemisu Anbura
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Academy Student
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Genin Exam [Arutemisu Anbura] Empty Re: Genin Exam [Arutemisu Anbura]

Fri May 26, 2023 10:16 pm
Remnants of a spoken conversation. Footprints. Mere remains and vestiges. Arutemisu followed one fragment after another, trying to grasp at these illusory shadows that were brought on by the broken beams that fell upon the land from the early morning glow. For a time, he felt like he was chasing ghosts. Few wanted anything to do with such a cursed, foolhardy endeavor. It'd been difficult to continue tracing the lines on to the next point.

The cool breeze whisked upon his cheeks, giving a subtle reminder of the first attractions of spring. The renewal seasons. Where everything came back to a state of rejuvenation. If only humanity could reach that state.

The twilight skies kissed down on him as he walked through the village - citizens parting in his wake - not because of who he was but because of the way he looked. His eyes were of that of a uniquely heterochronic color as they stared ahead toward the center of the village, he had intended to head for the academy where he was informed, he would take his final test but as he moved through the streets the whispers of everyone around him made the pounding in his temple increase to an annoyance level. 

Through the winding path of the grove, he passed even more citizens who, upon seeing him, would look toward the trail behind him and then back to him with an odd look of concern in their eyes - before quickly getting up and vacating the area. A group of courtesans he passed shuffled away in such a hurry they left a few things behind - one of which was half lit tobacco pipe. Having only noticed it due to the smokey embers that come from it, he would pause briefly to grab the pipe up then proceed to destroy the item by dropping it to the ground and gently stepping on it before arriving at his destination.

Upon entering the classroom, he was met with his classmates which varied in different sizes and shapes. Some older than others but were all collectively here for the same end result, to become a genin. Arutemisu’s eyes darted around the room before ultimately falling on his seat. Maneuvering around the bodies, he would find himself completely sedated in his seat. A series of verbal announcements would soon follow.

Arutemisu kept his eyes fixated on the outside world as the students would make their way, one by one, to the proctor to show if they had the capabilities of becoming a genin. Just as the Anbura figured, some were just not cut out for it. Dreams being shattered in a blink of an eye but that's just how it goes. Not everyone can get what they want.

Arutemisu let out a soft grunt when his name was called. Approaching the instructor, he felt a small smirk form underneath white rapping's that covered his mouth. “You want me to impress you? I got just the thing.” Performing the correct hand signs, he created an ethereal clone of himself. Perfect in the correct image of himself.

“There is the clone creation. Now for the transformation.” Performing the seals for the technique, the clone morphed into someone that Tenshi longed to see. A perfect image of his dead mother appeared before them. Standing there in all her beauty before Arutemisu dispersed her.

“You see…my eyes…they can see into your dreams. See across the veil.” Arutemisu said in almost a seductive yet haunting tone as he approached the Uchiha, reaching out to run his fingers along the side of his shoulder and across his armband. “Funny thing about dreams is…they have so much meant behind them.” He said as he locked his eyes with Tenshi and he activated his Uchugan. “Have you been impressed yet?”

Not moving his eyes from Tenshi, he proceeded to grab the headband that was laying on the desk behind him. “I see I am more than capable of earning this, don’t you think?” Arutemisu said as he turned and started walking towards the door before performing a few hand signs and a massive portal opened up in front of him. Before walking through the portal, Arutemisu turned and looked at Tenshi. “We should do this again sometime,” he said with a wink and then disappearing into the portal that closed behind him.

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Tenshi Uchiha
Tenshi Uchiha
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Genin Exam [Arutemisu Anbura] Empty Re: Genin Exam [Arutemisu Anbura]

Sat May 27, 2023 8:57 am
Tenshi narrowed his eyes and the boy spoke, there was a frustrating angst about him that got on the Uchiha’s nerves. The snot-nosed little brat had talent, but had much to learn about attitude. Tenshi shrugged and watched as he performed a spectacular Clone Technique. It was the best he had seen today, this child was clearly head and shoulders above the others in his class. Not that it took a lot of talent to do so…

Tenshi was barely paying attention at this point, he was already aware that he was going to pass this kid. But then he felt the need to try and provoke Tenshi, or maybe he just thought he was funny. Tenshi did not flinch at the sight of the transformation, he simply raised an eyebrow and waited for the display to finish. It seemed as if this child had a flair for the dramatic, not that Tenshi could say much about this, he was quite the same in that regard.

Tenshi rolled his eyes as the boy brushed past him to pick up his headband, “Yes yes very impressive, congratulations kiddo. The question you SHOULD be asking is whether or not you’re actually able to keep it.” He gave a mock bow as the kid disappeared through the portal.

Before he left the classroom to continue on with his day, Tenshi decided to grab a copy of the angsty boy’s file. He felt like doing a little bit of light reading tonight…

Exit Thread.

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Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
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Genin Exam [Arutemisu Anbura] Empty Re: Genin Exam [Arutemisu Anbura]

Sat May 27, 2023 9:46 am
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