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Stat Page : Stat Page
Puppetry Default
Wind Default
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 500

Kai Shuikana Stat Sheet Empty Kai Shuikana Stat Sheet

Fri May 26, 2023 1:43 am
Kai Shuikana Stat Sheet 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f53366177614249687243335f41413d3d2d313333362e313564363765346230353162383834393834333530303434383936392e676966

The Character
Name: Kai Shuikana
Alias: Marrionette Shadow Weaver
Age: 18
Ninja Rank:  Genin
Power Rank: D
Village: Sunagakure
Height: 5'9
Weight: 190
Appearance: Kai is a tall slender woman with sharp facial features. She has a noticeably sharp chin and head which reminds you of a cat. She has large feline-like eyes that almost bare down into the soul with coldness. They are a soft glowing lime green color. A short but thin sharp upturned nose. Long thing eyebrows matched her violet-like hair. She has a full head of long and spiky violet hair which is wild-like.

When her hair is fully down it falls down to the middle of her back. Small and pouty rose-pink lips and normal-sized ears. Being 5'9 she is very tall and slender with an average-sized body. She has fair skin with noticeably rough hands. Due to years of work as a craftsman, her fingers are calloused and littered with the efforts of her hard work. Her fingertips specifically have many small scars across them as well. One noticeable large scar is on the back of her right hand.

Her typical attire consists of tight black leggings and matching black shorts. She wears a sleeveless black body suit on her torso. On top kai wears a white Jinbei with light purple highlights. It hands are somewhat long and stop past her mid-thigh closer to her knees.A large purple sash wraps around her waist matching the violet color of her hair. She wears black gloves and black shinobi sandals as well. Her long hair is kept up in a high ponytail with her bangs naturally falling a way to stay out of her face. She wears her sand headband around her neck.

Personality: Kai at heart is a very loyal person. She is naturally a very loving and attentive person. Her natural attention to detail has led to her having a curious nature. She enjoys things that require her attention or that have a deeper meaning. As such she has great insight on most situations and scenarios. Punctuality is also within her nature as she is easily a go-getter type of individual.

When interacting with others Kai is the Queen of sarcasm. It's almost as if she never takes things seriously and casually tearing people apart with cold-cutting jokes and remarks. However, she doesn't lack complete decorum she handles business when necessary. She always has a confident attitude whether it is cocky or calm and collected. When dealing with enemies or people she doesn't like she is one to easily berate them. She is also quick to call out nonsense when it presents itself.

While in combat Kai is a hell-bent demon who is uses any method to win. She uses her analytical skill to try and quickly diverge the area and opponents. However, this does mean she will get lost in observing. Kai is also a woman of action able to pressure her enemies and strike when needed. Kai does have a bit of a sadistic habit of torturing her opponents at least when it is one on one. Especially when she has the advantage otherwise she is quick to end things. She likes to have fun when she can but is not foolish enough to let her guard down either.

The Statistics

Clan:  N/A
Bloodlines(s): N/A
Clan Specialty:  N/A
Specialties: Puppetry
Element(s): Wind
Advanced Element(s): N/A

Current Stat Points  125
Current Health Bar 100
Action Points Pool 225

Vigor: 20
Chakra: 30
Speed: 65
Strength: 10


The Jutsu Scroll
The Ninja Skills

Slotted Skills

Slotless Skills

The Inventory

Wallet: 5500 ryo

Inventory on person:


OOC/Event Items:

The Journey


Kai Shuikana

Missions: Mission Rewards
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