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Izu Momochi Empty Izu Momochi

Fri May 26, 2023 12:48 am
Izu Momochi
Izu Momochi 1vRypnb

Basic Information

Birthday: 15 of november
Gender: female

Height:171 cm
Weight: 112 pounds
Appearance: Izu is a small framed girl but slender in height. Beneath her clothes, she is a bit muscular and defined by the excessive training she does, but also skinny by her poor lifestyle. She has the known hyuuga eyes, the byakugan visible with heavy eyeliner and has blonde long unkempt hair. She is typically wearing her classic kiri issued ninja pants and sandals, and likes to wear the coat she found from an old grave that belonged to one of the legendary seven swordsmen of the mist that died in the past. She also has some face piercings, notably the nose and the snake bites. She can sometimes change pants for the more classic kiri with shin sleeves and dark blue pants, but is never seen without the iconic jacket.

Personality: Izu is somewhat of a cold person. She isn't the most expressive, even though it doesn't mean she is heartless or doesnt feel. She just has this ability to control how much her emotions affect her, and to what extent. With her friends she is usually a lot more humoristic and sarcastic and likes to enjoy life. Her mood is often very calm and she gives off a vibe of being really slow or lazy and relaxed most of the time, but it only hides her very fast abilities. She is a shy person and not the first one to speak, but rather the one who analyzes and thinks before acting and making her presence known.
Likes: eating while looking outside, stealing, chilling by the water (river, ocean, etc), reading and learning about chakra, acupuncture and the human body, combat and being ruthless, history, boys who are the most strong of their classes (top of the classes), the 7 swordsmen of mist and learning about them.
Dislikes: people in general (although exceptions exist), losing her time with uselessness, losing freedom, disloyalty.

History: Izu Momochi was born from parents with great and known names throughout the ninja world, but was destined for a more dark and lonely childhood. Her father was a hyuuga missing nin who had an adventure with her mother, who was a rumored descendant of the legendary Zabuza Momochi but also of the Hozuki clan. Nonetheless, her mom was a lowlife, a drunk that hung around docks at Kirigakure and lost all the pride of her heritage and her honor as a ninja. Fatherless because of the abandonment of her father and motherless because of her drunk and useless mom, Izu grew mostly by learning everything by herself. She and her mom lived a poor life: they were living in a tight place jammed between seashore warehouses, in a sketchy neighborhood where crime, poverty and famine was rampant. She learned to be tough soon and at a young age, and got by by stealing food, and running jobs with crime gangs.

She craved to get out of that life, and one day, her mom died. At night she was attacked and jumped by a group of degenerates who abused her and tossed her into the sea, where she drowned. Izu knew it was her time to go. She went the same night to sleep, under the cold rain, in front of the door of the ninja academy of Kirigakure, and never looked back.

Her years at the academy were tough.She often felt alone, with no support like the other kids had. But nonetheless she used that feeling of loneliness and abandonment to motivate her, and was one of the best students of her class. She learned jutsu with ease, and was particularly talented in the medical field and knowledge of how chakra worked inside and with the human body. She didn't make a lot of friends, but was still liked, even with her reputation as a lone wolf and solitary kid of the class.

She completed her academy with a purpose and was one of the quickest to finish it with good grades, and all of that by couch surfing at fellow students places or sleeping in the street. After her being granted the rank of Genin, Izu had only one thing in mind; blood. She tracked down every single down of the monsters who killed her mom and defiled her, and murdered them by piercings their lungs with senbon, to make them drown in their own blood, and feel the same pain her mother felt when she sunk at the bottom of the dark watery abyss.

Ninja Traits

Rank: D
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Element(s): water
Specialties: medical
Clan: Hyuuga
Bloodline Bonuses: Byakugan , Hyuuga's Body


Health: 100
Vigor: 20
Chakra: 30 (+25 hyuuga)
Speed: 40
Strength: 10

The Player

Other Characters: Other Characters Here
Faceclaim Name and Series: Image Link (caracter i made and modified, Original Art)
Roleplay Sample: A group of civilian children has been kidnapped. : The rain hit heavily on the thick branches and leaves and muffled the sound of Izu following a group of mercenary who, after a botched heist in the village last night took a group of children hostages and ran away with them as guarantee to not be followed… or so they were told. The village authority did not know that Izu disobeyed the kage and still followed them. ‘’You know you should not get revenge, child. It only leads to hatred.’’ said the voice of the kage in Izu’s head. ‘’Too late old man, too late.’’ said Izu, looking at the gang. There were only five of them, mostly slow from the fatigue and stress of their failed robbery and escape from the village into the road. Two of them trailed behind, looking for ninja following them. Perfect targets. ‘’Let's play’’ said Izu, smirking and slipping 4 senbons between the fingers of her right hand.

Izu closed her eyes, breathed slowly, to calm herself, and felt as if time itself slowed down. Aware of every water drop, every gust of wind touching every leaf in the forest, and all of the life presences close to her, she opened her eyes, revealing her byakugan and bulging her veins all across her eyes and temples. With a swift move, she threw the 4 needles onto the mercenaries left behind, each one hitting the eyes of the kidnappers. The eyes gushed out and bursted open with a squirt of blood and both men screamed on top of their lungs, plunged in pain and darkness.The other mercenaries immediately drew their blades, and surrounded the hostages. ‘’You better face us right now or we will butcher to childrens! come out, wherever you are!’’ yelled the robbers. Izu quickly did the hand signs to hide herself in the mist, as the village is constantly surrounded by it. She moved silently and rapidly behind the man that seemed the leader. He was a huge and powerfully built brute, with a big naginata dropped on his shoulder, too heavy and gruesome to carry normally. But he didn’t notice Izu right next to him. ‘’I see everything!’’ yelled the man, ironically standing blind to the presence of the small girl right in front of him. Without a word, Izu drew her giant needle from her back, did a little sprint to make up the distance with the man and slided on her knees, driving the needle right under the chin of the giant, thrusting her whole arm to its fullest extent upwards. The needle pierced right through his mouth and all of his head, only to be launched into the hair, full of brain matter, blood and hairs that stuck to it. With his eyes rolling from fatal brain damage, the corpse of the man fell slowly, as Izu ended her slide a few meters away, the arm still extended in the air, as the needle dropped right back into it from the sky. ‘’No you don’t.’’ responded calmly and slowly Izu, answering to the dead man. The others, too terrified by seeing their boss drop dead and hearing voices in the mist without seeing what happened, ran away. ‘’Stay here kids, don't lift your hands of that needle.’’ hushered Izu, as she planted her giant senbon in the ground beside the rescued children before starting to run after the remaining criminals. ‘’I’ve got something to finish’’ finally said Izu to herself, as she drew eight senbons into both of her hands and ran to execute the rest of the kidnappers.
Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
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Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 18

Izu Momochi Empty Re: Izu Momochi

Fri May 26, 2023 1:50 pm

For reference next time you can use the text options (delete the * for it to work properly) [img*]insert the link to the image here[/img] for inserting images into a post and [url=insert url here]name of link[/url] when inserting a link; I'll fix those around for you for this app

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