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Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Stat Page : Rin Togakawa
Living Clones : Vis
Familiar : Onyx
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Wind Water Fire Default
Village : Tanbogakure
Ryo : 0

Father Ayamakiucri Empty Father Ayamakiucri

Tue May 23, 2023 6:37 pm
Father Ayamakiucri

Basic Information

Age: 81
Birthday:  29/8
Gender: Male

Height: Height
Weight: Weight
Standing 5' 3" tall, Father Ayamakiucri is a fair skinned man who has an aloof feel about him. A particularly notable feature is his mischievous grin, and he has a large cut on his chest which he got during a fight with a shinobi student many years ago.
He is naturally bald. He has a medium-length goatee.
He has large, light purple eyes, puffy lips and a wide face. 

He has small hands, and narrow hips. He has piercings in three places: his chin, both nostrils and both earlobes. He has multiple tattoos on his arms, wrist, right foot and back detailing various moments where shinobi have brought ruin to the world.
He often wears dirty, inappropriate clothes that are mostly vividly-coloured and modest. He is usually seen wearing a fashionable jacket. He also wears multiple gold bracelets on one wrist.

Personality: Father Ayamakiucri was once a kind hearted grandfather; after the slaughter of his family however he is nothing of the sort; he still maintains that persona outwardly but he is instead a cold and uncaring shell of the man he once was, seaking only vengeance through whatever means necessary
Likes: Cold, Frost, Snow, Rain, Cantaloupes, gin, tea, walking sticks
Dislikes: Shinobi; Shinobi Vilages; Bandits; The shinobi system as a whole; Pumpkins (They remind him of his dead wife too much), Priests though he might masquerade as one they do nothing to help the people in his eyes

Father Ayamakiucri was once a father of 10 and grandfather of many more, many years ago however they were all slaughtered by a traveling sage of corruption; for many years following that point he was lost and broken until the order of the scarlet rose found him and took him to a safe haven, he was taught of the history of the world, of the curse that was the shinobi menace had brought upon the world and of how only through the cleansing of that corruption could the world begin to heal. From then onwards the father traveled the world seeking kindred spirits and encouraging them to join him in his new ‘faith’ Whilst many agreed with his words only a select few had what it took to make a difference, still those few were recruited into the more radical ranks of the order. As time went on the father grew old until he knew his time was coming to a close, age beginning to wear on his body, and so he too joined those radical ranks, ready to sacrifice his life for even a slim chance of moving the world towards stability
Ninja Traits

Rank: D-rank
Village: Vagabond
Element(s): Earth
Specialties: Tai
Clan: Clanless
Bloodline Bonuses: Bloodline passives of Clan if applicable


Health: 100
Vigor: 4
Chakra: 1
Speed: 45
Strength: 50

The Player

Other Characters: Rin/Ren/Bobbi/Kyle ect
Faceclaim Name and Series: Info Here[Any character can share the same faceclaim on this forum.]

Roleplay Sample: RP Sample Here

Rin Togakawa
Rin Togakawa
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Stat Page : Rin Togakawa
Living Clones : Vis
Familiar : Onyx
Genjutsu Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Ninjutsu Remove Space Time Default
Wind Water Fire Default
Village : Tanbogakure
Ryo : 0

Father Ayamakiucri Empty Re: Father Ayamakiucri

Tue May 23, 2023 6:38 pm
Cant seem to make an account for this one so if someone can set up an account with
name: Father Ayamakiucri for me that would be great; if not i'll do it when next able
Guren Chinoike
Guren Chinoike
Survived 2021
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Stat Page : The Big Blood
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Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 178950

Father Ayamakiucri Empty Re: Father Ayamakiucri

Sun May 28, 2023 9:36 am
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