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Kyle D
Kyle D
Stat Page : [url=statpage]Stat Page[/url]
Village : Vagabonds
Ryo : 500

Kyle Dayumsk Empty Kyle Dayumsk

Tue May 23, 2023 8:38 pm
Kyle Dayumsk

Basic Information

Age: 15
Birthday:  1/1
Gender: Male

Height: 5'1
Weight: 54kg
Appearance: Kyle is an emancipated looking, brown skinned child with brown eyes, angled lips, ears that stick out, a large nose and puffy cheeks. He has curly, black hair, has pierced both eyebrows. He often wears shoddy and worn clothes as he can afford little else, 

Personality: Kyle was once a bright charming and enthusiastic young man, after his family was kicked off of their land and starved to death just to keep him alive a few more days however he is a cold and withdrawn young individual who only seeks to bring pain to others, his only outlet for that pain became the tourturing of animals which thankfully he has since ceased to do/
Likes: Blood, Food, Corpses, Silence, Snow covered with blood, Farming but the thought of it makes him sick as it reminds him of his family
Dislikes: Shinobi; The village system, People, Greed, False Friendship, Piety, Potatoes (for some reason) Alcohol, illicit drugs..

History: Kyle was a bright young man who was hoping to become a doctor, despite their poor financial and sociological state his parents were scraping together just enough funds from their farm to begin buying the books neccesary for him to do so, until the development of Hyōgagakure caused a cascade of events that saw his family forced off of thier land and left to starve, intentional or not this left kyle on the brink of insanity, his family starved to give him the last of their food he was left with nothing but a boiling hatred, which was exactly when the order of the scarlet rose found him and told him the truth of this world, that the shinobi were the source of all pain and suffering, that their greed and arrogance caused the war and pain that he saw around him and that their lack of respect for the rules of the world were what brought the world to the brink of ruin time and time again. So it was that Kyle was indoctrinated into the order, taking an oath to see the shinobi dead by any means neccesary, even if that means was his life. 

So it was that kyle left what little remained of his past and with the help of the order forged a false identity, joined the village that had caused his families deaths and joined the academy there, intent on learning the arts of his oppressors if only to turn them against them

Ninja Traits

Rank: Genin
Village: Hyōgagakure 
Element(s): Water
Clan: Clanless
Bloodline Bonuses: Bloodline passives of Clan if applicable


Health: 100
Vigor: 1
Chakra: 1
Speed: 90
Strength: 8
The Player

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Roleplay Sample: RP Sample Here
Shiro Hyuga
Shiro Hyuga
Stat Page : The Coming Storm
Taijutsu Weaponry Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 53050

Kyle Dayumsk Empty Re: Kyle Dayumsk

Tue May 23, 2023 9:16 pm
I would say change the name slightly to something like Kyoru or something since Kyle is very western.

Other then that this looks alright
Satoru Jugo
Satoru Jugo
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Survived 2021
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Wind Earth Remove Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 0

Kyle Dayumsk Empty Re: Kyle Dayumsk

Tue May 23, 2023 11:13 pm
For reference, character creation for Hyōgagakure is closed. If you want to join you’d first have to create a Vagabond or a Missing Ninja and go through the recruitment process.
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