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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Missing Ninja
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New Neighbors [Borders] Empty New Neighbors [Borders]

Sun May 21, 2023 11:33 am
Mission Name: Cog in the Wheel
Rank: C
Mission Location: Any borders

Challenges: -
Task: Recently, a new group has been making an appearance in the land. It's not uncommon for bandit groups to congregate and organize, but something about this is different. This group is a little too good, and a little too organized. The way things are going now might spell particular danger for the region. This contract details the location of one of their newest camps. /track them down and do what you need to do in order to dissuade this new group from operating in the region, and if you can, gather information on the group as a whole.

Word Count Requirement: 2,000
Reward: 4,000 Ryo / 20 AP

Character Requirements: Missing Ninja
Character Exclusive: -

Annoyance, Encroachment, an abundance of individuals thinking to themselves that things are free to them as they don’t see the hidden danger in the area. The villages and their occupants know there are people out there that they shouldn’t offend or annoy or even give a reason to look in their direction. From the roving bands of high ranking Missing-Nin, to the fanatics from the Jashinist Temple who regularly kidnap and make people disappear for whatever reasoning they have. The people in this area know that keeping a low profile and keeping their head down is the only way to truly go. So when a new group of rowdy and seedy individuals appear in the area to cause trouble thinking its easy pickings are always in shocked by the villagers plain and almost dismissive reactions to their demands.
When people give you what you ask for without a struggle but without any clear fear on doing so it makes you feel like some kind of bigger thing is happening here that you just haven’t realized yet, and a smarter group would have taken that small bit of information and left the area not wanting to deal with it but this one thought it was more due to their own abilities for the villagers reaction. They were horribly wrong. As word raced across the villages and ended up into the ears of the priests in the temple it was time to do some spring cleaning and Manjiro was one of the people that were sent to deal with encroaching pests. “Get rid of them and gather information about them if they seem to be apart of a larger group.” A masked priest said to a still groggy Manjiro, who was still rubbing the sleep from his eyes and his head topped with a full make up of bed hair. “Yeah, yeah, let me get ready.” He said between yawns as he swung his feet over the edge of the stone cut bed knocking some straw onto the ground becoming more dirty as it mingled with the bare dirt floor of the temple.
Manjiro’s room here in the temple was one of the many that was filled with low ranking members of the faith, the higher ranked members had actual stone floors and better furnishing though not by much unless you brought it in from outside and Manjiro just didn’t care enough to bother doing so currently. Maybe after this “job” he would grab some new blankets or one of those more fancy pillows he saw in a nearby village, though that was a train of thought to be dealt with later on as he needed to get ready for the task presented to him. As he readied himself he looked over the scroll made of strange looking parchment that Manjiro was pretty sure was made of Human skin, it was one of those things that you got use to growing up with the Faith but he always thought how hard it made to read any writing on it. The details listed there gave him the village he needed to go to, the general understanding of the situation which ended up being about some new group of thugs coming into the area and trying to turn it into their own territory.
This was something that wasn’t allowed by the Faith as it would only lessen the amount of sacrifices and people they could extort themselves and having to deal with outsiders was more of a hassle than what they were worth so the Faith regularly sent out people to deal with these groups that pop up from time to time. Though some groups were simply “hermits” in the area and didn’t mess with the temple’s activities so the faith didn’t bother with them keeping a balance in the area. So as people can see as long as the balance was kept in the area generally people got a normal life, those chosen for either negative interaction on each side just took it as fate or the hand of god in some sense.

WC: 680
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