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Isaribi Uchiha
Isaribi Uchiha
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 48700

Armament: From Within Empty Armament: From Within

Wed May 17, 2023 12:00 am
Name: Armament: From Within
Element: -
Rank: S
Specialty: Medical
Particular Jutsu Type: Flight 

Appearance: Armament: From Within Fsfdem10

See below
Handseals: Dragon-Snake-Bird-Horse-Tiger-Ram
Duration:5 posts
Cooldown: Posts used x 2
Range: Self
Power: Chakra
Speed: Chakra
Stat Boosts:
What it does: The user applies iryojutsu to mutate and transform their body at jutsu speed. The user’s height increases to 5 meters, and their flesh becomes a dark blue as they enter a brawny demonic state. They gain 8-meter-long wings, forward-pointing horns, claws/talons on all digits and a toothy maw. Their eyes change to orbs of solid red (though doujutsu overrides this), and they grow a 3-meter-long tail.

The wings grant a flight speed equal to jutsu speed, and both wings must be destroyed to remove this capability. This flight has a max height of 50m from takeoff. If the user has a taijutsu specialty, the tail can be used as if it were any applicable limb or appendage for a taijutsu technique.

Upon activation, the user’s HP drops to 1, and the user gains an amount of Stigmata equal to the amount of HP lost this way. Simultaneously, Stigmata is distributed among DR from HP, standard DR, and into this jutsu (see below) as the caster desires. This must be done all at once. If another source of DR is active, DR halving applies as normal.

This jutsu gains different properties depending on the amount of Stigmata invested. Effects are cumulative.

0-100: The user's tissues are lined with a potent demonic poison. Contact by skin or contact with a taijutsu or weaponry technique of the users will inflict a poison effect that lasts for 3 posts and affects stamina, causing all losses and expenditures of AP to be increased by 70.
101-200: The user becomes durable as if their tissues were armored, with a durability equal to jutsu power. Damage sources, jutsu, and effects that have a power lower than this jutsu's power do not affect the user (however, losing a clash to this jutsu does not interrupt or end those techs or effects); this includes stat checks and debuffs.
200+: Effects that would cause the user to gain HP cause them to regain 1.5x that much HP instead.

If the user has the taijutsu or weaponry spec, they may cast this technique without performing handseals.

Character Specific:-
Wordcount to learn: 5000
Action Cost:100/50
Bonus Requirements: At least 100 chakra
Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Site canon

[This jutsu brought to you by the NRPG bounty program. Please contact a moderator on Discord for more information.]
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