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Taichi Yamamoto
Taichi Yamamoto
Stat Page : [url=statpage]Stat Page[/url]
Genjutsu Default
Water Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 500

Taichi Yamamoto Empty Taichi Yamamoto

Sun Apr 09, 2023 2:58 am
Taichi Yamamoto
Taichi Yamamoto IMG_1941

Basic Information

Age: 19
Birthday:  Sep 30
Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 195
Appearance: His appearance is well-known and distinct, with several defining features. He has black, spiky hair that is swept to one side, giving him a slightly disheveled but stylish look. His pale skin tone further adds to his enigmatic and otherworldly appearance, which is accentuated by his dark, almost black eyes.  Overall, Taichi's appearance is often described as mysterious and imposing, perfectly fitting his character as powerful and complex.

Personality: Taichi is a mysterious and enigmatic individual, keeping others at arm's length and revealing little about himself. His family had to escape Konoha due to some form of persecution when kirigakure had taken over the village, which has made Taichi guarded and mistrustful of others. He comes across as cold and calculating, always weighing the potential risks and rewards of any given situation. Despite his aloof demeanor, Taichi is fiercely loyal to his family and will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means making difficult sacrifices. He has developed impressive analytical skills to survive in a world that may be hostile to his family's heritage, and he is a master strategist who can analyze complex situations quickly and come up with creative solutions to problems. Taichi's Uchiha heritage and Sharingan are kept hidden, with very few people aware of his true abilities.
Likes: Taichi is an intelligent and analytical individual, so he enjoys reading books and learning about new subjects. He might also practice meditation or martial arts training to hone his skills and stay calm under pressure. Despite his guarded and mistrustful nature, Taichi has a softer side that appreciates music and art, particularly classical music or traditional Japanese art forms like calligraphy or ink painting. Spending time in nature or with animals helps him relax and recharge his batteries when he's feeling stressed or overwhelmed. In addition, Taichi might have a hidden talent for cooking and enjoy experimenting with different ingredients and techniques, taking pride in creating complex and delicious dishes that reflect his analytical and creative nature.
Dislikes: Taichi's fierce loyalty to his family means that he dislikes betrayal and disloyalty in any form. He might have a general mistrust of others and a reluctance to form close relationships. As a reserved and analytical person, Taichi is uncomfortable around loud or boisterous people and prefers quieter settings where he can concentrate and think clearly. He also dislikes ignorance and close-mindedness, as he values different perspectives and new ideas. Chaos and disorder can make Taichi anxious, and he prefers order and structure. Additionally, due to his family's past persecution, Taichi likely has a strong sense of justice and fairness and dislikes injustice and oppression in any form.

History: Taichi was born into a family with a history of persecution due to their Uchiha heritage. His parents fled from Konoha after the hostile takeover of Konoha and raised their children in secret, hiding their Uchiha identity. As a child, Taichi was introverted and analytical, preferring books to people. He loved learning and became fascinated with history, political science, and military tactics.
At the age of eighteen, Taichi joined the Kirigakure ninja academy to further his training and develop his skills. He quickly excelled in his studies, showing a natural talent for ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu. He also became known for his strategic thinking and cold, calculating demeanor.
Taichi graduated from the academy at the age of nineteen and continued to hone his skills as a ninja. During his time in Kirigakure, he gained a reputation as a mysterious figure who was always one step ahead of his opponents. He was known for his calm and collected approach to combat, as well as his ability to think on his feet and adapt to any situation.
Despite his success as a ninja, Taichi never forgot about his family and their need for protection. He continued to train and grow stronger, developing into a formidable force who could handle any challenge that came his way.

Ninja Traits

Rank: D/ Genin
Village: Kirigakure
Element(s):  Water
Specialties: Space Time
Clan: Uchiha
Bloodline Bonuses: Uchiha Genetics/ Sharingan


Health: 100
Vigor: 40
Chakra: 75= 50+25 Uchiha genetics
Speed: 9
Strength: 1

The Player

Other Characters: Hiroshi
Faceclaim Name and Series: Itachi Uchiha
Roleplay Sample:
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page : Ayato

Mission Record : Link
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Remove Taijutsu Remove Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 300484

Taichi Yamamoto Empty Re: Taichi Yamamoto

Sun Apr 09, 2023 12:26 pm
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