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Stat Page : [url=statpage]Stat Page[/url]
Village : Tanbogakure
Ryo : 500

Kurumi Tanaka [WIP] Empty Kurumi Tanaka [WIP]

Thu Mar 30, 2023 8:50 am
Kurumi Tanaka
   Kurumi Tanaka [WIP] 9n6aBPK

Basic Information

   Age: 14
   Birthday:  February 14th
   Gender: Female

   Height: 5'0
   Weight: 100 lbs
   Appearance: Appearance Here

   Personality: Personality Here
   Likes: Likes Here
   Dislikes: Dislikes Here

   History: History Here

Ninja Traits

   Rank: Genin
   Village: Tanbogakure
   Element(s): Lightning Release
   Specialties: Iryojutsu
   Clan: Tanaka Clan
   Bloodline Bonuses: Bloodline passives of Clan if applicable


   Health: Health Here
   Vigor: Vigor Here
   Chakra: Chakra Here
   Speed: Speed Here
   Strength: Strength Here

The Player

   Other Characters: Other Characters Here
   Faceclaim Name and Series: Info Here[Any character can share the same faceclaim on this forum.]
   Roleplay Sample: Kurumi slowly walked alongside the caravan. She was on her first ever high ranked mission all on her lonesome..her squad-mates had since been dispatched elsewhere for recon duty. So it was just her for now! Eventually the horses bucked and kicked as a wheel got stuck on a fairly jagged stone and splintered the wood among the rock. Causing the caravan to stop and begin rudimentary repairs. It was a single caravan cart with only basic supplies, as such they could only afford to hire a low-rank ninja like herself. Slowly but surely as the day dragged on; she was approached by two scummy looking individuals. She was given a look of disdain by the duo before being told that it was the caravan's goods or her and her companions lives. Suddenly and as quickly as the conversation had ended, the battle had begun with Kurumi beginning to mould her chakra into various blue-tinged emissions. These were the markings of a Tanaka. One of the..surprisingly many virus based clans of the Shinobi World. These were also just common thugs so she'd have no problem taking them out. The emissions slowly but surely made their way towards the thugs as one of them raised up a kunai, going to swing downwards at Kurumi as she attempted to parry with her own; equally sharp bladed kunai. This caused a rather large gash on the side of her arm as she began to drip blood carelessly onto the ground. Luckily, she had prepared for this. A loud hiss began to erupt from her wound as she began to concentrate medical chakra onto her bleeding wound. Slowly but surely sealing it up with some rudimentary first aid. As she did this the bandits came at her a second time, which she responded to with a quick kunai stab to the gut for the both of them. As they lay there bleeding out, Kurumi began to walk back towards the Caravan. Checking to make sure nobody was hurt in the process; which thankfully none of them were. She could only hope and pray that the kunai used to stab her wasn't poisoned. She continued to keep track of the caravan and watch over it for the rest of the night. Performing a routine medical check up on the caravan guards and merchants to ensure that none of them were infected by her blood or something similar. Seeing as she was a member of a virus carrier clan, it only made sense that they had to be extra cautious in her presence. The life of a ninja she supposed. As she and her caravan finished the repairs of the wagon, she began to load back up into the carriage. Content to call it a day for now until she was needed out on the frontlines again. They seemed to pass by the rest of the bandits turf without much of a hitch, so maybe just maybe they were lucky for now. Slowly but surely, she closed her eyes..and fell asleep.
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