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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Stat Page
Taijutsu Default
Lightning Default
Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 500

From Wolf to Stars Empty From Wolf to Stars

Wed Mar 22, 2023 5:02 pm
Ichimaru stood at the edge, looking out to the seemingly endless mass of water that made up majority of the world that he knew. Its waves crashing, rising into an unreadable display. He found that there was nothing left for him in Wolf Country, he needed to leave. But there was no funds on him to purchase a ride. He was left with no other option…he stretched, centered his mind as he found it best to simply use this as an opportunity to train. That being said, chalky white aura subtly manifest and surrounds him 1 centimeter from his attire. Such a showcasing caused the immediate area of his position to rumble catastrophically. His muscles were filled with power as the restraints were removed. He formed a smiled in the process.

His desire was to head to the land hidden in the stars. He wasn’t sure of what he will find there, but he desired it nonetheless. Readying himself to take off, he would launch himself towards the water at a speed of 180 as he channel his chakra into the soles of his feet to enable him to walk on the water surface. He then pushed off with a great crash as the water erupted allowing him to periodically leap distanced only 1 meter above the water out to 195 meters from his initial leaping. Ichimaru will continue this process until he reaches the shores of Haven.

AP: 255/255
ERF: Glass Reflection: 40 AP | +60 Soeed/Strength.
Tree Climbing | Surface Walking: 5 AP

Exit - 24 Hours OOC time until he reaches Haven Boarders
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page : Ayato

Mission Record : Link
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Stone of Gelel
Remove Taijutsu Remove Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 435700

From Wolf to Stars Empty Re: From Wolf to Stars

Wed Mar 22, 2023 5:09 pm
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