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Sujiko Tori
Sujiko Tori
Vagabond (D-Rank)
Vagabond (D-Rank)
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The Rational Reaction to a World of Fortune Empty The Rational Reaction to a World of Fortune

Thu Mar 16, 2023 6:51 pm
Of all the lands in the world, it could be said that Sujiko Tori was most familiar with land of Tea. His transient childhood had given him passing familiarity with most regions on the map, but it was Tea Country that his parents had identified as the most strategic location in which to operate as shinobis-for-hire. The land had the unique combination of two valuable assets for any family in hiding: dense rural geography in which to hide, and a seedy mercantilistic urban sprawl with a dark underbelly. And though this country maintained close proximity to the dangerous Land of Fire, it also maintained crucial centrality, such that, with the help of a ferryman, there were always multiple escape routes. Because of these advantages, Tea Country is the place to which Sujiko had returned time and again as a child -- and the place to which one returns is their home.

This was Sujiko's home.

But he did not recognize the casino.


Sujiko was tired. He sat on a bench and examined the building while rubbing his neck. He was positive there had not been a casino here earlier this year. And, yet, there it was: tall, red, and swarming with patrons walking in and out of the building... more occupants than one would think the building could hold. Indeed, somehow, undeniably, there it was: belching tobacco smoke upon the street through its open doors, attended by a cadre of lascivious women who beckoned passersby to try their luck within.

Sujiko considered for a moment that he had spent too long in the sun and had become delirious.

Sujiko squinted at the attending ladies from behind his mask. He puzzled over their costumes, which, to Sujiko, were bizarre beyond comprehension. These women were outfitted in tight body-suits and form-fitting leotards, that, inexplicably, bore the aesthetic of an opulent man's eveningwear. The fronts of these costumes paid obvious homage to the tuxedo jacket, bearing stiff collars overtop white button-down shirts -- but, Sujiko realized with consternation -- these white button-downs could not be white button-downs, as they were not only backless, but sleeveless as well! The backs and the arms of these women were bare, indicating that what appeared to be a "white shirt" was no more than an elaborate bib in disguise, complete with a bowtie! (Sujiko did not know this, but such a piece of clothing is called a "dickie.") To add one final twist of contradiction, even without sleeves, these women wore shirt-cuffs as bracelets around their wrists, with ostentatious cufflinks set therein! Sujiko cocked his head, nearly exasperated with mental exertion, failing to understand the meaning of this clothing entirely. Why would anyone wear something so deceptive, so self-contradictory? Were these women kunoichi, bent on confusing their enemies by way of mind-twisting uniforms?

As if to add insult to intellectual injury, Sujiko noticed that the headbands these women wore bore comically large... rabbit-ears. For a brief moment, one of the women turned around to flirt with a customer, and, as she did so, Sujiko noticed a large puffball fastened to her rear-end. Sujiko's eyes went wide behind his mask, nearly bulging from his head. This puffball, he realized, was also imitating the hare. He felt immense pressure in his skull, as if his brain had become suddenly swollen. These outfits were not only fraudulent menswear, but, also, simultaneously, leporine! Rabbit-like! Apparently, it was not sufficient for these outfits to be confusing along only a single axis! Sujiko reeled, leaning back in awe, taking psychic damage. These women, with their dress, presented so as to poorly imitate two distinct concepts: rich men and rabbits! What was the link between rich men and rabbits? What WAS this?? Was this a genjutsu???

There could be no explanation.

Suddenly, a man sat next to Sujiko on the bench. He kicked back, and counted his earnings.

Sujiko swallowed, centering himself. From the outside, to any observer, Sujiko had remained composed, gentle, and thoughtful, as he always did. His expressions were completely obscured behind his mask, and he had trained his posture to be still in the face of great inner turmoil. His mother had always reminded him of the advantage that comes with denying one's enemies information. This wisdom was so deeply ingrained in Sujiko that, even during his near-conniption, he had seemed only quiet and watchful. Sujiko was perpetually grateful for the mask that was his face.


No one else on the street seemed at all bothered by the way the women dressed. There was an explanation. Sujiko became aware of his own shelteredness, as he had several times in the last few months. He sighed, silently. A shinobi never misses the opportunity to gather intelligence.

"Excuse me, sir," Sujiko began. The man beside him looked over, noticing him. He watched the stranger's eyes search his dark hood and settle on his mask. "I was wondering about the strange way those women are dressed."

The man removed his cigar and tapped it a few times as he scanned the casino's entryway.

"What women?" the man asked, gruff. "The bunnies?"

"...Yes. The bunnies."

"You're wondering what, why the bunnies are dressed as bunnies?" The man rumbled with inner laughter. "You sound young for an ANBU. How old are you?"

"I am not ANBU, sir," Sujiko said softly. "I'm twenty years of age."

"Twenty's old enough," the man decided, chuckling. "The bunnies are dressed as bunnies because, well, they're bunnies! C'mon, don't ya find 'em appealing?"

"They are not wearing much to cover themselves. I understand the appeal in that," Sujiko responded.

"And that's all there is to it."

"No," Sujiko said, slightly more urgently. "That is not all there is to it. First, what is a bunny?"

"Them girls over there are bunnies, kid! Saucy little bunnies! Y'know! Cute bunnies! Sexy bunnies."

Sujiko blinked a few times, almost recoiling. "You're attracted to rabbits?" he asked flatly.

"Yeah! Well, no. Not real rabbits. No! Of course not," the man sputtered, coughing on cigar smoke. Sujiko held his breath as the man continued. "No, it's more... ah, I dunno, kid! There's just somethin' about it, you know? The little bunny tail and all. You know?"

Sujiko held eye contact with this man. He certainly did not know. But, to be polite, all he said was, "I see."

The man grunted, satisfied. Sujiko thought for a moment about his mother's ANBU mask. It was a hare. Sujiko suddenly felt vile, and decided to take up a different line of questioning.

"Why then," Sujiko began, "are these 'bunnies' also dressed so as to suggest a tuxedo? Even though they're not in tuxedos at all?"

The cigar man nodded sagely, now fully engaged in this conversation's intellectual exercise. He took a long drag and studied the women across the street, not hurriedly.

"Yeah, they do kinda look like they're in tuxedos, don't they?" the man asked, realizing it for the first time. "Good eye, kid." He grinned, developing a theory. "Good eye. Heh. I'm not one for bettin'," he said, elbowing Sujiko conspiratorially, "but I'd bet it's to make the joint seem all fancy and uppity." He held out each of his hands in charade. He raised one hand: "Tuxedos? Fancy!" He raised the other hand: "Saint Val's... fanc-ee-eey!"

He put his cigar back in his mouth and crossed his arms, visibly pleased with his deduction. Sujiko had to admit it made sense.

"Then," Sujiko prodded, "why not dress the bunnies in actual tuxedos? Why merely imitate it?"

The man scoffed, treating Sujiko as a student who made a crucial error. "And cover up all that?"

Sujiko immediately understood. "Ah. Thank you, sir."

The cigar man nodded purposefully, and returned his eyes to the bunnies. They sat in silence for a moment.


"You've never noticed the tuxedo design before?" Sujiko asked. "You seemed surprised when I mentioned it."

"Sure, I'd noticed. But I guess I never really thought about it."

Sujiko thought to himself how strange most people were. Perhaps it was that he was sheltered, but even within his own family, he had a reputation for thinking about the world in an uncommon way.

The cigar man continued, pulling out his wallet. "Here's what I had my mind on, kid." Sujiko could see the bankroll was thick with paper notes and coins. "Craps! Dice! Kid, I killed 'em in there!"

Sujiko knew how to play dice. He nodded, remarking, "The game is devoid of strategy, is it not?" His tone carried no judgement.

"The only strategy is this, kid: when you're hot, go for it! You gotta sense when you're about to hit it big!"

Sujiko knew all about this fallacious thinking, and, again, Sujiko thought to himself how strange most people were. Chance is chance. It is, by definition, random, and there is no such thing as a "hot streak." The games played at a casino like this were not skill-based, and, to an extent, even individuals like this man knew it. But the man found the prospect of gambling exciting, and, therefore, allowed himself to be convinced of something that was not true.

Sujiko saw no point to gambling. It was not pleasurable to win games in which he played no active role in determining the outcome. Was not life tumultuous and random enough? Was not fate a cruel tyrant, swinging in and out of a person's favor unpredictably? Did each of these gamblers visiting the casino possess so devoid of excitement an existence that there was pleasure to be found in the haphazard injection of the uncertain?

That was all Sujiko knew, since childhood: uncertainty. At any time, shinobi of the leaf could find his missing-nin parents, and he could lose them forever. Sujiko's entire life until recently had been a game of cat-and-mouse, and the cat's whereabouts were never known. Sujiko could never see the appeal of gambling. He did not have a positive association with the sensation of "risk."


"Thank you for your explanation, sir," Sujiko offered, bowing his head and standing up. "Your insight was very helpful to me."

"Hold on, kid! Are you a shinobi?" the man asked, protesting. It seemed he was not ready to end their interaction.

"Yes. I am."

"Then, hey. Good luck out there!" The man offered Sujiko a big grin and thumbs-up. "Maybe some of my luck rubbed off on you!"

"Thank you, sir." Sujiko bowed his head once more, and then crossed the street.

Sujiko entered the casino, pushing through the smoke.

After all... he had been looking for the casino called St. Valentine's. That's why he had come here. He had heard a rumor that there were powerful shinobi within its walls. He was tired of traveling alone, as he had for months. He sought strong allies. He sought companionship.


The smoke parted, and, as Sujiko entered, he felt a twinge in his stomach, similar to a sudden drop in altitude. He did not know it, but he had been whisked away to a pocket-dimension. Indeed, the interior of St. Valentine's was much, much larger than its outside would suggest...

WC: 1845

Last edited by Sujiko Tori on Sat Mar 18, 2023 3:03 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : edited because is inaccurate, holy shit, it was off by ~900 words)
Yukinari Kamigawa
Yukinari Kamigawa
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The Rational Reaction to a World of Fortune Empty Re: The Rational Reaction to a World of Fortune

Fri Mar 17, 2023 1:59 am
Yukinari felt uneasy. While he always yearned for a life outside his family's compound, it was still foreign territory for him. All his life, only his home was the thing he knew. After they let him enroll in the academy, he soon learned the layout of Sunagakure. And now, he is in an internally different setting than that of the Sand Village. A letter from St. Valentine's Casino found itself in the grasp of the Genin, requesting his aid in helping the establishment. Without a second thought, he found himself in a unique world that is money, gambling, and addiction.

Gold and silver chandeliers etched the ceiling like constellations that painted the night sky. Bright and joyous, is if they were the very structure to defend this realm from negative and dark emotions. Card tables were lined in rows in this main area. Individuals and serving wenches adorned bunny-themed outfits that made Yukinari feel some type of pity for. He would never be caught in something so atrocious. Groups of civilians sat at each of these tables, the types of these people would range from dirt poor to the wealthiest of individuals. Gambling could be quite the addiction; his best bet would not get suckered into it.

While journeying to this new place was something he wanted to enjoy and experience, he was there for a specific reason. He was called upon for a special type of mission, a sub-branch for the casino's security force. But that was a couple does ago, now he just taking his sweet time before returning to Sunagakure. Taking a stance near the bar, he would wait for the remaining members of his squad. As Yukinari stood there, he remembered the days before he came here. 


How the night was clear, quiet. The open skies made it possible to see the stars, nonetheless. Not that Yukinari had any thought about it, he was far too distracted with his own thoughts while his body acted on autopilot. With groceries in arms, he paced his way through the street.

Yukinari then turned into an alleyway he usually took to get back to his family's compound quicker. He wasn’t afraid of anything that could happen. He did, in fact, fear he may go too far if he were to be bothered by the pests that lingered in these alleys. Speaking of, Yukinari saw a ragged man standing on the opposite side of the alley and, when he turned, he found two more similar looking men blocking the other side.

“Now, where’s a child like you think yer going, huh?” One of the men exclaimed, revealing a small knife. Yukinari barely showed any concern, instead showing a slight annoyance in his eyes.

As one of the men stepped close to him and was about to grab the Kamigawa, a figure leaped from atop the roof of one of the buildings forming the alleyway. The men all turned their attention to it, confused and startled. The figure then did what seemed to be a bowing motion as an even larger figure with glowing red eyes enlarged behind him, almost blocking off the entire alley. The men all let out frill shrieks of terror before running out of the alley.

Yukinari watched as the beast behind the figure shrank to a small, almost comical looking creature. Yukinari let out a sigh as the figure stepped into view to reveal himself. “Gensai.” He announced, “I could’ve handled that…” Gensai bowed again, “My apologies, Yukinari, you seemed in danger.” Yukinari walked towards him. “Were you following me?” Questioned Yukinari. Gensai stood silent for a moment, then answered “Yes”. Yukinari stood in front of him for a moment, then handed the taller male his groceries. “Well, if you want to be my guardian angel so badly, at least make yourself useful”. Gensai took the groceries without question. Yukinari looked beside Gensai to Kohan, who has been silently sitting, watching. “I’ll say this: That was an impressive performance,” Yukinari praised the small individual. “Thank you-. “Gensai spoke before being cut off, “I was talking to Kohan.” Stated Yukinari. Gensai looked down for a moment before looking back up, “Shall we get going?” Gensai asked.

The two walked together during the surprisingly quiet night, Yukinari avoided looking at Gensai and preoccupied himself by staring at the buildings on the other side of the street. Zakari, however, took careful glances at him each minute, as though checking on Yukinari. Yukinari sighed for a moment before turning to finally look at Gensai. “I need to know…” he stated, catching Gensai's attention. “What is it?” Gensai asked.

Yukinari stayed silent for a moment before taking a deep breath. “Why did you still look after me?” Yukinari asked, “After everything I did, I lied and used you. So why did you always give me another chance?”. His brother stayed silent for a moment as well.

Finally, he answered, “It’s might know- “. Yukinari cut him off, exclaiming, “I don’t want to hear it from mom, I want to hear it from you.” Gensai stayed silent. He stopped walking suddenly, forcing Yukinari to halt.

Gensai looked up to meet Yukinari's gaze and answered, “I hate to remember it, but I can remember that there was a time I hated you.” Gensai's voice, for the first time since he remembered Yukinari's name, had pure emotion in his voice. “It’s vague, but I can remember it...but then there’s a feeling after that, a feeling of confusion, then of comfort... I... I think it could be that I could be remembering all the time when I felt betrayed, then you always came back to me, as though to help me.” A tear began to roll from his eye. “I have committed unforgivable acts, that I know as much as anyone else… But even still, I want to protect you”.

Yukinari stands stunned for a moment, still processing all he’s heard, then continuing walking again. The two finally made it in front of the compound, Yukinari took his groceries from Gensai. “Thank you for carrying these for me”, “Of course, it’s a pleasure” replied Gensai. Yukinari walked up to the front door before stopping then looking back to Gensai. “Why don't you come in, I'm sure mom and dad would love to see." Yukinari threw a soft smile to his elder brother.

"As much as I wish I could, but I still need the time to face them." Was all that Gensai said.

Yukinari quietly went into the compound and Gensai began to turn to leave. But before Zakari could finish his motion, the reopening of the massive double-door catches his attention. As he turns in response to the noise, Yukinari surprises him with an unexpected, but warm hug. Gensai is almost motionless, but attempts to lift his arms to hug back, but as he does so, Yukinari slowly pulls away. “Thank you,” Yukinari said comfortingly to Gensai. 


Yukinari wished that his brother would've stayed but he understood why he didn't. Gensai was an intensively troubled figure with a dark past with subtle memory loss. He did terrible things to people, even his own family members, to Yukinari. When he was younger, Gensai always had a grudge against Yukinari. At first, he didn't know why but it must've been as their parent's showed favoritism towards Yukinari which he didn't like. That also riled Gensai up even more, so he would purposely go out of his way to harm Yuki. Even though he was very small and Gensai stood about 6'2", that never stopped him. In the end, Yukinari forgave him.

"I will have the yuzushu," Yukinari asked the stationary bartender behind the counter. Giving a quick nod, he quickly made his drink. The citrus liquor is one of his favorites. While he fancied more traditional homebrewed sprites, this mixed one is at the top. A soft smile, and a generous tip, the Kamigawa took his drink. The liquid inside the glass was that of a faded yellow. Taking his straw, he swirled the ice cubes in a circular motion before taking a small sip. A warm sensation made its home into his abdomen as the sour flavor engulfed his taste buds. Giving a subtle moan, he turned his gaze to look at the crowd.

However, something caught his eye. A figure wearing a strange mask seemed highly out of place in an establishment such as this. Friend or foe? Only one way to find out is to approach the individual. Yukinari had no problem with starting conversations; especially, if he wanted to find out something. Walking up to the individual, he would say, "love that mask, where'd you get it from?" Yukinari throw a warm smile before taking a drink from his beverage.

TWC: 1,461
Sujiko Tori
Sujiko Tori
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Vagabond (D-Rank)
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The Rational Reaction to a World of Fortune Empty Re: The Rational Reaction to a World of Fortune

Sat Mar 18, 2023 2:57 am
Everything was different on the other side of the smoke. Even the air. Not only was it noticeably cooler, but, somehow, the overwhelming odor of tobacco had taken on musky, pleasing qualities. Sujiko immediately felt the casino's transformative effects, and cautioned himself. If this environment were so powerful as to turn rich men into paupers, and paupers into rich men, then olfactory illusions were but small tastes of the immense power this place possessed.

It did occur to Sujiko that he was certainly a pauper, and, in his secret heart, he wondered if this place would make him a rich man.


Sujiko Tori had been wading through the interior of St. Valentine's, moving slowly, as if in a dream. Such languid locomotion was not uncommon for him; Sujiko never moved more quickly than a situation demanded. To move quick was to attract the eye, and, since birth, unnecessary attention had offered only unnecessary risk. However, in this case, his movement was not informed chiefly by his habits, nor his training. Instead, despite his best efforts, he found his mind wandering, awestruck by the casino's inner magnificence. The luminous beauty overhead almost forcibly drew his gaze upwards, allowing the rare light to spill over his mask. The many chandeliers above gently rotated, spurred on by the evening's din. Remarkable craftsmanship. Sujiko looked to the tables, strapped with felt and soft red velvet, and thought back to a time he had seen a high rank shinobi on his travels. The stranger, a companion for a short period, had kept his twin sai daggers in an ornate case lined with red velvet.

"These weapons are precious to me," the man had said. "as I rely upon them."

Sujiko felt in that moment that all the patrons in this casino were like that man's daggers. The casino was using them, and while they were of service, they would be cared for. And just as with the daggers, the gambling men and women of this casino were sheathed, only to be unsheathed when vile acts must be committed. Sujiko had met a few loan sharks in his travels. He knew that they often fed on a diet of gambling debt. Even now, beyond the beautiful women moving about with trays of drinks and smiles, Sujiko saw them: enforcers, standing in the shadows. Everything had become clear to Sujiko as he continued to study the room. These attendants did not dress as rabbits solely to seduce would-be patrons, but to also disarm them as well. After all, these beautiful women were not dressed as predator animals. They masqueraded as prey. Just as the wolf may don the countenance of a sheep to conceal its nature, the sharks here would have you believe this place was administrated by rabbits. The knife is stowed in red velvet casing.

Sujiko was on high alert.

So it was with a great deal of shock that he found himself not only noticed, but singled-out and approached.


It was a child.

Sujiko's entire body had tensed up when addressed, and his shadowy mask had snapped delicately in the direction of the approaching boy. His posture beneath his cloak was such that, in a moment, he could flee. But he did not. There was no reason to do so; he was being addressed by a child about two feet shorter than he. Sujiko, at a slim and willowy 6'4", had long been used to being the tallest in a room. He had compensated accordingly with a slouch or lean when appropriate, such that he still gave the impression of being somehow petite -- even scarce. He was perfectly aware that talented shinobi could come in all shapes and sizes, and did not discriminate (lest he underestimate), but where he committed his error was in not thinking of this finely dressed child as shinobi at all.

The child was approaching him. The child was eyeing him with intrigue. The child was nursing an alcoholic beverage.

The child was in a casino. The child was dressed to the nines.

Sujiko felt puzzled, as he often did. Perhaps this was not a child.

This stranger was still approaching him. Sujiko did not move an inch as the stranger entered his shadow and spoke, peering up at him.

"Love that mask," he said. "Where'd you get it from?" He then threw Sujiko a warm smile before taking a sip from his beverage.

"I made this mask," Sujiko responded, quietly, softly. His voice was neither deep nor high, and lacked any defining characteristics besides clarity and gentleness.

A moment passed. Sujiko wondered if he should clarify that he was not ANBU. However... the look in the child's eye (and, yes, Sujiko had now decided this was definitely a child, though on the older end) communicated wisdom beyond his years, and the unmistakable aura of superiority. He did not seem like a boy that needed to be told much of anything. Perhaps it was his silken clothing, or perhaps it was the drink upon which he sipped, or perhaps it was even his insouciant posture, but Sujiko noted an air of confidence. Sujiko did not feel as though he was being judged, though he did feel quite sure he was being catalogued. Yes, this boy was of status; that much could be detected in his blasé tone. This boy was a cosmopolitan, to be sure.

How fascinating. Sujiko knew he would be wasting his breath in explaining that he was not ANBU, as, clearly, this young man either knew that already or was not curious about it. In either case, Sujiko felt that that confidence was deliberate, and that which is deliberate is always to be respected.

So, instead, Sujiko merely said, "Thank you."

Together, they stood in the middle of a wide-open room... too far away from the bar and too far away from the tables. Foot traffic streamed around them, patrons paying them no mind, almost forming protective walls on each side. One was very tall. One was very short.


At this point, Sujiko would quietly wait for the boy who initiated this conversation to lead it further. Clearly, he had an interest he wished to pursue, and perhaps Sujiko would be able to be of help in that matter. In fact, even if this individual were not the shinobi he had come here to seek, Sujiko would happily acquiesce to most any request out of good-naturedness. And, without a doubt, Sujiko would happily accompany this individual for a time, balefully apprehensive of the casino as he was, reluctant to navigate this strange and threatening world without a guide of sorts. Sujiko could easily be beckoned in any direction, and would move like a shadow in following.

If the boy did not speak first in this moment, or, perhaps at the next lull in conversation, Sujiko would offer his own curiosity: "Are you here to gamble?" As he would say this, his head would tilt inoffensively.

WC: 1163
Yukinari Kamigawa
Yukinari Kamigawa
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The Rational Reaction to a World of Fortune Empty Re: The Rational Reaction to a World of Fortune

Sun Mar 19, 2023 5:12 am
How this man responded made Yukinari chuckle. It was almost as if he was trying to make sure no one heard, as if anybody was really paying attention to him. Well, they could be. Obviously, his attire caught the attention of the young noble which is why he approached the individual. But something else drew the small Kamigawa to him, was it the mysterious shroud that surrounded the masked person, or was he just simply curious? It was more of the former. Yukinari loved a good mystery, so that is perhaps why he is now invested in this person.

“The craftsmanship is quite…impeccable,” Yukinari said as took another sip from the beverage while looking into the dark eyes where the man’s oculars should be. Yukinari's abdomen began to get warm as it became semi-full due to the alcoholic contents that occupied his drink. It is apparent that this man is shy, or maybe quiet in nature, but nonetheless, Yukinari can lead the conversation if that's what it takes. Plus, a good mystery needs solving, doesn’t it?

“Well, instead of standing here and clogging up the area, how about we go get you a drink,” Yukinari said as he lifted up his own, twirling the semi-melted ice cubes around. “Or a refill for me, come.” The Kamigawa basically ordered instead of suggesting. Sometimes, Yukinari couldn’t help it. He was noble by blood, so nobility could unearth its head in the worst ways possible. Hopefully, the person didn’t think of Yukinari as arrogant, or perhaps, full of himself as they tend to say. His family could be quite evil when it comes to commoners and the working class, whereas Yukinari was on the contrary side.

Yukinari took a liking to the people who had a lower status than himself, he felt the people had more freedom than he did. Plus, he felt he always had a role to play, and could never be himself. People in poverty, that’s all they had is themselves.

“So, are you shy? Or just quiet?” Akaime turned to look at the man who dared to follow Yukinari. “Anyway, my name is Yukinari and you are? Or just like your appearance, is that a secret too?” He asked, giving off a playful smirk to indicate that he was just playing with the man. Whether or not he told him his name, Yukinari would turn to the bartender and begin to order.

“Yes, sir. Can I have another yuzushu, and for my friend…” Yukinari turned and looked at him, “how about a highball for him.” Yukinari wasn't sure if this person was a whiskey drinker, but he went out on a limb and assumed it.

“Anyway, I was here for a mission, but that is over now. I’m just enjoying the pleasantries that the place has to offer, you?” Yukinari calmly asked as he paid for the drinks and handed the highball towards his newly appointed friend. “However, I do want to try out everything this place has to offer.” A small grin found its way upon the smaller shinobi.

TWC: 1,972
Sujiko Tori
Sujiko Tori
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Vagabond (D-Rank)
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The Rational Reaction to a World of Fortune Empty Re: The Rational Reaction to a World of Fortune

Mon Mar 20, 2023 6:12 am
Following the boy and sitting atop a barstool, Sujiko realized he liked him a great deal. The boy was amusing, self-assured, and respectful -- there were no three personality traits with which Sujiko found himself more compatible. Sujiko craved direction, and, evidently, this boy had no compunction in giving it. To the lonely-hearted Sujiko, even small requests of him were precious gifts.


One such gift slid his way now across the bar top. A "highball," he had heard Yukinari request. Sujiko's gaze had left his new companion only to watch the bartender pour a careful measurement of whiskey atop a perfectly spherical ice cube, then gracefully top it with a carbonated beverage. Behind his mask, Sujiko's eyes had gleamed. How enchanting, he had thought. This fountain jockey performs even his most menial tasks with artistry. The cocktail slid to a stop in front of Yukinari, and was proffered to Sujiko.

But Sujiko did not accept it quite yet. Sujiko only looked it at, a shameful thought occurring to him only now. Inwardly, he cursed himself for not realizing it sooner.

"I cannot pay for this at the moment," Sujiko said, regretting the position in which he had put his new companion, unaware of Yukinari's intention and not wishing to assume anything. Yukinari was, of course, about to pay for the drink regardless; but, before the well-dressed boy could do so, the bartender spoke up.

"You're ANBU, right?" he asked, glancing back. Sujiko blinked.

"Then, hey, it's on the house," the bartender continued, shaking another drink for patrons further down the counter. "Thanks for all that you do."

Sujiko gave a small bow of his head and held his tongue.

When the man's attention was elsewhere, the shinobi bent down to Yukinari's ear, accepting the drink.

"My name is Sujiko," he said, his tone the slightest bit wry. "And I am not ANBU."

He gently lifted the drink in camaraderie and cocked his head, smiling with his body language.

Sujiko had deliberately omitted his surname. After all, Yukinari hadn't revealed his either. There was no reason to take unnecessary risk.


Sujiko lifted the bottom of his mask with one hand, bringing the glass to his mouth with the other. Leaning back, he quaffed his beverage. It was too dark within the hood to see the details of Sujiko's face, but, if looked carefully, they would notice a pale, well-defined jawline.

Sujiko set the glass down briefly, considering the interesting taste. He had drank before, but only in sharing a bottle of sake with his father or mother (they were never drunk at the same time, on principle). This was a much more pungent, even strident flavor. Sujiko decided that he liked it.

"I do not think of myself of shy," he shared, pensive, answering Yukinari's first question. "But I am sure that, compared to others, I probably am." Sujiko did not fiddle with his drink, leaving it alone on the counter. He studied the way it rested in the glass, listening for the small, peeling crackle of melting ice. "It does not make me uncomfortable to speak. I even enjoy doing so. Perhaps it is that I do not have much to say."

Sujiko knew this wasn't entirely true. More honestly, he kept much to himself that he was sure others would openly share. Sujiko saw words as tools, and deeply enjoyed using them as such. To Sujiko, with speaking, it was the same as with throwing kunai: satisfaction was derived from accuracy, precision, and efficiency.

Suddenly desiring to make this point, and also wanting to entertain his new friend, Sujiko spoke once more.

"A world of fortune,"

"St. Valentine's Casino."

"And all the rest, too."

He took another drink.


Sujiko marveled when he realized his new friend was one of the shinobi he had been looking for. Yukinari certainly did not look it, but if he had completed his mission, he must be quite capable. Sujiko studied the young man and failed to ascertain whether or not he was from Konoha, not regretting his decision to withhold his surname for now. He detected no forehead protector, for whatever that was worth. He desperately wanted to ask about Yukinari's mission, but he knew better. Shinobi missions often were sensitive matters with protected information. To ask a shinobi about their mission would, in many cases, be asking them to betray their village. It was a social faux-pas, to say the least.

Then how to go about it?

"I am also shinobi," Sujiko began, deliberate. "Though I have no current village affiliation. I've come to this casino to find others of our ilk, pursuing a rumor. Perhaps this rumor was in regards to you and your squad, if you have one." If Yukinari offered it, that would be crucial information.

Sujiko continued. "Regardless, I am here to seek allies, as I do not intend to be unaffiliated forever. Solitude is a path I no longer wish to walk. Though, candidly, I'm uncertain whether or not that problem is to be solved by joining a hidden village."

Sujiko wondered if that would be enough to prompt his diminutive and hedonistic friend to voluntarily share the details of his situation.

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Yukinari was going to pay for the mysterious man’s drink, but he never got the chance to before the bartender announced that it was on the house. It is a strange thing to celebrate a member of ANBU, regardless of what village they are from, as death and carnage always followed suit with those individuals. Maybe the bartender had a different outlook on them. But nonetheless, they would carry on their business. But first of business was the sudden closeness that this man came to him. A whisper into his ear which carried the name of the individual. Sujiko. Which was followed by that he was indeed not an ANBU. So, he dresses like that for fun? Yukinari became more intrigued as time passed.

Smooth pale looking skin, and well-defined jawline. Hm. Perhaps he could be attractive, and if that were the case, why did he hide his appearance. What could he be hiding from? Whatever it was, Yukinari made it a goal to figure out what lay beneath that mask. “Well, tonight, we’re going to make sure you are conversationalist, so drink up,” Yukinari cheerfully gleamed as he raised his glass to cheers with Sujiko. Whether or not he would, the Kamigawa would take a big gulp from his alcoholic beverage before continuing on.

“Alas, I did have a squad, but they linger here no more. Off to their homes, they went. You are a shinobi, yet have no village? A mercenary?” Yukinari questioned. If this man was following a rumor about a band of shinobi having a mission in this very casino, he wondered what other troubles may be brought along. He needed more details to figure out if this individual was in fact, friend or foe.

“Ah, I see. You are looking for a loyal home,” Yukinari’s eyes soften at the realization that this person was on their own, out in the wilderness and just looking for a place to call home. Just like he did, this man probably had his fair share of people stopping and staring at him when he was just searching for some type of place to dwell. “Of course, no one wants to be alone forever, I mean, who would want that?” Yukinari questioned.

“Whether or not you find what you’re looking for, you will have a friend in me. And, if you’re anywhere near Sunagakure or just stop by. I live in the Kamigawa compound, it is massive, you wouldn’t miss it.” The bright-eyed shinobi said with a reassuring smile, and comforting pat on Sujiko’s shoulder. “And if you wanted to, I’m sure Sunagakure would welcome you. They have taken in and homed many strays.” He said with a grin before realizing what he said.

“W-well, I’m not calling you a stray, just homeless…n-not homeless, well, you are h-homeless, aren’t you?” Yukinari's face lit up bright red as he stumbled across his words, maybe the alcohol is getting the better of him. Whatever it may be, he still carried on. “Villageless...yes, that is what I meant. I am incredibly sorry for my mess up,” Yukinari gave a worrisome smile as he scratched the back of his head.

“Anyway, let’s move on from the crash and burn that we just experienced. BUT you might not believe it, I am actually seventeen. I know, short for someone my age. I stopped growing when I was like ten.” Yukinari let out a chuckle as he made a subtle joke about his height. For as long as he could remember, he was always small. Boys and girls were always taller than him. Fuck, they always compared him to midget, gnomes, and dwarves. Yukinari just learned to accept as apart of who he is.

“Well, what do you want to do first? My treat,” Yukinari said as he swayed his arm around the casino. “Also, did you know they have a hot spring in the back, been dying to get in some relaxation, what do you say?” He said, raising his eyebrows repeatedly, hoping the vagabond would say yes, and maybe Yukinari would get a glimpse of his face.

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