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Taro Sarutobi
Taro Sarutobi
Stat Page : Taro
Weaponry Default
Earth Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

Taro's First Mythical Summon Empty Taro's First Mythical Summon

Tue Mar 14, 2023 9:04 pm
The night air was warm, Taro couldn't help but close his eyes as he walked along the stone path. He was tired, 2 am wake up by his father, was not a normal occurance. "Where are we going?" Taro asked. "Enma's shrine," his father responded, "put these on." He tossed him some sort of ceremonial gi. It was a dark red material with gold stitching and the clan's logo on the back. It was an outfit his family wore during village festivals and other ceremonies, but this was a first for him and he was groggy.
"Can't Enma wait til morning? How about a quick silent prayer and we head back to bed?"
"If you can't take this seriously then don't speak." His father was stern and the seriousness of his face said he was in no mood for Taro's humor. "I did not mean to offend dad. It is late and I am confused, why are we headed to the mountain at such an early hour?" His father did not immediatley respond, the sound of their wood sandals on the cobble stone path echoed in the night. Before long they reached the edge of the mountain steps that led out of the valley.
"Your grandfather has summoned you to the mountain for a special ceremony. He believes you are old enough to sign the guardian scroll." Taro's eyes widened and his groggyness left immediatley. "You mean I will be able to perform a summoning?" The prospect was always a something that intrigued Taro. He knew his uncle and grandfather were rumored to be able to summon mythical monkey creatures that could turn into large weapons of power, but as far Taro had seen they only summoned small creatures to run errands. "Our family has a bond with the mythical monkey race. It is time you join pay your respect to King Enma and sign the guardian's contract."

WC: 318
Claiming word count toward mythical monkey summoning contract.
Claiming 3 points to speed stat.
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