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Health: 300 / 300
AP: 1,855
Vigor: 150
Chakra: 100
Speed: 40
Strength: 10
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Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

St.Valentine's Casino Empty St.Valentine's Casino

Wed Feb 15, 2023 9:37 pm

St.Valentine's Casino

A Trial Event presented by Ryuu


Calling all players!

Hello and welcome to the St.Valentine's Casino! A Valentine's Day Themed event running from February 22nd to March 31st 2023 Located in an accessible pocket dimension brought together by the event host- St.Valentine and his team of 'Casino Callies,' bunny-suited female game attendants that wander the venue purposefully, and Izayumi & Co. which made this Casino using new experimental methods. While this event provides a lot of things, it is all contingent on the same way the venue was brought to the public: experimental means. The Casino is fully formed and functioning, but it seems it was brought to us by reaching into other pocket dimensions. That being said, in this Casino, players from all walks of life can come to relax and play at the tables. However, it's a bit of a walk between Valentine's mini-event and even the country borders where this event is held, but to be specific? Players can spawn instantly into the Casino and the Golden Forest, with the latter considered country borders. Speaking of Tables, let's discuss the two types this casino is offering!

The White Card Table


This table is for those who want to relax and have fun and spin the roulette wheels to try and get themselves a prize or to play the missions that came along with the Valentine's Mini-Event. The White Card Table is a 15-Day event wheel. So long as you make a post with 250 WC total for 15 days within this event's time, you may get 1 wheel spin a day on the White Card Table wheel plus the daily prize. The White Card Table table has the most roulette wheels to spin. The higher you go, the higher the price.Through this table, you have a chance to win from a wheel spin a [ White Ace ], which will let you since the Black Roulette Wheel without meeting its requirements.


White Roulette Table

1. 1000 WC2. 2000 Ryo3. 1 Solider pill4.B-Rank Jutsu Scroll5.Escape Rope6. 3000 Casino Chips7. Sakura Corps Coupon 8. 2x Travel Tokens9.3000 WC + 6000 Ryo10.Bronze Roulette Spin
11. Travel Token12. Wheel Re-Spin13. D Rank Hunter Skip(If you don’t need a D Rank Hunter skip you get a C Rank Canon Jutsu Scroll)14. 2000 Casino Chips15. Wheel Re-Spin16.  Corpse Storage Scroll17. Wish Scroll18. 4x Solider Pills19. 4000 WC20. 2x Wish Scrolls

The White Card Roulette Tables and their Rewards


All Roulettes will be spun via a wheel spin in the community discord, and a request for them can be made on your stat pages.

Bronze Roulette Table

 One spin at this table will cost you 5000 Casino Chips here are the rewards:

Bronze Roulette Rewards:


Silver Roulette Table

 One spin at this roulette table will run you 10,000 Casino Chips. Here are the rewards:


Silver Roulette Rewards:


Gold Roulette Table

One spin at this table will cost you 15,000 Casino Chips here are the rewards:

Gold Roulette Rewards:

The Black Card Table


So you want to play the high stakes, huh? How bold! This table is for players who want something more challenging. The more the effort, the better the rewards- and playing at this table gives you a chance to use the [ Black Ace ] card- A card slipped to you by a dealer that lets you into a backroom of the casino where another portal gateway is being worked on- and Leads you to an unfamiliar area that has been dubbed 'The Fight Forest'; The [ Black Ace ] lets you into this pocket dimension to test your mettle against the strange inhabitants that seem always to be waiting by the portal gate on the other side of our world. However, messing with things not fully comprehended can lead to difficulties, such as the reports of strange creatures prowling nearby. 


The Black Roulette Table

One spin at this table costs 25,000 Casino Chips.

The Black Roulette Wheel is only avalible through getting a [ Black Ace ] and having it in your inventory. This table offers Event-Exclusive Skills and items, which are rewarded upon landing on them. You may forego all items from this list and take on an S-Rank Hunter NPC instead, but it will cost you one [ Black Ace / White Ace ] card.

  • 1. 不聖な復活 Fu Seina fukkatsu A one-time use ticket that allows the player to create a new character at the same rank of the lost character instead of being knocked down one rank as per the regular rules. Or a full reincarnation at half stats of the character you lost. 


    • 1a. You will not lose any regular items, only legendary, you will, however keep all ryo, jutsu, bloodlines/transplants and memories.


  • 2. Summoning Orb (Stationary) If you use your [ Black Ace ] and take on a stationary NPC, you earn the ability to summon it ONE TIME in a mission or hunter of A-Rank or Higher. Your NPC comes to your aid at full force.
    • 2a.Players who have a [ White Ace ] can exchange their item to take on a Stationary NPC.

  • 3. Chimera Blessing  A mysterious serum that was rumored to have been developed somewhere in Devil Country. It is known to change those who ingest it, and not always for the better. Upon ingesting the serum, the user can transform one of their organs and make it hold a bloodline of their choice

  • 4. Defiled Doll This item contains the living soul of a dead shinobi; as such, this consumable item can be used instead of an actual body for Edo Tensei.


  • 5. Jashigan  A mysterious 'dojutsu' manifested in some affected by the cult of Jashin's recent activities. Its purpose and origin are unknown.


  • 6. LOCKED EVENT ITEM (This item will become available once the Fight Forest opens)


  • 7. LOCKED 

    (This item will become available once the Fight Forest opens)


  • 8. LOCKED EVENT SKILL (This item will become available once the Fight Forest opens).

  • Note If a player on the black card table plays and lands on one of the event skills/items before they are 'unlocked', they have the option to re-spin.


Casino- Themed Rewards

So you want some themed rewards? Sure...I guess. All we have right now since we spent most of the budget on the casino and roulette tables, are the staff uniforms, which we made sure to get as 'unisex' and make sure they fit EVERYONE, so here are those and their prices:


Bunny Suit in ' Classic Black' (2500 Casino Chips)

 Bunny Suit in 'Red' (2500 Casino Chips)

 Bunny Suit- Full Suit (2500 Casino Chips)

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