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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Last Job in winter wonderland Empty Last Job in winter wonderland

Mon Feb 13, 2023 10:57 pm
Mission Name: I Haven’t Even Started My New Year’s Resolution Yet!
Rank: S-Rank
Mission Location: Any Location

Task: A few days have passed since you saved Christmas and New Year's Day, and things have been very quiet. This ends, however, when an almost ghostly woman, endowed in an attractive white attire, suddenly appears before you. She introduces herself as Minaguya Ōtsutsuki and shows intrigue and disdain at the fact that you foiled her plans, thus revealing that she was the person behind Santa's illness and Ureshii's kidnapping. She creates a powerful clone of herself and parts farewell before disappearing away via a mysterious Space-Time Jutsu. Now alone with the clone, make sure to destroy it before it destroys you!

Word Count Requirement: 5,000 WC
Reward: 10,000 Ryō / 50 AP / 2,500 Winter Equinox Tickets / Access to a unique boss event during the next event

Character Requirements: N/A
Character Exclusive: N/A

It has been quite for the past few days, The Madkat laid past out on his bed. He remains asleep, his worries unable to reach him at this point. This was truly the only time katsuragi could say he was at peace. Detached from the world’s bullshit and misery. However, not all of it was that bad. He was actually making some good money. He wish he could do this all the time, but perhaps maybe this time…

He awakes from his slumber, his form almost that of a catcas he streched his whole body. Six hours of sleep, not too bad. His arm streched out to the point where he knocked the bottle down from the bed side table stand. It was rum, the shit that could give u a massive hangover due to the suger. BUT, not today. He didn’t go quite as hard on the sauce like before. He needed to stay right just incase he would receive a mission. It was random, the call to pull a job. The force that kept him here in this winter wonderland was powerful. He still didnt believe that jolly ole st nick was real, but the more time he spent here the more he grew to believe that who ever was pullibg the strings was an extremely powerful person. Nevertheless, he decides not to dwell too much on the subject. The moneyvkeot coming, thats all that mattered.

While still resting in his bed, the sheets covering the lower half of his body, Katsuragi leaner over to the edge if the bed to check if his money was still there. Scattered on the floor were crispy ryo, fresh minted paper money. There was nothing like the smell of new  minted money. At some point and time, he needed to clean it up, which he did. But sooner or later, more northpole money would come in. Ahhh, the joys o having upper class problems. He laughed a bit, while struggling to get out of bed. He knew the sun was up, the light from the sun peeked along the edges of the closed curtains. After a long sigh, he stands talk infront if the curtains, he pulls them back to reveal the sun blast directly into his face. “Yep, good morning to you too, cocksucker…”, he mumbled to himself while searching his pants for a preroll and a lighter.

He lights up and takes a big drag from the roll, his lungs thank him in kind with a peaceful exhale. He loved his morning ritual, it was his brand of coffee. Except this coffee was super strong, like it was really good. Unforunately he was running low and would need to make a pit stop somewhere before he left the inn.

Moments later, Katsuragi walks towards his closet, and retrieves his clothes. He said it before, and he would say it again, he needed new clothes. Katsuragi's attire consisted of a Yakuta black leather jacket, which underneath he wears a hanley blood red hoodie. His belt is black leather, designer's choice, with an overlapping LV emblem as a buckle. The pants he wears is a fresh pair of black stretch jeans with ankle zippers located on the lower inside section of the pants. His boots on his feet also being solid black of a leather material with an emblem labeled "EU", it's made of metal stitched to the tongue of the boots. His hair, still vivid, was a solid dark purple. His hair in contrast with his pale skin, however, his arms torso and hands bore a mural of mostly assorted prison tattoos; all black ink in color. He himself stood at a height of 6'2 feet with a thin frame. His tools and such were all assorted evenly along his attire, given no hint to their whereabouts yet allowed him easy access with a little bit of technique.

After putting on his clothes, his way to the open window and continues to smoke his morning away. He had nothing planned for today. Yes, of course he should have put in some effort into trying to leave, but it wasnt really an issue. Katsuragi had experience a similar situation like this before. Playing puppet, do this and do that. Atleast he was getting paid for it. Taking more drags from his preroll, he started to think about, nothing. Was he this bored? Was there anythinh left for him to do? “Yah, I think it’s time I left. He looks back towards his room to find his money still scattered on floor. After puting out the roll, he gets down on his knees and starts collecting his money. It took quite a while, to which he wasnt mad at, there were alot of bills lying around. Once they were collect, he placed them in the bag and cast it on his bed. Katsuragi was loaded. Over 100k in cash. That was enough to get him so good equipment, and a set of new walking around clothes too. He nodded in glee at the fact that he actually had options.

“When I get back Im gonna act the fool yo! New boots, new shoes, new fit, hell new everything! Ima act do brand new!!!!”, as cheerful as ever, he could g wait to spend the money.

Options, a concept Katsuragi wasnt to familiar with. All he knew was what he had learned in the streets. No ninja academy or village support system to help out. He didnt even know who his parents were. But it didnt stop him much, he did what he had to do. What other option was there? Kill or be killed. Tanzaku Town taught him that lesson the hard way. On the outside, Tanzaku Town looked like your average village. A bit smaller than the major or minor village, but still had a booming economy that over shadowed a couple major villages. It was due to the many businesses that chose that village as their major hub. Den enterprise, uchiha industries, and of course Sakura Corp, all resided there. But all the residents knew what Tanzaku Town was. Tanzaku Town, aka Quarter town, was ran not only by businessmen, but also mobsters and criminals. The only reason outsiders would probably overlook it was due to the troublemakers wearing suits. A businssman and a criminal really pass for the same thing while wear suits.

He felt a strange call, yet knew immediately what the spine tingling feeling was. It was time for another mission. But this time, it was faint. A light buzz that continued out throughout his body whenever his mind focused on a particular body part. “Oh man…, im feeling good hehehe”, he laughs when he figured out that it wasnt the pull of the job that had him mello but was the pull of the preroll.

Suddenly, a knock came from the door. Three rapid knocks prompted Katsuragi to get up and make his way to the door. He wondered who it could be? Was it his teammates, was it Asuka. Of course, he lets out a laugh thinking about the time he would use him as a meat shield to escape Yakuza Torture. When he open the door, he sees a white rabbit sitting in front of him from down below. The madkat stood there, vexed as he tried to figure out what was going on. The rabbit then ran towards the edge of the hall, and looked back at Katsuragi. Was he going to follow the rabbit? He gribs the frame of the door whole pondering just what he was going to do. It wasnt like he had anything else planned, and he felt… good.

After much thought. He places his bag of money within himself. He do so with the use of his Mochi release: naughty cookie jar technique. He wasnt going anywhere without it, and was certainly not gonna get got. He then shut the door behind him and chased after the rabbit. He tries to keep up with it’s great speed, he wasnt really that fast himself. How far down the rabbit hole he went, he wasnt sure. The rabbit made it’s way out of the inn and out into the wild with it’s new friend.

He wasnt sure where he was going, but he knew one thing, he was running out of breath. His chase with the rabbt was still on the way, his legs were starting to ache and wished he was back at the inn. Still, the rabbit shower no signs of slowing down. Out and about with mo food in his belly, real nice he thought. Moments later, katsuragi arrived a wooden smal sized sanctuary. He eyes the small structure as he finally came to a stop. He was glad thet stopped, it gave him to to collect himself. “Damn, that was one hell of a jog. The hell am I doing out here anyway?”, he scans his surroundings and found, nothing. It was just him and the rabbit. He locks eye contact with the small creature as he pondered. The rabbit, hopped over the wooden structure and stood on top of it. Of course, Katsuragi just stood there and watched. He truly did not know what was going on. He chased an animal into the wild off a whim. Maybe the rabbit got tired, maybe the rabbit, had plans for Katsuragi?

Suddenly, once again, he feels the same feeling from before, the pull of a job. The wooden structure lit up like christmas, displaying all sorts of different colors. “What the fuck? This is new!”, he yelled while being engulfed by the light. He grunts loudly as it blinded him. “Whaaah! Bright light!”, he lost feeling in his body and boom! He was gone from sight, and so was ghe rabbit. All that remained was the wooden structure.

Opening his eyes, he wakes up on the ground. His surroundings were… cosmic. It was as if he was laying on a cloud. A cloud that streched for miles, along with many others. The hint of purple silhouettes flooded the scene. He had no idea where he was, but he knew who he was with. He casually looks down to see the rabbit bumping his right hand, as if he once again wanted katsuragi to follow it. “Hmmmm”, he just simply stared, he was quite done. But soon, he saw a house across the distance. The mist vanished slowly upon its reveal.

“Where oh where did I land?”

He then got up from the floor and followed the rabbit to the house. He doesnt use the front door however, after realizing that the door was locked. He could have broken into the place, but was, not feeling like his usual self. Perhaps, Katsuragi had finally crosses over into the afterlife. He couldnt explain what was going on. Following the rabbit around back, he stops infront of one of the windows. He peeks in to see a boy with purple hair, sitting in a wooden chair. He looked annoyed and uninterested in anything being said to him by the other adult figure in the room. It was, Katsuragi as a child. He remembered this scene in his life when he was back in foster care.

“I remember this, this was when I got caught lifting extra lunch bags from kitchen after everyone ate. Heh, I was still hungry but the headmaster said I couldnt have anymore. I, I just didnt like to follow rules cause I always kept getting screwed. No this no thar, all that shit was wack. I ate all the desert and sandwiches, maaaaaan that was good. I mean…”, he looked over at the rabbit to check if he was still there. “I mean what made me feel really good, was that I took action. I didnt lay down like some hungry bitch whining and crying about not getting any food. I wanted it, I got it”, he takes a moment while watching the ordeal carry on. There was no, morals or code of conduct. That shit only worked if you could afford to do it.

He then witness his younger self running off and taking more food from the kitchen once the adult was gone. A few other kids strolled in, asking for a bit of the food Katsuragi was eating. He of course told the kids to fuck off, and get there own shit. “Fuck off! Go get your own shit. I dont know you”, he said while eating the snacks right in front of them. The kids walked away, hungry and sad.

“Why are we here rabbit? What are upu showing?”, he looks down at the rabbit once more to find it gone. He then looks up to see the rabbit run over to the next house, except this house was surrounded by a fence with guard towers.  

The sounds of loud horns went off, the klieg lights scanned the area in search of escaped criminals. Katsuragi watched from the side lines with the rabbit. He witness a younger version of himself making a break for it, along with 5 other convicts.

“I remember this, we planned on breaking out of pelican island. I lost a lotta friends that day, and got sent to the hole after my swift immediate capture. We used to talk so much shit to each other, sometimes it got out of hand and. We even ended up fighting each other. But we were all cool though, we all just needed something to pass the time. We all did, but I guess even then that was enough. If we would have just waited… planning a escaoe during war time….

We thought it was perfect, less guards and shit. But nope, Pelican island will always be a hell on earth. Only two of us made it out of the failed escape”, he stayed quite for a while, the memories of all his friends he made inside flooded his brain. It wasnt enough that he was out here on the otherside trying to make things happen. The regret of it all, his friends dying in front of him, it finally took its toll. He never had time to truly grieve. During his time in the hole, he was to sad or to mad to think about anything. But now, now it was just too much. He was truly all alone in this world. In sunagakure, he met a man named raleth who seemed alright. He remembered how he actually gave a damn about Katsuragi.

Four shots went off in the background, the arrows from the crossbows whizzed through the air untill making loud impact noises as it hit the bodies of the criminals. Katsuragi’s heart sank a bit, wondering just how he survived it all. He witnessed his brothers in jail get gunned down right in front of him.

“It was a terrible night…, but we needed to try it. I needed to get the fuck outta there. I was even willing to climb over their bodies…”, he looks at his younger self, literally making a break for it and leaving his convict friends behind. He had to survive, it was all he knew how to do.

“That’s what I am, rabbit. A survivor. I risked it all, I cant just sit by and watch people control my life. I see a problem and I remove it”

A lone tear formed from his left eye, he held the rest in. “Am I dead rabbit? Am I being judged for all the shit I did. I had no choice, it was kill or be killed. That fucking scale of morality and go to hell, it doesnt work out here! Not when…, you are out here by yourself. Maaaaan, what the fuck do you want?!”, he grabs the rabbit and hold it, it’s feet dangle in th air as it stares into Katsuragi’s souless eyes.

“Go on, tell me! Tell me I’m a piece of shit, a murdering piece of shit that does whatever the fuck he wants and dont give a fuck about what anyone else thinks! Go on!!! Im right here, in hell!!! You know what.. hahaha! What more can you do to me? Kill me? Im already here!”, the rabbit simply stared. It was just silence. He was about to kill the rabbit too, but let it go. He just wasnt feeling himself lately, this was thexsecond time he has come to realize this. Once the rabbit dropped down to the ground, it waited to get eye contact from Katsuragi, once he did he ran off and the madkat did so too. Further and further the two went, down the rabbit hole. He couldnt quite answer why he kept going along with the rabbit. He just simply, accepted it.

Following the rabbit, they arrive to a scene bare of anything. He scans the area once more but found nothing. Was this the end? It was too late for that, his end already ended awhile ago. Perhaos there was more to this than he realized? He then sees a figure in the distance, a figure matching him in both frame and looks. He sees a purple haired man standing less than 5 meters away. The man’s attire consisted of a thin black polyester jacket, which underneath he wore a solid sleeveless navy blue shirt. His belt, designer's choice, had a MK emblem as a buckle. The pants he wore were a fresh pair of black stretch jeans. His boots on his feet also being solid black of a leather material with an emblem labeled "EU", it's made of metal stitched to the tongue of the boots. His hair, still vivid, was a solid dark purple. His hair would have went in contrast with his pale skin, however, his arms torso and hands bore a mural of mostly assorted prison tattoos; all black ink in color. He himself stood at a height of 6'2 feet with a thin frame. His tools and such were all assorted evenly along his attire, given no hint to their whereabouts yet allowed him easy access with a little bit of technique.

“Wow, I look good in my fit. Maybe I should hold on to my style for a bit, maybe tweak it a bit…”

The original katsuragi remember he used to dress like that. Yeah, few dats after he got out of prison. He used to boost carriages hauling valuable cargo. “So, this is me huh?”, the rabbit ran away, never to be seen again. Katsuragi was confused, just what did all this mean.

“It’s a warning about your…, something you should have been paying very close attention to. All your life, you’ve been tring to survive, make it big in the world so that you could have your own happy ending. But you’ve been going at it all wrong. You, have been neglecting one of the main things that makes someone successful…, friends”, the copy stares at Katsuragi. The Madkat looks down to the cloudy floor in misery. He had no friends, no one who shared his goals.

“You make it sound so easy, all we have is ourselves. That’s it! From cradle to the fucking grave we are alone. My own parents didnt even want me! Whoever hhe fuck is my mom and dad they sure as hell dont want us! So why depend on people who wont stick around? Sure you pick up a few stragglers here and there, but really? It doesnt la-“

“Nothing lasts, not even empires”, he casually walks up to katsuragi, and places his hand on top of katsuragi’s left shoulder. Nobody is telling you to be a saint, im telling you… that you are going about it thr wrong way. You want to know a little more about yourself? You arent that murdering asshole 100%. You arent made out of stone either, you care about those who give a damn about you, you just don’t know how to express it without fists and fights. It’s in you, you just need to WAKE UP!”

After a gasp!, Katsuragi’s upper half springs up from the bed. His breathing was heavy as to was his heart rate. Just what was going on? It was as if it was all a dream. Before he could completely recover, he felt the spine tingling sensation from before. The hairs on his body began to stand up, it was time to go. After he put on his clothes, and waited by the door. Katsuragi's attire consisted of a Yakuta black leather jacket, which underneath he wears a hanley blood red hoodie. The jacket this time was insulated with wool to keep him warm. His belt is black leather, designer's choice, with an overlapping LV emblem as a buckle. The pants he wears is a fresh pair of black stretch jeans with ankle zippers located on the lower inside section of the pants. His boots on his feet also being solid black of a leather material with an emblem labeled "EU", it's made of metal stitched to the tongue of the boots. His hair, still vivid, was a solid dark purple. His hair was in contrast with his pale skin, however, his arms torso and hands bore a mural of mostly assorted prison tattoos; all black ink in color. He himself stood at a height of 6'2 feet with a thin frame. His tools and such were all assorted evenly along his attire, given no hint to their whereabouts yet allowed him easy access with a little bit of technique.

He knew the teleportation was coming, like always. And just like that, he vanishes from sight. The room was now empty.

Katsuragi arrives to a cabin, in the middle of the snowy woods. He then sets off to entwr the cabin, he felt like his usual self. So once he got close enough to the door, he forces his way in, walk in on a woman dressed in heavy clothes like himself. The two simply stared at each other. Yea, Katsuragi was the intruder in this situation, but he didnt care. Right? “Well, I guess Santa will live to see another day thanks to you and your meddling team”, the woman said in anger.

“What? What are you talking about? Santa doesnt exsist”, Katsuragi said as he fully entered the cabin. “I’m here because…”, he feels a weird spine tingling sensation like before. He wondered why now does he feel it, since he was technically pulling a job right now.

“You know, I don’t even know what I want anymore. I think I was sent here to kill you. Santa or whatever sent me a fat check from the northpole fo do it to. But…sigh I just dont feel like I am me?”

The woman stands tall, carefully eyeing down katsuragi and her surrounding to see if anyone else was coming. But no, it was just Katsuragi, he was all by himself.

“I practically grew up in prison, the few friends I made are either dead or locked up. Hell, I was going to see one of them in the cloud village before I got caught up in this mess. But before I got here, to this cabin, I had a dream about what I have done. What my future was going to be. You know, maybe you don’t have to die here…”, he stands shocked amazed by his own words. Waa he really gonna spare people.

“So what, you came here all this way to break into my cabin and to tell me that I wont die today?! Hahaha you nut. I should kill you right now”, katsuragi sharpens his gaze towards the woman.

“Are you, alone? What you’re doing? Are you all soloing this by yourself? Im… tryin something new here. Im trying to change, and you could too if you werent so damn hard headed. What did the jolly fat bastard do to you?

“Nothing, I just took a few things I needed. He had it, and I wanted it. Kill or be killed right?”

Katsuragi remained quiet, he had nothing else to say.His silence spoke volumes to the woman. “You see, nothing. The poor criminal actually tried to turn a new leaf? Please, you’reca murdering piece of shit 100%. Friends? You have no friends, you just convinced idiots to follow an even bigger idiot”, from outvof no where, another figure formed from nothing. It was due to the clone technique the woman used, it resembled that of a younger Katsuragi when he was in foster care. “The weak the strong…, either born a winner, or die a loser…none of that matters. What matters, is your own life”, what seemed a distant memory, another Katsuragi appeared from nothing. This time, it was the katsuragi who led the failed escape from pelican island. The two stand side by side the woman on both flanks.

The clones of katsuragi stare him down, waiting for him to make a move. He could feel the murderous aura coming off from the three. In a sense, he could feel himself. He never felt his own murderous aura, it was indeed vile. But katsuragi loved it, he loved the power they held.

Katsuragi sighed, he thought that after the dream things could be different. Was that not the reason he was shown the vision? Regardless, his form started to glow whole his chakra level rose to a considerable high level. “Yeah, I hear ya”, his voice was filled with regret, regret of ever trying to change who he was. “Im the murdering thieving bastard from Quarter town!!! I am, MADKAT!!!!!”, he charges forward with his enhancer activated, his strength was increased 7 fold. The cabin lit uo like christmas, left and right loud boom noises could be heard. The fight wa intense, even for a 1 v 3. However, when all was over, Katsuragi is seen standing over the woman, her being defeated was something that brought a smile to his face. And like all problems headed katauragi’s way, he’d handle it with his pair of problem solvers. He gripped the brass knuckles tight, and proceeded to beating the living shit out of her. He beat her till she was reduced to nothing but white smoke.

Katsuragi scanned the area in search of the original, but found nothing. A clone, the woman he was sent to kill was nothing but a fake. “Damn, the bitch was a fake! I better get paid for this!!!”, he said while kicking the snow beneath him. He looks around the scene and sees nothing but snow and trees covered with snow. What was he going to do now? He couldnt even see the sun in the sky due to the clouds, so he had no sense of direction. He was simply stuck.

“Fuck, you beam out to the middle of nowhere and dong take me back when the job is over? The fuck type of shit is this?”

He then returns to the cabin, and searches the place for anything of value. He comes across a few documenrs about him and his team. Who ever the woman was, she was keeping tabs on everyone. Katsuragi then checked the kitchen for some food. He was hungry, and after the beat down he gave he really needed to refuel. Katsuragi noticed pet food too, feed for small animals. Then it hit him, was it the rabbit? Was the woman responsible for the dream he had? Who knew, he refuses to believe her to have such control and power over other’s lives. “Oh shit, she really did do it”, he said while searching the fridge. The whole time he thought he was going through a midlife crisis and it turns out it was some crazy old bitch who was manipulating. He should have known, he didnt feel right throughout the whole dream.  Perhaps it was has gut telling him it was a genjutsu. He shrugs it off, looking for some snacks. The cabin was lacking in the food department. “Oh come on, what was this bitch eating?! Air pies? The fuck? Where is the fo- know what, fuck this shit”, he slams the cabinet door and hits the road.

While he was walking he once again, right on que, he feels the external force pulling on his hairs. “Oh what now!? Again?”, he then vanishes. He then appears on the dirt road leading back to the cloud village? “Whah? It’s over?! Im out?. He notices the bag he is carrying is full of money. In fact, it was even carrying a note. He pulls the note from his bag and reads it slowly.

“I hear you are having a tough time with the jobs I sent you. Life isnt easy son, but you can make it better by surrounding yourself with people who care for you.

Best of luck

He lowers the letter down while trying to figure out just what the hell was going on. Was he being punked? He truly didnt know. But, seeing how he was free from wintwr wonderland, he disregards the letter. Out of sight, out of mind. He was tired of trying to figure out what was what. What he did know, was that he had a sack full of money and was ready to spend it. “I wonder if The cloud village has a redlight district….”, he looks back down at the note.

“Who the fuck is SC?”, he crumbles the note and continues to walk towards the gates. Those where some of the most crazy missions Katsuragi ever took in his life. But, atleast it was over. And with all this new money he was sure to gift himself a few new toys for all his trouble. Things were starting to look up for him. He smiles all the way to the gates, hoping to see lucky again. He owed him a few rounds of dice ever since he took 5k from  katsuragi.

As he arrived to the gates, a small creature observed katsuragi walking. It was indeed the rabbit that led him down the rabbithole and out.
Exit/ twc 5020

Claiming: 10,000 Ryō / 50 AP(convert to 2500 ryo) / 2,500 Winter Equinox Tickets / Access to a unique boss event during the next event
2000 words for Nature Chakra Proficiency
And finishing the training for This A rank

Plus 4k ryo due to b rank
Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
Stat Page : Link
Remove Medical Fuuinjutsu Ninjutsu Default
Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 18

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