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Snowball fight! With a Demon? Empty Snowball fight! With a Demon?

Mon Feb 13, 2023 12:52 pm

The Demon was surrounded, enemies at all sides, his flank was exposed. How could he allow himself to become so careless? Sensing the projectiles homing in on him he would step left and right, ducking and slightly shifted himself out of damage of impact. The Sharingan allowed him prediction over the trajectory of these projectiles as he stepped out of their way. His eyes finding the source of the danger. The Sharingan flickered lot and from as he traced and marked the faces of the many…children that laughed as they aimed to hit him as their target. They reminded him of Takara, she would have liked the snow scene. To be able to play with these children.

The demon was not one to find himself fond of the idea of being a means of amusement for any child, save for Takara. But he was in a much pleasant mood than he was before. So what would the harm be in that? Playing with children? As he contemplated the risks he would find himself moving before even realizing. His hands scooping snow, molding them into spheres in a fluid motion as he launched the snowballs at the children. His marks were clear and his aim was precise as he laid them all down with a single strike.

He would find himself to be the only one standing.

That should be it for today, children. I have other matters to attend to. Should the time arises I will return…with someone who would better appreciate this sort of activity with you all.

One of the children laughed and sat up. Covered in snow as he looked over to the demon. The boy raised a hand before speaking, to get the attention of the demon.

“This was really fun, Mr. Demon. If you do come back can we please play with you along with your friend? You’re really cool and you’re a tough person to hit!”

The child seemed genuine, giving pause to the terrible one. He would ponder on the request that was given. What was it with these kids that find Aokidanza of all beings such a joy to be around? Better yet, what was it with them that Aokidanza couldn’t help but to feel an obligation towards them? He couldn’t help but to believe that it was a deep rooted phenomenon that was within himself. Perhaps it was his own upbringing that made things as they were now. It wasn’t completely far fetched, but he wasn’t going to presume that it was concrete either.

The demon smiled softly, nodding to the child. This was rewarded with a smile and some cheers from the boy and the other children. From that moment it was clear to him. These children were orphans. They had no one else to look up to other then themselves and those that went out of their way to lend them their assistance, their time of day. He understood that. He understood that a great deal.

He would turn from them and made on with his way. He had something that required his undivided attention.


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Snowball fight! With a Demon? Empty Re: Snowball fight! With a Demon?

Mon Feb 13, 2023 1:19 pm
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