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Kujaku Uchiha
Kujaku Uchiha
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 5000

A New Feline Friend Empty A New Feline Friend

Tue Feb 07, 2023 3:09 pm
It had been one year since Yusuke Uchiha was murdered and the family home was burned down. Kujaku and his mother were fortunate enough to be able to afford a new home. It was nice, clean and empy.

It didn't feel like home at all. In fact Kujaku hated it there. Over the year he hadn't spent much time at home though. Grieving was tough for the typically high spirited Uchiha, his heart ached immeasurably and he felt so lost without his fathers guidance. Kujaku just didn't seem to be himself, and he wasn't. Something dark was growing inside of the teenager, and his eyes had a new spark of flame lit up in them. This new chaos burned brightly inside of Kujaku and his life changed.

Imani, Kujaku's mother, was also horribly distraught with the murder of her husband. Yusuke Uchiha was a good man, and he didn't deserve to pass on in such a way. To be stalked in the middle of night was truly horrifying and Imani was more guarded than ever. She stayed up later than ever, watching and guarding her house. Imani was certain that the murderers would come back. After all her son was the one who scared the bandits off. Her sons eyes burned a flame they had never seen. Imani knew from the scorch marks though, the flames that had burned her house down were the same flames that Yusuke once deployed from his mangekyo sharingan to protect her on a mission. Imani didn't know the specifics but she knew the mangekyo sharingan was dangerouis.

She didn't dare say a word of it to Kujaku. The boy seemed to be unaware that his eyes had changed. PErhaps a trauma response, but the boy knew nothing from the night he burned down the house. Kujaku was uncharacteristically blank when it came to grieving over his father. Imani knew her son though, and she wasn't surprised. Kujaku had lost someone great in his life and he was lost. Imani tried her best, but she just wasn't up to child rearing without her husband.

The house grew dusty and unused. Kujaku spent most of his time on missions, workig three or four days and nights straight through. He slept on the couch, and Imani's room was messy. She was always kind of a sloppy girl, but she was clearly losing control.

Kujaku felt like his life was falling apart. Where love and happiness once reigned there was only desperation and sorrow. Kujaku hated being at home, and he couldn't help but notice that hatred was growing it's own place in his heart. Before the incident Kujaku had never known the wrathful rages of hatred, but now he was exploding at the minor inconviences.

One day in an attempt to recapture some joy in his life Kujaku decided he would head to the sparring grounds and let some steam off. He woke up early that morning and crawled off the bed groggily. Ever since his dad died he had been so tired, and he desperately needed a cup of morning joe. After brewing a small pot he went into his room and changed his clothes. Kujaku put on a frew black t shirt with the Uchiha emblem emblazoned on it, and black leather pants. Once he had his socks on he put his headband on.

Kujaku looked into the mirror, trying to decipher what he saw. "A ninja.." Kujaku whispered to himself and smiled. He wasn't smiling much lately, but the little reminders like this pushed him on in life.

Once he made it back into the kitchen Kujaku poured himself a black cup of coffee and stood at the counter. He drank his coffee quick, then went into the closet nearby the den. Kujaku geared up, equipping his katana and wakizashi and all sorts of shuriken. Today seemed like he would be practicing shurikenjutsu. Yusuke, Kujaku's father, loved practicing shurikenjutsu when he was frustrated. Kujaku understood why, that satisfaction in skill was truly mesmerizing when one was stuck looking at that which frustrates them.

Once Kujaku was ready and he had a plan he headed out to the training grounds of Hoshigakure.

Even though Kujaku had been in a year long funk, one thing certainly never faded from him. Kujaku loved the village he was born in. Traveling the streets, talking to people, helping others, performing ninja duties, feeding cats; whatever it was he was doing in the village Kujaku felt a strong will to love. The village brightened his day up in the most surreal way, and today was no different.

As Kujaku walked the streets a little black and white tuxedo kitten began following him. Kujaku noticed right away because the little female kitten started meowing behind him. An animal lover by heart, Kujaku immediately fell in love. Like magic all of Kujaku's fear and misery and woes were washed clean when he saw the little kitty.

"Mrew." The little black and white girl meowed to Kujaku. The tall teenager bent down at one knee and knelt over the kitten. He scooped the cat up immediately and cradled it in his arms. Of course the cat was not happy with the way Kujaku handled her and started rolling about. Kujaku practically had a tear in his eye as the cat rolled, it was so cute watching the white and black furry kitten squirm. Kujaku let out a meow, and it got the cats attention. It sat up in his arms and meowed back. Kujaku's mind was made, and he carried the kitten with him to the training grounds.

By the time Kujaku made it to the training grounds he had decided on a name for the kitten and called her Boots for the way she had white spits covering her little paws. Once he made it into the training area where he would begin his warm ups Kujaku let Boots down, trustful that she would stay near him. Once her paws touched the ground Boots walked in a bit of a semi circle and then sat down. As she did so Kujaku activated his sharingan eyes.

Staring at the cat with his deep red, three tomoe'd eyes Kujaku looked quite curiously at his new kitten. He watched her and she watched him, both being ever so patient with the other. Kujaku was studying the cat, carefully observant of her demeanor and body language. Kujaku could tell she was relaxed to be face to face with the Uchiha, and he reached his hand out to pet her. The cat stood up and moved forward, bumping her head into Kujaku's hand and petting the human back.

"Okay , Booty," Kujaku said with a smile. "Let's do this!" Kujaku scratched Boots ears and she started purring, then he pulled back and stood straight up.

There was a big tree nearby Kujaku and Boots, and Kujaku walked nearer to it as he held his hands in a handseal. He was infusing chakra and preparing to climb the tree. It didn't take long and kujaku was halfway up the tree. His hands were free now, and he ran in circles around the thick tree trunk. Once he had worked up a sweat Kujaku pulled out a kunai that had a red flag on it. Kujaku three it into a tree adjacent from him, higher up into the air.

With a target readied kujaku began running around the tree trunk again. After a few laps he pulled out two shuriken and readied himself for the warm up shot he was prepared.

Kujaku was nearing the target as he ran around the tree, and threw one of his shuriken way above the target. As it soared in the air Kujaku kept running and threw another one. The second thrown shuriken collided into the first and redirected it's route, back swinging the blade into the target.

"Good shot.." Kujaku thought and jumped from one tree to another to collect his projectiles. Once he had gathered his shuriken and kunai Kujaku leapt off the tree. Boots was still watching him, but now she was laing down occasionally licking herself. The cat was most comfortable in Kujaku's presence.

Kujaku still had his Sharingan actie and walked right to Boots. "Okay," Kujaku was talking to the cat. "I'm going to practice my aim, you sit there and watch. Cheer me on Boots." Kujaku smiled. In that moment he forgot all the pain and suffering he was recently going through. The sorrows of his fathers death seemed so far away to Kujaku, in that moment. Deep down he knew it wouldn't last forever, but he ignored it and eagerly turned to the tree he was previously climbing. Kujaku drwe three shuriken from his waist holster and threw one.

He threw the blade so fast Boots didn't even see it.

"Thud!" The shuriken packed itself into the bark of the thick oak tree, just high of where Kujaku had been aiming.

He threw another, this time placing it right where he was aiming. Kujaku threw three more dead on the spot, then went to collect his shuriken. He continued the practice for a few hours, gradually increasing the difficulty of his throws by flipping, closing his eyes, throwing two at a time, and other such marvels. Kujaku was pretty good with shuriken and he was showing off for Boots. The cat was mesmerized by his display, he little paws kneading into the grass happily as she watched her new master.

Some time passed and Kujaku eventually felt comfortable with his display of shuriken jutsu. He walked back over to Boots and picked her up, the kitten was like butter in his arms. "Aight Boots," Kujaku cooly said." We're gonna look around the sparring grounds for someone to fight with." The cat was purring as Kujaku set her on his head. "Stay safe up there Boots." Kujaku said and cautiosly meandered around the training grounds.

In truth Kujaku was looking to fight anyone, but he did have someone in mind. His friend Blue was right at his level and Kujaku was was eager to square up with his rival. Unfortunately Blue was nowhere to be found, however Kujaku did find himself a young Hoshigakure no Sato Chunin to fight. Her name was Sarai Yamanaka and she had long beautiful blond hair. At first Kujaku was reluctant to willingly fight someone so beautiful, but he was easily swayed by Sarai's nasty attitude.

"Come on punk!" She jeered and pointed at Boots on Kujaku's head. That was the last straw, he put his cat down and the two entered the sparring ring.

Kujaku knew he was at a disadvantage fighting a chunin, but he trusted that his Sharingan eyes would equal out the playing field. Standing across from Sarai Kujaku's piercing gaze marked the begining of the battle, and it had yet to begin. Sarai was no dummy though, her eyes cautiously marked away from Kujaku's.

The referee stated the rules, and it was basically a free for all. Dojutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, and anything in between was open. That was great for Kujaku, he had a plan.

Sarai was a fast fighter and she quickly flash stepped to behind Kujaku. She tried to put him in a head lock and suffocate him, but Kujaku was quick on his feet. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a broken piece of mirror. The Uchiha looked into it and held it to his face. Sarai let go, careful not to fall under the Sharingan Genjutsu. Kujaku put the mirror back in his pocket.

"You're quick too." Kujaku said and began firing off handseals. Soon there was the chirping of a thousand birds in his hands, and the Uchiha rushed forward with his Chidori. Sarai was reactive though, she doubled back and put forth a doton earth wall. Kujaku put together more hand seals and charged his chidori up. HE plunged his fist forward into the earth wall, and a chidori spear flew forward out of the other side. Sarai couldn't fall back any further, lest she fell out of the ring. Instead she put her arms up and tried to defend.

Unfortunately there was no defending the Chidori Eiso. It pierced her defenses and left her with a terrible shock. Sarai laid behind the earth wall she constructed, convulsing from the high voltages of electricty that Kujaku passed through her body. As the Yamanaka vibrated from the electrical current inside of her Kujaku walked over to his kitten.

Boots had been watching the whole match, very impressed by her masters proficiency in battle. The cat traipsed over to Kujaku and began rubbing her race all over his toes. "Boots, you're going to get dirty!" Kujaku exclaimed and picked her up. Kujaku held the purring kitten in his arms and Sarai finally stopped convulsing.

The Yamanaka got up and walked around her earthen wall, making her way over to Kujaku. They performed the unison sign, signifying the match was over and Kujaku was declared the victor. Once the foralities were done Kujaku and Sarai sat down to discuss the battle, a common practice in Hoshigakure and a symbol of village unity. Kujaku explained that she had underestimated him, and he wouldn't have been able to pierce three earth walls. Likewise Sarai told Kujaku that he depended too much on his Sharingan.

Kujaku was kind of a cocky young man and since he won after all, he didn't take much heed in Sarai's words. After all was said and done the two seperated and Kujaku prepared a lunch for him and Boots.

For lunch Kujaku had some clam biscuits and venison jerky. He shared with Boots, and the cat was stuffed by the end of it. Kujaku was still a bit hungry though. He didn't let it bother him, a necessary sacrifice for sweet little Boots. Once lunch was ate Kujaku shared some canteen water with Boots, he poured it in the cap and the kitty lapped it up happily.

After every thing was said and done the two happily roamed the training grounds once more. Kujaku wasn't exactly looking for anything or anyone this time. He was simply exploring and little Boots was following behind him, meowing every once in a while. The further the two traveled the more wildlife that appeared, and Kujaku felt comfortable with the deer he saw. There were rabbits, porcupines, foxes and squirrels all over, but the deer seemed to be the most peaceful. Kujaku watched them run away with their  bright white hind tail high up in the air.

Boots on the other hand seemed to be most intrigued with the various song birds that were chirping all around the path Kujaku and her were walking along. The little kitten occasionally ran off of the beaten path, following some of the birds that taunted her with their cheerful tweeting.

The two were having an absolutely brilliant time when out of nowhere a shuriken flew into a tree next to Kujaku. Kujaku had no clue there was someone stalking him, and was completely surprised. Taken off guard but not taken for dumb, Kujaku flashed his fully mature Sharingan and looked off into the distance where his enemy had fired the shuriken from. Right away Kujaku could see the distinct flow of chakra in his enemies body and he drew a kunai from it's holster. Another shuriken flew at Kujaku but he deflected it wth his armed hand, then with one hand he began the hand seals for Chidori Senbon. Kujaku's hand began flashing with electricity and he sqiped his hand in the direction of his opponent and lightning senbon began firing. One thousand little projectiles flew at the enemy but they all missed. The ninja flash stepped into the open.

"I'm Kohaku Fuuma." The ninja said, pointing himself out with his own thumb. "I'm a genin from Hoshigakure. I saw you defeat my rival Sarai, and I've been following you waiting for the right place to strike." Kohaku had a nasall voice. "Let's go! Here!" Kohaku performed a handseal and a windmill shuriken popped out of thin air. Kohaku grabbed it and entered a battle stance.

"Fine." Kujaku said and lifted his kunai up higher. He was standing in a low guarded stance called the tiger pose. Kohau struck first, throwin the windmill shuriken at Kujaku.

Knowing the windmill shuriken was too big to deflect it Kujaku used a substitution jutsu and flanked Kohaku. On Kohaku's right side in the trees Kujaku created five shadow clones. They all leapt out at the same time.

MEanwhile Boots was hanging onto Kujaku's pant sleeve, tearing up the leather and hanging on for dear life.

Kujaku and his five clones fired off some combos and they were able to beat Kohaku down a bit. When he seemed weakened Kujaku began performing the handseals for Chidori, but to his surprise Kohaku simultaneously destroyed all of his clones. When the smoke cleared Kujaku could see that Kohaku had summoned a salamander. The amphibious beat spewed out a strong nasal wind, and it was coming for Kujaku.

With no time to finish his handseals Kujaku jumped up into the air, then created another clone that flew him further into the air. The salamander missed it's attack, and Kujaku had the high ground. He began firing off more handseals for Chidori Aiso., but Kohaku was still on the offensive. The salamander surprisingly stood straight up and fired off another burst of wind from it's nose.

Kujaku and Boots went blasting off into the distance. They landed somewhere near the sparing grounds where they had originally began their hike. "Well.." Kujaku said to Boots. The cat looked absolutely disgusted with her human master, but she stayed close to him. They were bonded for life and nothing could stop their bond from growing, not even a surprising lost from a weirdo like Kohaku Fuuma.

Kujaku remembered the kids name, and put it on his list of rivals. That salamander he used was absolutely amazing, and Kujaku wondered if he could tap into power like that. Another thing to add to another list.

Once Kujaku and Boots wiped off the dirt from their defeat they started back home. Kujaku held Boots in his arms and talked to her the whole time, discussing the events of the day. Kujaku was absolutely in love with his new best friend, and it was just what the doctor ordered.

With love and happiness filling his heart Kujaku was temporarily free from the curse of hatred, he could live his life as a humble young man.

Once Kujaku and Boots got home he introduced his mom to his new kitten. Imani was allergic to cats, but she immediately fell in love with Boots. Sneezing and sniffling she welcomed the cat into her home. Kujaku set up a litter box for the cat, and the family enjoyed their first night of contentment since Yusuke Uchiha had been murdered.

WordCount: 3,166

Stat Allotment:
+31 Speed

Jutsu Training:
Mangekyo Sharingan (Previous Training) (3,000/8,000)
Clan Pureblood (Previous Training) (693/2,000)
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page : Ayato

Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Remove Taijutsu Remove Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 11400

A New Feline Friend Empty Re: A New Feline Friend

Tue Feb 07, 2023 3:44 pm
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