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Shiro Hyuga
Shiro Hyuga
Stat Page : The Coming Storm
Taijutsu Weaponry Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 53050

Letter for a Leader Empty Letter for a Leader

Tue Jan 31, 2023 10:56 pm
“There was WHAT?!!”

“ A letter invitation for the reigning Mizukage to attend a Kage summit soon, I didn’t think to-”

Shiro’s eyes shaking with rage and fear at the potential loss in this, a letter had already been sent to Shikami, asking that the Mizukage come to a potential Kage summit. Something that he was not informed of. His body shaking, hands grasping around through files upon files of disorganized paper. His eyes flexed into the Byakugan as he tried to find where this stupid letter was. Who had sent out the letter in the first place was  beyond him. His Kage’s cloak rested upon his shoulders, swaying with each erratic movement of the Hyuga. He was trying to find a letter that was stored somewhere important… Just where did Shikami keep his important letters and documents?

“Well you could at least help me! For the love of everything, why now?!” He screeched out. His hands filed through the papers as quickly as he could. He was supposed to meet that other Yuki clan member. His hands flinging paper into the air, searching for only one thing in mind that could help him. That letter was addressed to a Mizukage. His sword was off to the side, resting on top of his finally cleared desk over the long day of work. He was pretty fast with reading, especially since his Byakugan could focus on multiple things at once. Yet now they were failing him at this very moment. Milky eyes shifted around at every single moment before he finally had found something, a letter with an unfamiliar seal attached to it. Someone who he had never seen before. The handwriting was slightly off too… almost like the scrawl of a dead person walking. Shiro’s breath halted for a moment, as this would mean that he would have to attend this Kage summit soon… The village would be in danger if he left… Would he even be able to leave the village so soon at this rate?

“I’ll ask my council, yet the thought of meeting so many people that could help or hinder me… It makes my blood boil at the thought…”

“Uhhh sir? Are you sure you’re alright?” The older man in the room muttered out as Shiro was thinking about the kage… They were impressive people to be sure, each and every one of them. His eyes darted around the room for a moment, meeting upon the other man's gaze before nodding his head as he pocketed the letter in question.

“It’s fine, I’m just happy I got the letter, thank you for notifying me of it sooner rather than later. You are dismissed, Toshino.”

With that, the Chunin would dart off with a slight speed in his step. The small stutter of his frame, the way he had shifted slightly when Shiro had turned to him… Was he truly making an impact now? There was no way he was that scary already, hell he hadn’t even proven himself in combat yet… Combat… That was the one thing that had been a lingering thought in his mind, his own strength in comparison to what he said towards others. Was it truly fair to call himself strong.

“No, I must be strong, I am strong, and my village will see that they can have a strong leader again… Now to go meet up with him.”

The echo of the wood creaking underneath him as he left the room, hanging up his Kage’s cloak and venturing out of the office entirely. Making sure to lock it as for no one to try and get in themselves. Shiro saunters out of the room, leaving the letter with his own cloak in the meantime as well. Stationing someone nearby to guard his office until he came back. |

(Acquired Kage Summit invitation)
Bonus AP: +12
199 + 12 = 211
Shimi Daikon(Breaking Bud): 2500/2500
Shimi Daikon(Feeding Roots): 323/1000
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
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Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 178300

Letter for a Leader Empty Re: Letter for a Leader

Wed Feb 01, 2023 2:49 am
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