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Lie Rin Law
Lie Rin Law
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Tue Jan 17, 2023 6:02 pm
Mission Details:

Cold. Nothing unlike the drenched air of Kirigakure. The male with deep blue eyes looked around as he scratched his head gently in confusion. One minute he had been patrolling the streets of Kirigakure and the next he was surrounded by snow. No longer had the male been under the storm wall that he had grew to be familiar with. Now he was surrounded by snow and...other things he wasn't too familiar with. Whatever he had been hear for, The Lion had it in his mind to complete whatever task that would be given to him. Moving forward he would stomp through the snow moving slowly through the gates of this village and into its inner sanctum. He didn't see nor notice any form of shinobi presence which was a little weird to him. Was this a village or some sort of settlement outside of the reach of Kiri? The more Lie-Rin looked and tried to understand, the more he perplexed himself in the matter. Slowly he treaded through the snow watching kids and adults alike go through their day to day without a care in the world. What a feeling that must have been to be able to do things without having to fight for your life or wonder when the next battle will find its way to their doorstep. In a sense he had envied them, but his life would never be that peaceful. As he slowly began to disassociate with the world around him, something would tug at one of the creases of his pants. It took him a moment to figure it out but as he came to his senses. Looking down to the small child he would tilt his head as he waited for the small one to say what it wanted of him.

The small boy would stare up at Lie-Rin wide eyed for a moment before smiling," Mister...Could you help me build a snowman? No one wants to help me and my mommy is busy," but why did he come to me? That was the thought that had appeared in the mind of the Kiri Chuunin. Looking around he didn't see anyone else, but he could not let this small one be left hanging. A bright smile appeared on his face as he scooped the child up and pointed to the horizon," You found the perfect person. The Lion of Kiri will make sure you have the most PERFECT of snowman. Let us be off!!," a loud, happy squeal would fill the air as he dashed off into the wind, following the directions of the young boy. Once they had arrived to the area, Lie-Rin could see other kids building snowmen, some in groups and some alone. Setting down the young child he would take their hand and walk over to a little spot where the two would being their work. At first the little boy was nervous, but after seeing Lierin start on the base of the snowman. The young boy was definitely impressed with his strength, nothing but the sounds of awe escaped the youngling as Lierin tossed around mounds of snow like it was nothing. He couldn't lie that he liked doing this to show off. His strength was his pride and joy after all. Maybe an hour passed before their snowman stood tall. With proud smiles on each of their faces, Lierin watched as the young boy heard his parents called, but not before hugging the leg of the Kiri ninja and bounding off to his parents.

558 WC


Claiming all mission rewards (1,000 Ryō / 5 AP / 250 Winter Equinox Tickets as well as 2000 bonus due to being a chuunin
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