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Yūto Hyuuga
Yūto Hyuuga
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Health: 100 points
AP: 300 points
Vigor: 30 points
Chakra: 15 points
Speed: 50 points
Strength: 5 points
Summoning Contract : N/A
Living Clones : N/A
Familiar : N/A
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Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

Harnessing The Lightning [Private] Empty Harnessing The Lightning [Private]

Tue Jan 17, 2023 4:52 pm


Hyūga, Yūto awoke to bright sunlight shinning in through the window of his bedroom, illuminating the wooden floors and walls grandly. The sound of birds chirping outside too could be heard, which made the young Hyūga smile.

'Feels like the perfect day to get in some more training.'

Wasting no time at all, Yūto would remove himself from his comfy bed and start his morning routine. He ate a hearty breakfast before taking a nice, hot shower and brushing his teeth. Once finished he stepped back into his room and put on his training gear; a simple and short grey short-sleeved kimono with beige trimmings, a pair of dark grey pants, and his blue sandals. He then proceeded to wrap bandages around his forearms and lower legs, something that his father made a point of advising the lad to when man was alive to help avoid unnecessary injury.

Once Yūto felt he was ready he began to walk out into the hallway. He would stop, however, once he reached the doorway; his hand placed firmly around the knob as he was ready to turn it. Looking back at the dresser in the back of the room he could see his new headband, which had been granted to him upon his graduation from Hoshigakure's Ninja Academy only a few weeks prior.

"Oh. I almost forgot it."

Unclenching his hand from the door, Yūto walked over to the dresser and tied the headband around his forehead tightly to keep it from coming loose. He proceeded to look up and noticed his reflection in the mirror. He stared for a few moments, noting the resemblance that he shared with photos of his father and grandfather from their youths. Smiling shakily, the Hyūga pounded a balled left fist into his open right palm.

'I'll make the two of you proud. I guarantee it.'

With that Yūto would finally make his way out of his bedroom and out of the house entirely. His destination was the village's training grounds, which he was sure would be crowded with people considering the fact that the latest semester at the Academy had come to a close and his class had graduated to becoming Genin. There was sure to be a lot of them training to hone their skills and become assets to the village, much unlike Yūto himself, but Yūto was different. Because of all the time he had spent training and studying while growing up he had never really developed a knack for engaging in social situations. He preferred to keep to himself, and oftentimes people viewed him as weird for this.

Yūto didn't mind, however, and as long as he could keep to himself and keep his space away from others while he trained and focused then he would be happy.

The walk from Yūto's home to the village's training grounds would only take him about fifteen minutes. It didn't feel like anytime at all though to the lad as he made a point of watching the free spirited birds flying high above in the skies the entire time. He wished that he too could someday fly in the skies like them and to watch over Hoshigakure and its people. The desire to protect the village was one of the main reasons he had become a Shinobi in the first place, second only to the heroic tales that were passed down to him from his father and grandfather from their time in the Nova Corps.

The drive to become ever stronger rested deep within Yūto's very being, and it was more ready than ever to burst out and take hold.

Once arriving at the training grounds, Yūto could see that it was not as crowded as he had originally thought, but still filled with people nonetheless. He made he way over to a secluded corner, not bothering to make eye contact or small talk with anyone he passed as he didn't have time for pleasantries.

'This place will do as good as any, I suppose...'

Yūto proceeded to do some rather basic stretches for a little bit before continuing on with his real training. Once finished with this he would close his eyes and focus upon the Chakra within his body. His goal for the day was to learn how to utilize the Raiton element; the Lightning-Release. He already had access to Wind-Release, and figured that the two of them would complement each other quite nicely. He also had envisioned being able to enhance his clan's secret Gentle Fist fighting styles with the elements, which would only make him more versatile in combat situations.

Taking in a deep breath, Yūto weaved some hand signs together at a slow pace, allowing him to focus on them so that it could eventually become basic muscle memory in the future. Once completed he would extend his palms out before him so that they faced a sturdy looking tree. Small zaps of electricity escaped from the hand, extending outwards half a meter in a short burst before dissipating into nothing. Nodding, Yūto took notes mentally about how he had achieved the small success, but he knew deep down that he could do better.

"I've still got a long way to go, it seems..."

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WC (TOTAL) = 873 WC



Stat Page : Link

Health: 300 / 300
AP: 1,326
Vigor: 150
Chakra: 100
Speed: 40
Strength: 10
Remove Remove Remove Remove Remove Ninjutsu Sensory Remove Default
Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 29

Harnessing The Lightning [Private] Empty Re: Harnessing The Lightning [Private]

Tue Jan 17, 2023 10:25 pm

Bali had been restless and pouring over books and scrolls and tomes. She had been making extensive efforts and headway in better handling her abilities and expertise. Many of her abilities were growing, and her understanding was as well- fuck, she was even making her own techniques to see how far she could take things and what she could do. Like how she had just spent the past three days in the temple libraries and her room, sneaking scrolls in and out and now relishing her time away from her office and its paperwork. Capitalizing on the fact that they wanted her away from her desk and to busy herself, but once more, they were beginning to grow wary and nitpick what she was doing to find fault.

They wanted to try and push her out of her position, but the joke was on them because she had been spending years before her ‘sudden breakdown’ powering to make sure they couldn’t get rid of her unless that’s what she wanted.

However, that had nothing to do with the fact that she had stayed up too late the night prior and was now waking up this morning a bit later than usual. Still, as she woke up and noticed her two little friends were gone, she got to her feet and went to the bathroom to shower. Afterward, she brushed her teeth, washed her face, braided her lengthy hair, and went to her room to pull her clothes on.  The regular outfit was fine, but she was bored and tired of being in this temple, so once again, she did what she had been doing- sneaking out like a misbehaving teenager.

However, this time, she decided it was time to test her theories and practices that looked good on paper at the shinobi training grounds. If she wanted to continue to blend in then she needed to act and operate like them and train like them. So she went to their training grounds and scanned them looking for a seqcluded enough area, then saw a younger boy who seemed to be training. Lightning was coming out of his hands, which was one of her elements, but social interaction had never been her forte.

So she went ahead and stopped within 3 meters of him, looked at her sturdy tree, and decided to try one of her lightning techniques. She started by whistling the more harmonic tune versions of the Tiger, Ram, Snake, Monkey, Bird, and Dog hand seals, then moved her hand before her and summoned forth the hell-hound of lightning. After it formed, it snarled and shot forward to the tree, extending from her hand in a surge of blue electricity, before it pounced on the sturdy tree before her and drove its animated fangs into the bark, ripping a chunk out before vanishing and dropping the bark to the ground.

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