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Guren Chinoike
Guren Chinoike
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From the Spire with Love Empty From the Spire with Love

Sun Jan 15, 2023 4:03 pm

Thank you for having me as your Third Kazekage. In my time, I have been able to oversee the growth of many shinobi and the completion of momentous milestones. However my time in this position has far outlasted its welcome. The future of the village should be in the hands of the youth, while the past is handled by the elders. It is for that reason that I am stepping down from my position, effectively immediately. I encourage those within the Sunagakure Shinobi force to try their hand at politics, and challenge one another to assume the mantle. Though my preference would be for a successor to come about as a result of proven combat and accolades as a shinobi, a democratic election may suffice as well. The future of the village's government is in your hands. 

As for me, I will continue to live in the Great Wind Country. I shall vacate my family from the Spire today, and we will find a home either inside or outside of the village's walls. My children will continue to serve the village as shinobi so please rely on them or called upon me when necessary. My own personal next chapters will be to attempt to amend any wrongs that Sunagakure has committed to outside parties. This is my way of giving you a clean slate to work with as you being this new chapter in Sunagakure's history. 

May the Fourth Kazekage or whatever leadership be greater than the prior. Make myself, Mizuki, and Kenshin proud.

From the Spire with Love,
Lord Third."

As the ink dried on the letter, Guren would do exactly as he said. He hung the commemorative Kazekage hat and robe in the corner of the room and began to pack up his belongings. When this was concluded, he'd begin to pack and move his family's belongings out of the residential portion of the Spire. With all of their possessions squared away, the family would leave the Spire but not before Guren would drop off the sealed letter at the receptionist desk. By this time the dead of night had already come, and so the family of the Chinoike had been the last people working at this hour. When morning would come, the receptionist would arrive at her desk and read the note. She'd subsequently call for a meeting of the genin and higher ranked officers of the village to deliberate and discuss these results before they went public to the village. This information was only spread on a need to know basis though, with a strict policy of secrecy until a successor was named. This would eliminate the potential of rumors or gossip spreading to the citizens and students of the village, or anyone else in the shinobi world. 
By the morning time, Guren and his family would already be settling into a home he purchased some time ago in preparation of his retirement. How would the village take its next steps? Who would be the first to reach out to him? And where would his ambition of amending the past take him next? 
- Exit -
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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From the Spire with Love Empty Re: From the Spire with Love

Sun Jan 15, 2023 4:09 pm
Approved. Thank you for your service and hope you enjoy the new chapter of Guren's life

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