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Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
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Ryo : 3500

Oh to be a Moose - Page 2 Empty Re: Oh to be a Moose

Fri Jan 13, 2023 4:10 pm
Zaled noted that out of the two. Jupiter had completed the task, which sufficed for him. Zaleds attention on the task at hand went to the man their target of course, on the verge of delirious which indicated brain functions still there, but surely consciousness will fail him soon. Although taking in account the cold and the door he entered, it would be much faster and enable the man a proper warm beverage at least in the Reception hall.

"yeah running through this cold would not suffice… There is no helping it let us do this."

Zaled dpoke after musu's assrssment, as he approached the man and slipped a piece of the wondrous chewing snack into the man's mouth. and gingerly with soft caring hands helped him chew, a bit of the warm cider slipped from the man's mouth but it gave him that momentary strength as he chewed and swallowed gulps of the liquid.

"t,t,t,toy, fo. For child"

Zales let out a sigh of disappointment,and after a few seconds of thought he spoke up to the two shinobi.

"Well our task isn't done, but he is too cold to take the usual way home. You guys are in luck however, I will allow you two to also accompany and warm up. At the same time we will help him amid his task, and let him rest up. I also want you two to warm up as well. However, the very  fact that this man is a father is why I will do this.  After all in this realm everyone is in cheer."

 He said as he surged his chakra and glanced at the two other shinobi.

"It is quite a ways back, but my dimension will be a quicker route. However I will say while he warms up. You will see many unusual beings, but fear not. This is, let's say, a friendly place. A nexus of peace.  I will provide you guys with alternatives to your clothing. So you can freshen up."

He said, nodding at jupiter.

"And.... hot beverages amid the means of whatever you desire, and dream of. Plus it is getting colder as we speak. So no sneaky stuff gentlemen. I am being an honorable host in my dimension, this includes the usual means, as many things will by far not work on these beings minus me banishing them, as many are beyond our realm, and they do not follow our rules.However, my laws in my dimension hold true. Just be nice. I will further explain once we arrive. Please stand to my right, and left side, and allow me to place a hand on your shoulder when ready."

Of course if they obliged a red flash would emit around the crew, and they would find themselves amid a bustling crowd before a crew of musicians of alien-like features. The musicians were rocking out on their instruments.

(for context

"hoho!!! ah i love this play on lads!"

zaled called out and moved and grooved to the music alomg the crowd. There were various beings around, and thanks to the universal translation it was easy to keep up. Although the two shinobi may be overwhelmed at what they see. Some beings from beyond their wildest dreams. others they thought were legends or distant dark folk lores. But all were friendly as the band played on and the mysterious black boxes supplying whole feasts of various types, roasted dicks, mead, beer, teas, and even liquids and the food beyond imagination.

"Welcome to my interdimensional hub of Arubboth, this infinite space of festivities is the reception hall. As allowed guest there is an energy field that lets you freely travel here, but we are on tight time, and our fellow needs the warmth with ha-"

zales was stopped as he sensed a disturbance of the wrong doers in the dimension, and began sighing as he punched in the numbers on the machine for a fresh hot cocoa beverage,extra whipped cream, and sprinkles. However a beef seemed strewing by a makeshift bar between a few individuals and a cloaked guy.  Therefore he was not having it.

"Oi! Are you violating my laws, you three!?"

zales snapped, and as an effect his voice boomed a command of Authority only a leader and an punisher would grant which caused an immediate shift in the Area and most of the reception hall went quiet,As infinite it may be the guests all knew to respect a Hb like Zaled's as kind as he may be, the respect was mutual. The music stopped  abruptly as he was by a black machine jabbing a few numbers in the machine for it to hum to life and produce a large flask of hot chocolate. However, his gaze went to the 3.

"why are they fighting once more?"

"dunno one does not like the other, and one stepped in?"

The murmurs were quiet as the participants bowed their heads in respect.

"we were just... talking host zales, although we thought your nose was in another realm..."

they murmured and thankfully the universal translation caught it. Zaled placed the mug in his new guest hand and helped him drink as his voice rose in frustration.

"Take your fights elsewhere! in one of the other 6 realms, but continue and you will be banished, what is with you guys, i did enough deals for a year to throw specifically you two out The third has a first time offense.  We do not have time for this. you three infinite Azure or out of the Hub for 5 months. Got it!"

He pointed Jupiter, and musu to a room, and  another one where they would be situated. and gave them instructions.

"black machines produce anything, get something hot, relax, change,and absolutely no fighting. ok"

He stated as he pointed, and with a flash the 3 beings vanished, and appeared on a screen in the infinite azure. Continuing their squabble, but predictably got violent. Somewhere Zaled and crew would hear the lovely sound of a crazy reving bass as the band blew into fell swing. The band drummer began to play in beat. The beings uproared ain joy and danced setting bets. Forcing  into a laugh zaled raised his voice.

(music shift:
second track:

"Alrighty lads place  your bets! The names will show up and let us let this 3 way  battle commence! move and groove!"

 Zaled roared and surely enough their names, race, and details came up. The crowd roaered and bets began to fly up as the band played on.

Zaleds focus now returned to the man who was frightened and  patted him on the back. 

"No worries , drink, go home, and come back anytime."

He stated as he punched in another cider as the elf came running back into the area once more, and took the man off through a door where a woman happily cheered. The elf left 3 letters for the 3 shinobi and  sighed. The payments were in each letter, and another request.

The job just doesn't stop, between these beings settling grudges, and now this, the pay best be good. 


A while later when the two were warmed up and ready, zales would lead the other 2 shinobi through an oriental door leading to his office as he glanced over the letter contents and swapped to a fresh jacket, and shades. sitting behind the desk. The sounds outside and fights have started up again across the various screens which zales watched for a moment watching the iron fist match, and spoke up.

"Now do any of you have any questions? The next deal is the case of a mother seeking a rare toy. Although it is possible, The door around will enable us to walk into the general vicinity so it will help. Help yourself to a jacket, and off we go."

 stated as he led the way through the door,  and around the corner into a bristling door where another now festive door stood. Opening the door led to another area, now lively with various shops and craftsmen,   marveled at the sight and chuckled.

"you gotta like various realms gentleman, i suppose this was where the man was headed and desired to brave the storm. Shortcuts through the realms of course are helpful but as of now let us seek this childs toy, or perhaps a handy craftsman capable  of granting such a design. Unique if i may say so. Although this is in connection with a certain entity of yearly joy."

zales paused and chuckled

"Oh fear not, I never met him, as he is powerful enough to weave the fabrics of time and space beyond even our capacity, and I heavily specialize in it. But to govern this I will assist you two in further growth. How about I train you two in the next levels of my  technique? and as such I will show you the vast array this offers."

 started taking a large ship of the cider he held and sitting on a bench next to a dry table under warming under a lantern providing glorious heat. They  pulled out a large scroll containing, well , nothing , it was blank. However, zales began to speak once  more instructively.

"As you both have grasped the mere basics of my  I will show you the full scale of course and instruct you based on the levels I can see. It is there you will be determined how far you can go.  at 2 seals 3 seals,4 seals, and 5 seals more is revealed,even the nature of  that you may not have even seen. each of you will produce a  in this square area, and surprise me with this  if you may. and I will show you the results."

With those words he weaved the 5 seals (Ox, Boar, Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Ram) showing his mastery of this . His eyes turned into a golden hue and of course each of their nature of being was revealed to him as of course it never impacted his normal vision just enhanced it to reveal the information as he wrote in each of their exact parameters. speaking up enough so the two can hear

musu: impressive monstrous reserves rated: 150, speed, overall agility, fair and well at: 75, potency of chakra:70, physical strength frame: 5.  evaluation: capable of mastering this easily.

His glance at Jupiter revealed a different story.

jupiter: impressive monstrous strength:150, moderate speed: 50. reserves of power rated: 25, potency of chakra:5.

 spoke up as he glanced at the two and smiled shifting each the parchment and speaking as the two prolly never understood the numbers till now.

"A good leader should truly understand their peoples, and others strengths, and weaknesses without fail,although we are human, it is not easy to learn, but by this you will know that this is what you showcase in body, will and spirit now,before even enhancing your powers. Each can easily do so with time. while you feel it, seeing on paper is different."

 stated as he looked between the two to show them the importance.

"But I implore  you to participate this time you participate because as suspicious as you may be, knowledge given is not always free, I do  have a price, but it's not ryo or anything, but knowledge in exchange. After all, I have observed many things in life, but much more curiously myself. Why are you up tight and reserved?"

 inquired as this was nothing short of just who he was as a mentor like figure, even as a former kage, a knight, and commander he could tell the tense feeling one gets as it was all experience.

"What are you looking for?"


twc: 3,686

ap cost:

-280 to transport crew to Arubboth (reception hall)Arubboth

-70 to  using gauge

(showing both musu, and jupiter up to S rank in Gauge)
Stat Page : Jupiter's Stats
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Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 232500

Oh to be a Moose - Page 2 Empty Re: Oh to be a Moose

Sat Jan 14, 2023 7:45 pm
"And lo, though the winds howled and the snow swirled, yet did the seeker trudge on. And just as hope began to fade, he stumbled upon the man, buried beneath a pile of snow, muttering 'Oh, to be a Moose, drifting in the snow.'" Jupiter formed a cross on his body, by touching his temple, his chest then both his shoulders with his finger tips before kissing his knuckles. The man was found, and the mission was accomplished. He seemed as though he was succumbing to the ill effects of cold exposure. Most definitely, he was not in a shape to return home through the traditional route - a trek through the cold, unforgiving blizzard. Just when it seemed that all hope was lost, the crafty Zaled revealed that he had a plan.

Jupiter glanced at the older man, impressed with his claims. Then, he looked over at the shivering man. "Come on, Master Zaled here will take you home safely." He spoke, and believed in the capacity of his new mentor. Soon after, he would place his right hand on Zaled's shoulder and nod to give him an affirmation, that he was ready to join him in the adventure to his new dimension. A quicker route was necessary, the man they had found would not survive otherwise. Jupiter would convince him to place his shivering hand on Zaled as well, to make the journey. Hot beverages and a change of clothing sounded like Heaven to the young Sand Genin.

He looked around as he seemed to hear a humming song in the background that followed a red flash. Soon, they were in the Arubboth, a strange and foreign land. He followed Zaled the overseer of the new and strange domain carefully, watching him scold strange beasts. He was amused. He gulped upon hearing the ferocity with which he addressed his subjects in the Arubboth. He was clearly a man of great power in this new domain. He was pointed to a bizarre black box by Zaled. Strangely, he found that he trusted the man enough to oblige. Upon entering the box, he produced for himself a cup of tea, with booze on top. It was perfect. He would change into a black shirt, with matching black woollen pants. Over his shirt, he would wear a deep scarlet robe.

Then, he set his gaze on the infinite azure. A battle had commenced among three strange beasts. It was a spectacle to behold. Only because he did not recognize the beasts as anything from his own plane of reality, he did not feel much empathy towards them. It was as is, just a show. Baffled as he was, he turned his attention to the shivering man who was brought along with the trio, and then at Zaled. Their mission was still not complete. Jupiter was ready to depart. He was ready to embark on the next part of their mission.

 Soon after, he was the witness once again to further demonstrations from Zaled, the interdimensional traveler. He examined the seals as they were formed, and understood how his new mentor gained knowledge about critical aspects of both himself and his compatriot Jounin. Ox, Boar, Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Ram. He found it dizzying to remember all the seals while maintaining focus. However, he was sure to remember at least some of them.

He followed along, weaving seals, but he could only maintain his focus forming no more than three seals, Ox, Boar and Dragon. Zaled. Strength: 5. He deciphered. Yet, so knowledgeable he remarked. He looked over at his mission partners, and then up at the sky which was steadily growing dark since they had returned from Arubboth. Upon being asked a question, he snapped out of his daze to quickly respond. "A toy, of a specific kind. For a mother, for her eldest child."

WC: 642
TWC: 2197
Roy Goka
Roy Goka
Stat Page : Roy Goka
Musu Uzumaki(RIP)
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
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Oh to be a Moose - Page 2 Empty Re: Oh to be a Moose

Mon Jan 16, 2023 4:10 pm
The day kept on getting stranger and stranger. Musu, who started out in the streets of Sunagakure just a few days ago was now using a flavored gum that warmed the bones, accompanied by two very different ninja in a snowly land to save a man that used a Moose to keep warm, and now they were seemingly being asked to move into a new dimension? Musu thought he was already in a new dimension and now it comes to find out that there is more than one?! The Uzumaki was blown away by everything that was going on here. 

Musu would then glance over to Jupiter and give him a quick smile. "Interestingly enough, I was named after these creatures, though I've never seen one up close, or even alive." The Uzumaki would glance back towards the carcass of the frozen, gutted moose that they came across a little earlier, and thought about how majestic these creatures must be when they are allowed to roam free around the snowy desert they call home. 

The time for pondering was brief though, as Zaled had communicated that he had a plan to save the man from the freezing cold that would certainly kill him if they weren't careful. In an instant Musu would be brought to a brand new place with singing, dancing, fighting, and an overall feeling of... Fun? Musu wasn't sure what to make of it and during his stay the Uzumaki would look around what he could, grab a drink, watch a fight or two, and warm his own bones before being ushered into a back office.

This place is amazing Zaled, I know first the power of space time travel, but the ability to create a dimension outside of space and time is simply amazing. I wish I had the time to understand it more but I'm afraid my skills right now are purposed towards other things." Musu said as the Uzumaki began to weave the hand seals of the advanced techinque Zaled has tried to teach them earlier. Musu did the hand signs in rapid sucession : Ox, Boar, Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Ram as he saw Zaled's eyes turn to a golden view as the two locked eyes. It was clear at this moment that the ninja was sizing up Musu...

When the three were ready, the three ninja would head outside the dimension and begin their quest to find this toy and as soon as Musu was outside the dimension the Uzumaki would approach Zaled and speak quietly to him. 

"When all of this is over, you and I need to have a chat." He would say in a serious tone. Now wasn't the time to discuss things, however, as they were on a task to complete this mission. For now, there were other objectives to complete. 

Zaled had teleported the three ninja and the father, who was now rested and recovered from the cold, back to the village. The arrived outside a small mall near the outskirts. 

"Thank you so much! I can make my way back to my home now, thank you again!" The man would say, walking towards the village, out of sight, his life saved. 
"HEY! Neat trick! Do you think you can help our friend here?" A voice would mutter from the distance, a young boy leading a group of other children. The boy would point towards another younger boy who appeared to be stuck near a pole.
"Johnny put his tongue on that pole and now he can't get off it! You can't tell his parents though, he will get in BIIIIIIIIIIIIG trouble." The boy would say, clearly scatter brained on sugar and youth. 
"You guys look like you could be pretty great in a snowball fight! Wanna play for a bit? We wanna make this HUUUUUUGE snowman too. CMOOOOON it will be fun!"

Musu would look at the group and remembered his youth, not having any friends around, just his parents. Maybe this was a chance to live some of those childhood memories. 

"Maybe! We are looking for this toy, do any of you know where we can find it?" Musu would say, going on to describe the toy to the group, as some of them to start to frown and sob a little bit just by the mere mention of the treasured item. The leader boy would put his hands on his hips."
"You didn't hear? All the shops around town were robbed! We know who took them, an evil man that lives on the top of that big hill over there, some say he doesn't even have a heart. But you three look strong, maybe you can steal them back?" The boy would say. 

"Well then, it seems as though our mission has just gotten a bit more complicated? Let's give these kids a great holiday!" Musu would yell. 


Adding the following Missions:

Do you Wanna Build a Snowman:

Snowball Fight!:

I Triple Dog Dare You!:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas:

Stat Page : Jupiter's Stats
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Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 232500

Oh to be a Moose - Page 2 Empty Re: Oh to be a Moose

Tue Jan 17, 2023 1:42 pm
"Moose. Musu. Moose. Muru. OH!" Jupiter had snapped his fingers when he finally made the connection, long after the trio had ventured into Arubboth. When the group emerged from Zaled's dimension in front of a group of children, the situation seemed vaguely familiar. A child with his tongue stuck to a pole, where had he come across that situation before? Was it a glitch, he wondered, that he was experiencing as a symptom of interdimensional travel? Nevertheless, he was quick to act.

"He shall deliver the child from the icy grip of the pole, for even a tongue stuck fast is no match for His might. And all the people shall say 'Hallelujah! He has saved us from one less trip to the dentist!" He spoke, reciting a verse that seemed made up. Jupiter, with a sense of urgency and determination etched on his face, knew he had to act fast as he assessed the chaotic scene in front of him. The panicked expressions of the children and the desperate cries of the child whose tongue was glued to the pole, left no room for hesitation. He knew he had to spring into action and with his impressive height of six foot one, he towered over the crowd, his sharp eyes easily spotting the child's predicament from afar.

With a sense of determination, Jupiter ran towards the commotion, his long strides propelling him forward. As he reached the edge of the crowd, he leapt past them and over their heads, his strong arms reaching out to grab the pole just above the child's head. In one swift motion, he flipped over, still in the air, and using his exceptional strength, ripped the pole out of the pavement with ease. The child screamed in terror as Jupiter landed gracefully on his feet on the other side of the crowd, letting out a fierce athletic grunt.

But his mission was not yet complete. He tugged on the child's shirt, determined to free him from the icy grip of the pole, but soon realized that his strength alone could not free the child without severing his tongue. He sulked for a moment, before beckoning at Zaled, to come over and help the child. 

He then turned his attention towards the group of playing children. Their youthful spirit helped him stay optimistic, while Zaled hopefully worked out a creative solution for poor Johnny. Meanwhile, Jupiter would be hit in the face with a snowball, and he would be quick to retaliate with a strike of his own. He helped the group set up a massive snowman in the middle of a snow ridden field. He scratched his stubbled face, when no one seemed to have a dry carrot to stick on the face of the snowman as a nose. Thinking out of the box, he stuck a kunai on its face and showed Musu and Zaled an emphatic thumbs up. This was out of character for the solemn Jupiter, and when he caught himself having too much fun, his mood once again sombered.

 "I will make the journey to the hill now," He declared, always one to act on his own. With those words, he would walk slowly upwards to find that evil man, whether or not Musu and Zaled accompanied him.

WC: 548
TWC: 2745
Zaled Uchiha
Zaled Uchiha
Stat Page : The Breaker
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Earth Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
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Ryo : 3500

Oh to be a Moose - Page 2 Empty Re: Oh to be a Moose

Tue Jan 17, 2023 6:31 pm
zaled heeded musu's words with a reassuring nod, as yes, he would talk with musu later, seeing as their tasks suddenly increased, despite the chaos at hand. They were manageable as the first of several exciting tasks played their part with a child who was nearby suddenly getting his tongue stuck on a poll.

A classic child's act, which would've been comical if it wasn't part of the big man's tossed-down workload. All for the sake of peace and joy, even then, zaled was unsure if the big man did or did not employ the service of alternatives as he dubbed them. But in short, the workload of alternative completed leaders is his means of completing this.

I have no idea how he does it.

zaled thought as he reached in his pocket for the half-full packet of chewables. It would need immediate heat, well, not too much. But more than enough to assert a temperature shift from the child, Jupiter had other questionable plans as the boys began throwing snowballs. Jupiter ripped the same pole out of the ground. Enough force to shake the very snow off the houses nearby, which coincidentally shifted onto the boys and buried them in snow as their muffled shouts could be heard. It was amusing.

zaled, however, arrived by Jupiter's side, slipping a few pieces of the chewable into his mouth and chewing. Unorthodox, yes? zaled had done unorthodox before, and one must be ready as he dribbled a steady stream of the steamy liquid over the boy's tongue, no different from a mother bird to a chick. and motioned for the boy to pull as he glanced around, curious about what was offerable in the area to warm the boy.

The mother was modified and zaled motioned her to stop and slipped herself a piece. Returning to chew and spoke up.

"chew, build up and help him release himself."

zaled ordered as suddenly, a few shops down, a clerk came wailing a year's worth of supplies had vanished, Stolen prompted zaled to blow a bubble and chew once more building up more hot cider liquid. It was chaotic, but zaled could manage this; he needed another's help, and he knew exactly whom to call upon.

Standing upright after the second round of hot liquid and the boy slouched back off the pole into the snow and his mother's arms zaled weaved several seals Tiger, Ox, Snake, Bird, Dog, Ox, Zaled split into two separate entities as each one was chewing a piece of the stuff. Glancing over the situation, the unusual one had a solid goatee, perhaps a year or 2 younger, With an orange sweater on. The original in his slick black jacket.

"yeah, so to catch you up, Store was robbed. Think you can do those people a solid favor? Sorry for the last second pulling you out of your realm, But we have a few things to go through. And as such, I hope you enjoy the chewables on your route back"

The alternate one tasted chewable and swallowed the mouthful of warm liquid.

"ok, that is good! What are the coordinates on the machine?"

The alternative asked as he stretched, now ready to run this tiny errand for the real zaled.

"Zx, left space, um, apple, Hot. Numbers four, three, nine, Seven. Quantity: 10."

zaled replied as the alternative rushed off, and patted each passerby on the back as he spotted the commotion. The shop windows were shattered, and glass spewed about and around. Although shockingly, only holiday stuff was taken. And the old man begrudgingly carrying a sack just slapped a teddy bear from a little girl's hands.

"begone munchkin!"

He bellowed, his eyes gaunt with age and grief littered with exasperated quiet blind rage. He trudged up his hill. Well, until the alternative glanced at the man, released a burst of chakra electrifying the man, and spoke as the man sank to his knees With a groan.

"bah, you imbecile! How dare ye wield thy foul magic on us!"

The croon of a man shouted, and the alternative placed a hand on the sack and directed a few able men to secure the goods.

"you are nothing but ill-harbored and festering resentment. Unlike them, I will not sing a tune to cheer you up, wisen up old man, or this lesson will continue "

The alternate spoke coldly. The man shrieked, and although he couldn't move, he was left kneeling as the alternative led many able-bodied villagers to collect the spoils.

After a while, the alternative returned, holding a small unique toy that he handed to the real zaled and offered a handshake.

Zx, left space, um, apple, Hot. Numbers four, three, nine, Seven. Quantity: 10. fascinating I look forward to trying this myself and the cohorts of hosts. Best of luck oldtimer zaled."

He stated as the two shook hands, and he faded off. Zaled nothing, the slight dip in reserve.

"I see he used a single technique to subdue. Very nice. and storage"

zaled muttered as he looked towards musu and Jupiter with smiles.

"Time to go, you fine gentleman. I do not think old man giver will give us simple tasks now. So I shall discuss with you later musu, and Jupiter, well done!"

he stated as he headed back through the door. He originally came through and spun in the office swivel chair, releasing an audible exhausted sigh.

"that was enough for a day. They will seek me in due time."


AP used: -70 Timeline splitting:  (ended)

disabling voltage force: -50 (ended)



missions complete and total claims below
mission rewards:

WC gains:4,633

+30 stats

(21 to chakra,  2 speed,  7 strength)

2k wc for skill:

also using 2.5k wc for

last 166 going to MS development
Roy Goka
Roy Goka
Stat Page : Roy Goka
Musu Uzumaki(RIP)
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

Oh to be a Moose - Page 2 Empty Re: Oh to be a Moose

Tue Jan 17, 2023 8:29 pm
A chill would come from the east and blow through the grounds the groups of boys and ninja were at, as though the winds of change were heralding a conclusion of this journey here in the winter wonderland. 

A bunch of new objectives were needing to be completed and it seemed as though the direction of the three ninja that were had begun to split. 

Jupiter and Zaled began to help Johnny release himself from the pole he was stuck to and gathered information on the evil man that had attempted to get away with stealing all the toys from the local mall. After this time, Musu saw that that Jupiter was heading up the hill to his hideout and Zaled was gathering more information away in the shopping center. 

Musu decided that instead of going with either of them, it would be fun to play with the kids. Over the next several hours, the Uzumaki would play in various snowball fights, create a large snowman, and teach these children some of the basic sealing tricks that he knew as a way of showing how cool he was. Overall, it was a great time for Musu.

After a few hours passed Musu would leave the group as the sun was going down. It was time for the Uzumaki to return to the village and collect his earnings for saving the man. Arriving at the house of the family that the group had saved, he saw that the man was recovered completely and returned with his wife. It appeared as though Jupiter had returned too, since he could see the fabled toy being played with by the boy near the fireplace. 

Musu would return back to the inn where this mission began. He knew that there would be more work to be done later on and he would have the chance to speak with Zaled and Jupiter again, but after a long day of fun, snow, and dimension hopping, the Uzumaki was ready for rest. 


334/ 2711 

Claiming Rewards for the missions listed above:

Ryo : 16,000 for Mission Rewards + 24,000 for being a Jounin + 4,000 for AP Conversion 

Winter Equinox Tickets: 4,000

Other Rewards: 1 Full Dice 

970 WC to Complete : Mark of Flowing Water previously trained here . 

750 WC to Complete : Gauge B Rank (1,500 - 50% training discount) 

900 / 1875 WC to Towards: Fuuinjutsu Amplifier A Rank (2,500 - 25% Max Stat Discount)
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Familiar : Archie the Bear
Remove Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Remove Ninjutsu Remove Remove Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 176650

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Wed Jan 18, 2023 12:09 am
Stat Page : Jupiter's Stats
Remove Taijutsu Medical Default
Remove Default
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 232500

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Wed Jan 18, 2023 9:21 pm
"Huh?" Jupiter woke up in a daze, on a snow angel he had made on a snowy hill. Next to him was a sack filled with ryo for a job well done. Did he black out? He remembered hearing loud ominous voices as he made his way uphill in search of the toy, then his memory was hazy. He choked before he spat out a piece of steaming cider gum. Was it a dream? There were two strange figures, and they made a boy chew gum. A man with a sack, a year's worth of supply of toys, was kneeled on a hill before a wizard. The wizard then looked at Jupiter and commended him for a job well done. It was a peculiar dream. Yet the sack of ryo next to him told him it was all real. He put his palm over his face to cope with a looming headache, and then looked down to realize that his clothes were the same as he wore in the 'dream'. Spooky.

"The Lord may roll the dice of fate, but remember to chase your dreams, for with hard work and a little bit of luck, you'll be able to shake the snake eyes of fate and roll sevens in life."

 He got up, dusted himself off, and walked towards the setting Sun.

WC: 222
TWC: 2967

2967+2711+4633=10311 (TWC of group)

2x Mission Rewards with Beloved Presence:
I'll Be Home for the Holidays x2 (6000 WC): 24,000 Ryo, 120 AP, 3000 Winter Equinox Tickets, 2x Full Dice (d10)
How the grinch Stole Christmas x2 (4000 WC): 16,000 Ryo, 80 AP, 2000 Winter Equinox Tickets.

Total: 40,000 Ryo, 200 AP, 5000 Winter Equinox Tickets, 2x Full Dice (d10)

Stat Claims:
29 points to Chakra

WC Claims:

1416 words towards Medical Spec, previously trained here

1500 words towards ERF Cosmos Stride

Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
Stat Page : Ayato

Mission Record : Link
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Remove Taijutsu Remove Sensory Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 300484

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Fri Jan 20, 2023 2:55 am
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