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Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
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Not Another Letter Thread Empty Not Another Letter Thread

Thu Jan 05, 2023 3:19 pm
Pen would dash in flawlessly swift and precise motions, marking letters across a scroll. Letters formed words, words into sentences, sentences to paragraphs. The gray ink used was an interesting choice, but very representative of the person writing it. Something which could even potentially contain the denotation of who wrote it without actually being able to see the name of who signed it. For gray was the balancing color, between black and white. A neutral ground for the two tones. What it would potentially symbolize to anyone who knew the person well enough was that they were someone who tended to the sides of equilibrium. Whether it be, good and evil, victory and defeat, life and death, or lightning and earth; it was all the same in this sense of thinking things.

But eventually. The pen would come to a stop. The letter had been fully completed, and the person writing it would pass it along to their dire wolf familiar, Shichiro. The black and white furry animal would be utilized as the carrier for this message, as there were no current bird’s available to deliver it. Also, not to mention, the letter was being sent locally, so it wasn’t like the beast was having to travel too far to reach it’s destination. Upon it being placed in the scroll holder that acted as the dog’s collar, it would start it’s journey to get to the Raikage’s Chambers.

The four legged friend would go dashing through the streets of Kumogakure. Darting back and forth, weaving in and out of the civilians who were also out and about on this day. Many were just out on walks, talking to those they were with. Conversations were inaudible for the most part except for the occasional word or two which could be heard being said from the doppler effect which was occurring at a rapid pace. Eventually, Shichiro would reach the base of the building which acted as the office for the current residing Kage here in the village of the cloud. Walking into the place might seem relatively awkward at first, as a lone wolf entering the building certainly wasn’t a normal occurrence. However, the familiar had enough intelligence and wisdom to be able to communicate physically with whoever was currently seated and operating the front desk. He would simply walk up to it, and while not needing to hoist itself up a lot due to his sheer size, would still sit up slightly on his hind legs to be at eye level of the person. Once there, with a paw he’d tap on the scroll carrier twice, while pointing it’s nose at a sign that said Raikage to indicate that the letter was for him.

If given the go ahead, Shichiro would go up the steps towards the office, before tapping it’s paw on the door, and when given the ok to, would eventually enter into the chamber. Shichiro would then meander over to the Lord 12th, cocking his head up so that way Ichigo could grasp at the letter carrier to pull out the letter. It would read as follows:


WC: 857
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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Not Another Letter Thread Empty Re: Not Another Letter Thread

Mon Jan 16, 2023 6:41 am
A four-legged friend made its way inside Ichigo's office, the black direwolf delivering him a letter as the Raikage placed his hand on top of the animal's head as it continued to sit next to him. He would read the message before replying and sending one in return. 

"Dear Hiroki,

Although it saddens me to hear about the news of what happened in the Warmongers, I am also relieved that the two of you made it out alive. I successfully received your request and intend to fulfill it. Around Shichiro's neck you will find my response, I hereby grant you permission to learn that what you are looking for. May it bring you luck and aid you in your further endeavors.

Ichigo Sato, Twelfth Raikage"

Signing and placing the letter around the direwolf's neck he would then send it on its way back. "There, you're good to go buddy". Although he didn't expect anyone else to intercept or read the message, Ichigo made sure to remain mysterious about the contents inside, Hiroki being the only one who'd understand what had been mentioned.

(Exit, no WC claims)

- Giving Hiroki permission to learn Black Lightning
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