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Kyogetsu Hozuki
Kyogetsu Hozuki
Stat Page : Kyogetsu
Remove Sensory Default
Water Default
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 111750

Pole got your Tongue? Empty Pole got your Tongue?

Fri Dec 30, 2022 10:36 pm
I Triple Dog Dare You!:

Jingle All The Way:

Childish dares, who hasn't done them at least once in their lives? Kyogetsu could remember a couple of times when his brother and himself got caught up in one or two, perhaps three or even more than that. Boys will be boys, as their mother would say. However, none of those pranks could not even begin to compare themselves to the view he currently witnessed, a scene he never imagined laying eyes on. "The hell happened to you?" the young Hozuki asked slightly irritated, keeping both hands inside his pockets as he stood there nonchalantly. Even though he was talking to a complete stranger, the shinobi of the Mist couldn't bother being formal.

Even though it was more of a rhetorical question, one that didn't exactly need to be answered, the other man did it anyway. "No shit" he replied sarcastically, almost as if it was impossible to figure out. If you think about it, who in their right mind would voluntarily agree to a stupid stunt like that if not for a dare? To make things even more annoying, the stranger had the brilliant idea to ask for Kyogetsu's help in the matter, hoping the Hozuki would be able to help him get free. "Sure, I can just shoot your tongue off" the Mist shinobi said with a completely straight face.

Perhaps that approach wasn't exactly the best he soon realized, although most of it was said in jest. "Alright, alright. Guess I'll show you just how compassionate I can be" Kyogetsu voiced, looking around in the surrounding area in case he would spot something that could help him take care of it. After all, even though he planned on showing kindness, what he didn't plan was to waste most of his day trying to get some idiot's tongue from a pole. Obviously there were a couple of things they needed to avoid, pulling and tugging being one of the main ones.

He continued looking around until something finally caught his eye, a possible solution to the stranger's predicament. "Thank god, because no way in hell was I going to blow some heat on that pole" the Hozuki said before making his way to one of the open stalls nearby. A couple of minutes would pass when Kyogetsu returned with a cup of hot water, the best remedy against a frozen tongue. Not that he would know, it was the first time seeing an idiot who actually got himself stuck like that. He would pour the liquid on the surface which eventually resulted in getting the man free.

With that whole awkward interaction being dealt with Kyogetsu hoped to be on his way, but nothing would be less true as a woman with her three children suddenly asked for his help with getting their hands on one of those popular toys kids liked these days. "Fine, wait here". He was slightly getting frustrated with the turn of events but decided not to let it show, quickly running through the streets of the village hoping to find that one toy they were looking for. "Hey you" he suddenly shouted. "Aren't you a bit too old to play with toys? That's what I thought, now hand it over". Speechless about what just happened, the man didn't even notice how the Mist shinobi rid him of the toy he was holding.

Now that he got his hands on what he was looking for, Kyogetsu hurried back to the mother and her three kids where he would eventually gift it to the eldest son. Hoping there would be no more surprises, the young Hozuki slowly made his way back, wondering what other kind of events were waiting for him. Regardless of what was in store for him, he couldn't wait to return to Kirigakure, uncertain what the future would hold for the Mist and its shinobi. Time would tell, but deep down something was telling him chaos was about to unfold. But for now, that story is to be continued soon.


(TWC: 667)
- 650 to upgrade Starch Syrup Capturing Field (going from C --> B-Rank)
- 6 stats (+1 Vigor, +5 Strength)
- Mission rewards (4000 ryo, 20 AP, 1000 Winter Equinox Tickets)
Kura Yuki
Kura Yuki
Stat Page : Kura Yuki
Remove Ninjutsu Sensory Default
Wind Water Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Kirigakure
Ryo : 29000

Pole got your Tongue? Empty Re: Pole got your Tongue?

Mon Jan 02, 2023 7:16 pm
The Yuki held true to his clan’s demeanor, cold, stoic, calculating and brutal. Gazing upon a spectacle that he truly couldn’t wrap his mind around. His brother, Kyogetsu voiced what both the brothers were thinking, Kura merely remained quiet as he desired to learn how this sight came to be, or see how the boy will manage in explaining himself. “A pole? Of all things to put your mouth on, you decided it was best to lick a pole, in this weather. Come brother, let him sit with the consequences of this foolish act.” Kura was beyond annoyed with this, it wasn’t logical, but then again what dates were? He could recall a few that he took from his brother, an equal number that he even delivered.

What made this exchange even more beautiful was that someone decided to answer the rhetoric question. Kura closed his eyes and nod slightly. A sigh escaped his mouth as he listened for the response from his older brother. Opening his eyes, “Now that’s a thought. Should I dare you to do it, elder brother?” He sarcastically jest, making fun of the poor fools’ situation. It was childish stunts like these that made him question the IQ of most of the village people. They tend to always find themselves in these outrageous situations.

What was this? Kyogetsu was being kind, or somewhat kind to a degree. Kura merely stood there as he watched. Praying that he didn’t pick something up that would rip the poor child’s tongue from his mouth.  Although, that would have been a sight to see. He nearly loss his composure and laughed. “You know, if you want to really help him, heated water.” He stated, then looking to the ground around the boys feet he notice empty canisters. “But, something tells me that’s not an option anymore.

Kura was quite puzzled as he watched his brother return with the warm water. He peaked over and pass him towards the stall when he noticed that it was more than odd now. “Just where did you manage to get warm water from, in a stall?” He was sure that he wouldn’t get an answer, or at best a suspicious smirk. Shaking his head he continued to observe as his brother poured the liquid on the tongue and pole. Eventually the boy was set from from his prison, so to speak.

With that out of the way the brothers moved to enjoy the rest of their day, it seemed that each step they took another odd event that required their eyes manifested - this was no exception. They were approached by a woman with three children. She requested that they find a toy for her kids, the only thing is that the toys were all sold out. So, that only meant one thing, finesse it. Before Kura could manage to decline the woman his brother took it upon himself to accept for them. The Yuki cut his eyes at his brother and sighed. The two made haste as they ran through the streets, searching for the toy. Kyogetsu called out to someone. This caught the attention of Kura. Shifting his eyes in that direction. It would seem that they were jacking men for their toys now…one step closer to be the shinobi of the month. Kura didn’t say much about it. It was pretty hilarious to him to see his brother break rules for the betterment of some children. It was not like him.

With that in hand the two hurried back to the mother of three, where Kyogetsu presented her with the toy. It turns out the gift was for the eldest. Not a bad toy if Kura was giving in to his child-like nature. But he had little time for that. He needed to get on with the rest of his day. But, he couldn’t shake the feeling that trying would be a futile mission. This day continues to show him that this village holds a labyrinth of odd jobs and even odder people. Just how low have the village fallen with its new Kage on the throne. The mere thought made Homs feel…nauseous.

TWC: 693

Mission claims:
4000 ryo
20 AP
1000 Winter Equinox Tickets

Personal Claims:
6 Stats - 4 Vigor, 2 Chakra
693 towards 277 for learning Suiton: Mizu Senbon 970/1000
Iscarot Ushitora
Iscarot Ushitora
Stat Page : Link
Remove Weaponry Remove Remove Default
Remove Remove Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 57956

Pole got your Tongue? Empty Re: Pole got your Tongue?

Mon Jan 02, 2023 7:49 pm
Here he was once again. In this strange snow riddled village that Iscarot could not find himself from escaping this place. Maybe he had been here for some reason unknown, helpful or not he had been picking up some unique interactions. As he walked through the village he could see much of what he has already seen from this place. Kids running here and there chasing one another with toys and snowballs aplenty. In between he could see the smoke coming from chimney's and tree lights from the windows of homes, yet something simply reminded him of an old time that he could never return to. In the meantime he came across a trio...rather a duo and another stuck against a pole. Wait...had he seen this situation before? Nothing came to mind, but seeing the two stopping to help someone who had presumably been stuck there. Slowly coming over to the trio, he would stop to the brother's right. In an instant the remembered the brothers from the last time he had been here, tilting his head for a moment as he chuckled," I have to stop running into familiar faces. What do we have here?," looking over to the individual that had been stuck to the pole now that he was closer, he shook his head for a moment. Something about this had felt so familiar...wait he had did this before. A brief chuckle would escape from him as he crossed his arms," You are the second idiot I have seen stick their tongue on a pole for a dare," as the other two helped get his tongue from the pole, he would assist in anyway that he could naturally. With two people already helping, Iscarot did not have much room to contribut yet whatever he could do he would. The question posed by the other brother had been a good one...where did he get the water from? Warm water that that. He was not going to question how he had obtained it, only that the fool would be freed from the pole.

After the child was freed from the pole and scattered about, the trio would move from the pole and down the street, the Demon stayed silent not to cause any form of discomfort between the three. Somehow they were stopped by a trio of kids asking for a toy. This was...again a case of Deja Vu as he stopped to help a mother and her trio of kids before. Something had made him think about how he got the gift the last time, but the two brothers had already left to retrieve it. Since they had already left to retrieve the gift, Iscarot stayed with the children to keep them company. Kneeling down he would begin to make a small snowman to keep them occupied, knowing without a doubt the brothers would get the job done. By the time the two came back, the Demon and the three kids would have a built snowman and only because Iscarot rushed it. Once they came back with the gift and it was given to the kids, he would ruffle their heads and smile," Well at least you have both a gift and a snowman, just be careful alright?," standing back up he would wave them off as the brothers left. Being left to his own devices, Iscarot wondered how much longer he would be in this snow ridden wonderland. Was it limbo or something more? One thing had been certain and that was he felt as if he would not be done with this more or the outlandish missions or tasks that were set here. Regardless of his time here he would make sure to at least make a few friends along the way, maybe even an adversary or two. Sticking his hands deep into the inner sanctum of his priestly attire, he would begin to walk off and into the depths of the village. Who knew what would happen next? Certainly not him. Heh.

667 WC
4000 ryo
20 AP
1000 Winter Equinox Tickets

Putting 667 Words toward Red Oni, Blue Oni
6 Stats
Stat Page : Fu's Fat Stats
Familiar : Archie the Bear
Remove Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Remove Ninjutsu Remove Remove Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 176650

Pole got your Tongue? Empty Re: Pole got your Tongue?

Tue Jan 03, 2023 3:21 am
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