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A Tisket, a Tasket, A Nickel in the Basket [o] - Page 2 Empty Re: A Tisket, a Tasket, A Nickel in the Basket [o]

Sat Jan 14, 2023 7:44 pm
Baliquis would find herself quite happy when Remika decided to head off with her and away from the alley to leave behind that pathetic excuse for a man. Did she feel bad that he broke a leg? No. Would she have healed the man if she had the ability to? Also no. Was she pleased she had taken what she wanted? Yes. She felt justified. She felt she deserved to take him for all he had but left with almost everything- everything but his meager excuse for a life. They had emptied his wallet of ryo with the intent to donate the money. They had taken him off all his toys to donate those as well to an orphanage. Baliquis had personally also taken from him the ability to walk properly, which also pleased her quite a lot. It was good to have that first-hand experience, know how much she could and could not lift, and know that outcome for..future reference. How often would she use that information she gained here tonight? Who knows. Surely when she went up against other shinobi, they would not allow her the opportunity or luxury to go ahead and grab them by the collar to hoist them up. They were craftier and would probably overpower her like she overpowered the non-shinobi civilian.

Wouldnt that be a pretty surprising turn of events for Baliquis? To be put in her place and held in check by force stronger and sturdier than herself? She looked forward to it and relished the thought of encountering it.

They stopped at several more stores and chatted along the way, using the ryo taken from the man’s wallet to do the holy and charitable thing of purchasing things with the orphanage in mind. The two women chatted, but they also stopped at clothing stores to pick up clothes with smaller children in mind and a variety of them at that. Baliquis enjoyed speaking with Remika just because of the naturalness of it. It was almost strange how organic it was to feel calm and comfortable in the other woman’s presence. She immensely enjoyed it and wondered inwardly if the other woman also enjoyed it. At the same time, they shifted through the little clothes hangers on the multitude of store clothing racks in their clearance sections and discounted clothing sections. It made the ryo spread further, and their volume of donations grew that much more.

They did make a pit stop at the mother's home, who initially approached Remika in the first place with the task of finding these strange toys, and the mother gasped when she saw the sheer amount of the toys they had gotten. After they handed off three of them- one for each boy- to the mother, she idly made small talk with them in regard to what they were doing. When Remika explained they were going to an orphanage, the mother would pause and go into the home to produce several more bags- toys her children didn’t need any longer and which she planned to throw out; the mother instead “offered” that the two other women take them to the orphanage too. The word ‘offered’ is used loosely here as the lady didn’t leave much room for a counter-point opinion or argument when she mentioned not having time to take them over to the orphanage herself. Baliquis gave a tight smile, nodded politely before picking these bags up too, and tried to ensure she was carrying more than Remika.

Finally, they reached the orphanage, which was being decorated by several people from the community, and Baliquis absently spanned the area, looking around and taking it all in. They were all helping each other- like they liked one another and were friendly. Was this how communities were supposed to be? Was this how they were supposed to operate? Together as one cohesive body where everything was in sync? Baliquis found herself feeling jealous as she watched the workers and sashayed up the steps behind Remika to the orphanage’s front door, which was wide open. Probably to allow the workers to easily move in and out of the house as they decorated.  Bali caught Remika reaching into her cape and producing a red mask and watched her put it on by looping the strings around her ears. Then the more petite woman looked at her, “Here we are.” Without another word, Remika walked forward, and Baliquis smirked inwardly as she curiously followed her with interest, and even the weight of the almost two dozen bags she was carrying didn’t seem to press on her arms anymore. Was that the cold or was it because she was so intrigued by how things were meant to go or what was going to happen next? How absolutely exciting. To think that Baliquis was going to be having a quiet and boring evening had she not met Remika.

Remika stopped when they found an older woman who was wearing raggedy, filthy clothes, and Baliquis felt grateful and humbled by coming into contact with her and her mismatched, patched-up outfit. The woman’s hair was in a bun of what seemed to be greying hair or what was in the process of greying anyways. Remika produced her bags and offered them to the woman first, “These are for you,” Remika said, then followed it up with, “We’re here to make donations.” Then dropped the bags she had with her on the ground gently. Baliquis took this time to follow suit and drop off the bags of the strange toys and the other bags of clothing they had gotten for the children from the stores. She wanted to leave as quickly as possible, and when Remika took her leave, then, Baliquis gave a polite nod of approval and followed her out of the building as well.

“I have to head out now, Bali. It’s getting late, and I’m rather parched.” Remika said before she took off into the night on her own path, and Baliquis walked off silently in the other direction and smiled inwardly to herself.

‘Bali.’ That was the first time she had heard her name shortened like that, and she felt her face growing a little hot as she replayed the memory of the other woman’s soft read lips saying it, shortening and slightly distorting the image so that she could burn it ‘properly’ to memory. How cute to already have a nickname from the other woman- if things went well, perhaps Bali could hear the name pass her lips and roll off her tongue some more somewhere in the future.

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A Tisket, a Tasket, A Nickel in the Basket [o] - Page 2 Empty Re: A Tisket, a Tasket, A Nickel in the Basket [o]

Sun Jan 15, 2023 6:54 am
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