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Akabayashi Terumi
Akabayashi Terumi
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I Need a Turbo Man Doll! Empty I Need a Turbo Man Doll!

Thu Dec 22, 2022 6:38 pm

Turboman 1: It all started with a movie. A movie about a man looking for just the coolest toy for his son. But after that movie what was once a fake toy was now a real one and all the kids who saw Arnold's charisma on screen wanted it. A woman had approached the group looking for aid on finding the toy for what seemed like a simple task. She had money if she was willing to pay them all the goal was to get the toy by any means necessary. This wouldn't be exactly stealing candy from a baby, more like a toy from a child. Either way that was the mission and it had to get completed regardless of who disliked the method. "If you are unwilling to rob children of their toys just turn around while I do it." What was the Terumi's problem you'd ask well nothing. He'd been fighting for his life at the age most of these kids playing with toys were. In his mind it was time for them to grow up anyway. Which is why when he spotted the first turbo doll he had no qualms about using transformation jutsu to turn into their kage Ayato and snatch the toy out of the childs hands before flying off with his masked beast. When the doctor returned to the group he would end the transformation and show them his prize. "That police report is going to be hilarious. Kage snatches childs toy all over the news."

Turboman 2: Another parent with the same problem approached the group after seeing the theft of the first doll. She wasn't enraged just wanted the group to use their skills to steal another. Not for free of course she offered the same amount as the previous mother. He'd look to the group hoping they also wanted to do the job. They all looked around trying to find target number two. When the toy was found the Terumi would yell "I need a Turboman doll." To which some nerd would rage and claim it was not a doll, but an action figure. The doctor could not care less which it was just that a member of the group would take the dorks action figure, so that they could get paid. "What is the difference between a doll and an action figure? Aren't they the same thing?" These words set off the nerd meltdown where they became too obsessed with the conversation and lost track of the enviroment. Other membere of the group could chime in to add to his current torrent of opinion on what makes an action figure not a doll. It mostly boiled down to the intended gender of the recipient, but Akabayashi believed that much like in war the gender was insignificant. A man or woman can fight just like both could play with an action figure or doll. "Welp, I have to get going have fun with your action figure." But it had already been stolen.

Turboman 3: The group was becoming somewhat notorious. More people were approaching them for their theft skills and the police were now looking for a man dressed as the kage of Hoshi. This time a female officer approached them. "Did you happpen to see Ayato Hyuga near here stealing Turbomen? If you did happen to see him make sure he grabs me one my daughter would love that. I'd pay him too." This officer was clearly onto them and was alluding to what she wanted them to do. This one might also be useful in keeping other police off their asses later. With the Terumi at the minimum she had an accord. The job would be done they just had to find another turbo doll in this area. Where would they find one people were now gripping them tighter or letting their parents hold the coveted item. Well maybe they would need to split up and search maybe not. After some time they would come across their target and it was up to someone new to figure out how to take the action figure. If no one was up to the task the doctor would just threaten whatever adult was carrying the thing until they handed it over. With his killing aura directed at most people it was difficult for them not to be terrified. Hopefully, someone else took this responsibility however as threats would likely up the presence of police.

Final Turboman: The policewoman was happy when she got her requested item. The police that approached the group were now turned away by her. [color=blue]"Already checked those four no turbo dolls. Yes, they match the description but they don't have any dolls." The other police were unhappy but knew if they kept searching them they were looking at a police harrassment lawsuit and gave up. Only way they would stop the group now is if they witnessed the act of theft themselves and they were watching. They would need a good distraction to allow the group to fulfill the last turboman request from a woman whose son's turbo doll had been stolen that very night by the damned kage of Hoshi. This would be the final job as the spot was becoming barren due to the theft along with a stronger police presence. Akabayashi started his own distraction by making a giant wood sculpture with five heads that towered over most buildings. "Is this a part of the parade?" He would ask as police stared up at the unmoving giant. One would shove the doctor out of the way as the giant's foot almost crushed him. He would thank the officer while many others moved away. The giant had stopped after one step and hitting nothing and almost "crushing" a man. What more distraction could his team members bring to the table for their final theft of the night? He was waiting to see how this final part of the job woule get accomplished.

With the final Turbo Man secure the Terumi gathered his rewards and retired to his room for the night.

TWC: 1025
Claims: Completing Jingle All The Way 4 times. 8000 ryo, 2000 winter equinox tickets. 7500 per mission for rank reward. 7500×4=30,000.
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Shiro Hyuga
Shiro Hyuga
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I Need a Turbo Man Doll! Empty Re: I Need a Turbo Man Doll!

Mon Dec 26, 2022 10:11 pm
Turboman 1: “So what you’re saying is that we can get it through any means necessary? Gotcha.”

Shiro lips curved downwards, not very keen on stealing toys from other children, yet he was currently playing with the kids, practically acting as a babysitter for them. The stealing of a toy from a child would be like if someone stole one of his kunai, sure he would be pretty upset at that age, but he could always get another one if they were in stock. Shiro knew that eventually the toy would be so that parents could satisfy their children. But stealing something as simple as a toy from a child wouldn’t be that hard. Yet the Terumi had no reservations in the act, simply accepting his mission and going out of the house. Shiro placed the children down, giving them the confidence that they would return with the toy in hand and make sure that they could at least be happy for this christmas celebration. Shiro placed on the small warmth sustaining gloves, black in color and useful for hiding any kind of fingerprints. Planning on taking the childrens toys without them even noticing, yet he would leave some amount of money in return… Perhaps the children could get something else instead of a toy… Like a calligraphy brush!

What Shiro was not expecting was right as he was about to go out and grab the toy, the doctor had returned… His image is much different than before, black haired, rather defined jawline and a slim and dexterous build. Just what did the doctor do this time, seeing that chakra was wrapped around his whole body. Shiro could only expect that it was the transformation jutsu. And the doctor's words only confirmed Shiro’s own hunch on the matter. Hand simply grabbing the toy to hand it back towards the kids like he had promised.

“You’re fucking mad to do that.”

Turboman 2: Their next target was a rather average looking guy, someone who seemed to be a bit too invested in the Turboman figurine for Shiro’s own liking. Their requester for the mission was another mother. It seemed she had caught the good doctor using the Kage’s own likeness in order to steal the doll and spotted both him and Akabayashi talking after the fact. Shiro wasn’t surprised that people would want to know what they were doing… And how much it might cost for them to help during this Christmas time. Their own work when it came to helping struggling parents during this time with helping around the village seemed to be working. Yet as Shiro was approaching to reach the doll, Akabayashi had decided to start an argument about whether or not it was a doll or not… Or was it the supposedly nerdish individual who was adamant that instead it was an action figure. Shiro thought the idea of arguing about something like this was completely ridiculous. Immediately snatching the doll right underneath the guys own nose. The nerd didn’t seem to notice as Shiro continued to hear the two of them bicker. His hands clutching onto the figurine with a slight amount of annoyance. Yet he’d keep a calm look, his smile not fading this time before interjecting on the conversation.

“Why not just call it a figure or figurine? I mean… It’s easy to simply call someone a Shinobi then to call someone a Ninja and a Kunoichi?”

With that, He exited himself from the conversation entirely, simply wanting to get back and deliver the action figure to the parent in need. Someone like that didn’t really need an action figure anyways. Especially if they’d continue or start an argument about what the hell it was called.

Turboman 3: The best way to get people to trade items is to make a deal sound absolutely worth it for both parties, and he had a few ways of doing that. Mainly by using his own charisma and charm to woo parents into giving him the toy for something that might actually be useful for the child. One in particular had been a rather loner sort, his action figure sitting right next to him as he didn’t even want to play with it. Shiro walked over, his hands tucked in his pockets, curious as to why the kid wasn’t even playing with the toy in the first place.

“Hey kid? You alright?” His smile widened, looking as friendly as possible with his legs crossed over one another. The action figure right next to him, the child complained that he had asked for a Kunai for christmas, as he wanted to be a ninja for his village. To which instead his parents had decided to give him the toy instead, stating that he was too young to be a ninja. The kid was adamant that he wanted a Kunai throughout the month, yet was disappointed to see the figurine that now sat lifelessly next to him. Shiro took out a small Kunai, one that was neatly polished and kept mainly clean throughout the day. Shiro asked the kid if he wanted it, advising that he be careful with it so as to not hurt himself. The child tenderly raised his hands up to grasp the Kunai, being careful with the bladed weapon as Shiro pocketed the toy.

“I think that’ll be a nice gift, just say that someone had taken your action figure from you.”

With that, he walked off, returning to see the doctor beginning to threaten a few families, only for Shiro to get him out of potentially being thrown in jail for the time being with the toy waving right next to him.

Turboman 4: Dave making a deal with one of the police officers seemed to have helped them with the local authority getting off of his back and the rest of his groups  respectively. Shiro strode around the small snowy village, noticing that slime of the police were beginning to follow him around the place. His Byakugan activating, veins bulging at the side of his eyes, his field of vision increasing vastly with each passing moment until the full 100M were in place. Shiro realizing that the Terumi doctor that he was in a group of was completely insane to use that same wood golem jutsu to have the entire village freak out. Yet some of the children had dropped their toys, allowing for Shiro to pick up said toy and bring it over towards the doctor. Hopeful that the Wooden Golem would disperse as he walked towards a local coffee shop to get something to drink to warm himself up again. Hands carefully tucked in his pockets with his sword conveniently strapped around his waist. Shiro felt the slight amount of joy and warmth surge through his skin as he took his newly ordered hot chocolate outside.

+10 to Chakra
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Shin of the Wind
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I Need a Turbo Man Doll! Empty Re: I Need a Turbo Man Doll!

Sat Jan 28, 2023 11:04 pm
Winter was here, and the strange pale shinobi known as Shin found himself in a strange place. It was an odd experience, much akin to that time he magically transported to the strange Summer beach along with various other shinobi of the leaf. This wasn't quite the same, though. This place was bitter cold, and not a single leaf headband was spotted in the immediate area. The boy would walk about, looking to see what reason it was that he found himself in this strange Winter Wonderland. Usually there was a series of tasks that needed to be done, or a criminal to apprehend. There were no clear instructions this time, and so the boy would find himself wandering around the frigid village. Various people stood in lines outside of toy stores, hoping to get the latest figurines or stuffed pillows that resembled animals or other odds and ends. It was odd to the boy, for he didn't see why anyone would waste time standing in line to get something so trivial. 

As he walked about, a strange little man dressed in what could only be described as green spandex, a silly little hat with a bell on the end of it and large, floppy shoes that also had bells on the ends. Each step was accompanied by an odd little jingle that made any sort of stealth or sneaking completely impossible. It was clear to the boy that this was no shinobi. No, instead it must have been some kind of weird little resident of this magical land of snow and ice. Shin glanced at the small man, a large grin found on the face of the elf. His hands were those of a working man, their years of use clear. They were worn and leathery. The pale boy would watch as a small scroll of parchment was pulled out of what seemed like thin air, then unraveled and read out loud for the leaf shinobi to hear. 

"Welcome, young shinobi. You have been summoned here to assist the occupants of this town with whatever it is that they need. Many tasks are available to pick up. You need not worry, I know that you shinobi types will not do anything for free. There is payment in this for you, for each task completed will reward you with a small stipend of..." the elf squints his eyes and points at an area at the bottom of the scroll, finding the right thing to say, not sure exactly what the currency was that he was reading, "ryo? Huh, I guess each realm uses its own form of currency it would seem. What a strange term." The parchment would be rolled back up, and then another would be presented and read, "So what tasks would you like to pick up? We have a great many to choose from. Looks like there is a mission here to build a snowman with the local children, and one to find and capture a slippery bandit stealing Christmas decorations. There is one more here that looks like it would be the closest. There are four people that are looking for the newest and coolest toy on the market." Shin would simply nod, then immediately feel a pang of regret as the elf vanished into thin air and he looked upon the lines once more. 

It would seem as though there were others also assigned to this task. One was very tall, and looked to be battle worn. Something about him felt... off. All the same, they were all given the same task it would seem. The tall one didn't seem to have any issues with getting the toy through any means. If he had to steal it from a child, so be it. Shin couldn't help but understand this position, though resorting to such wasn't something that he felt needed to be done. Konoha wasn't a place where crime of any sort was tolerated. Even something as small as theft would be met with severe punishment, the possibility of the death penalty very real. Shin didn't wish to partake in such, but the elder shinobi made it clear that if his methods were not something the others were okay with then they should simply turn around and not witness the crime. Shin couldn't think that such was a reasonable approach to these things, but this wasn't Konoha and these were not his fellow Leaf shinobi. The boy would just turn around, letting the odd man do whatever it was that he was going to do. He decided to transform into another form, that of a man with dark hair. It was an odd choice, but perhaps he didn't wish to let people know his identity in case there was any backlash for his crimes of theft. While originally the pale boy thought that such a transformation was just a complete fabrication, the strange criminal man would make clear that his form was that of one of the Kage. Shin didn't know the kage of the other villages, for he was only a mere Genin. He probably wasn't even fully in the know about everything going on in his own village, let alone global politics and world powers. 

Another person would then approach, asking them to take one of the dolls for them as well. The strange man would once again spring into action, calling out that he was seeking the doll. An enraged civilian would correct him, and their discussion would begin to grow heated, the angry civilians face turning red, almost a visible steam erupting from the young man's ears. There was an argument about whether or not this Turboman toy was a "doll" or an "action figure". The boy didn't really know what the difference between these two things was, and neither did the man parading around as a thieving Kage. The distracted young man was an easy target, as they were quickly relieved of their toy. 

Now that the odd man's thievery had brought the attention of the authorities, Shin couldn't help but wonder what kind of village this odd man belonged to. Or was he one of those criminal ninja outside of the rules and laws of a village? There was another person there, someone that the Leaf shinobi felt was also mostly just along for the ride. It would seem that for the third doll, he managed to secure a trade with a young child that wanted to be a shinobi. A single Kunai for one of these dolls might have been a big of an unbalanced trade. These dolls were going for a few thousand ryo a piece due to what could only be described as supply and demand, where a single kunai was far less than that. Of course, while the police were looking for them the fact that the group gave the policewoman a doll seemed to cause her to return the favor and lie to the other police. It was strange, as if she was incapable of doing her job well. Such deals and favors were sure signs of a rotten core. Shin considered dispatching the woman, displeased with her blatant corruption, but knew that he couldn't represent Konoha in this foreign land in such a way. While in this place, his actions reflected on his homeland, and he didn't seek to bring dishonor to the Leaf. 

Shin would then witness as the odd man conjured up a wooden golem. The boy was impressed with such a feat, but before he could ask how such was possible the golem seemed to nearly crush the man. If it was truly in his control, why would it do that? Unless... it was all a part of the man's plot to distract the police and keep them off of the group. The other person would then activate the Byakugan, the veins in their eyes bulging out in a noticeable manner. The panic setting into various children would cause them to drop their toys. At this point, it was as simple as picking one of them up off of the ground and bringing it to whomever it was that wanted it. They would all regroup, offering the doll over to the final parent and then making their way to some sort of coffee shop that was serving hot chocolate. Shin would also find himself drinking one of the beverages, sipping on it slowly to avoid burning his mouth. 

wc: 1408
TWC: 1408/1000 (or 1333 if divided between three mission members)

Claims: Completing Jingle All The Way 4 times. 8000 ryo, 40 AP, 2000 winter equinox tickets
28 AP trained due to max stats
61 wc to complete Seal of Absorption (with wc here)
577 wc to complete Spirit Gun (with wc here)
500/500 wc to master Sudden Rise (mastering a second time to remove seals)
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
Missing-Nin (C-rank)
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Vigor: 25 points
Chakra: 25 points
Speed: 50 points
Strength: 67 points
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Clan Specialty : Clanless
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 500

I Need a Turbo Man Doll! Empty Re: I Need a Turbo Man Doll!

Fri Feb 10, 2023 11:14 pm

Another day. That’s it. Well, not entirely. It was another day of her younger sister bursting into her room at the Teahouse- regardless of her state of dress or her comfort level. Whether she wanted to be up or not, and that was considering if she was already awake. Most of the time, she was asleep and just the victim of her bad decisions and past choices. Namely? Asking her sister to wake her up no matter what. That genuinely was both Yukihime’s fault and her problem. 

It seemed with each passing day, the ‘N’ in ‘Nozomi’ stood for ‘No Nonsense, and those were admirable traits. Being dependable, reliable, and punctual were all great things until they were used against Yukihime, who groaned and bantered and fought against the well-meaning and reliable steadfastness of Baliquis Hozuki.

Thankfully, Baliquis was ever helpful even if her face and words seemed otherwise; the younger of the two sisters would yell and squabble with Yukihime, all the while helping her get out of bed, get into a bath, or a shower, get into clothes, and get ready for the day; even having some breakfast with her. Today was another day of Bali assisting her in getting her shit together before pushing her out of the Red Light District with another page of a mission that Baliquis had picked up for her, found a space for an extra member in, and kicking Yukihime to go out towards the location. 

Oh, how Yukihime wanted to tell Baliquis to go fuck herself and ‘I can pick out missions by myself’; however, since she still was learning how to read and write- she would just have to put up with this type of sibling treatment for a bit longer. Thankfully this mission took place in the delightful snow area of the Land of Snow, so she made sure to hurry over excitedly. From what Baliquis had told her, it was to help find a “sold out” toy for a client by any means necessary and that she has completed a similar mission recently; the request was typically put in for by a parent or someone getting the toy for a child however Baliquis had advised flippantly, “Some fat asshole had bought all the toys out from the stores and was running around with bags of them.” Then Bali commented about how the best reward was meeting a woman named ‘Remika,’ who Bali seemed most attracted to…which was evident by how she seemed to grow listless thinking about the woman and when Yukihime inquired to some sort of official relationship status, her sister was quick to change the topic and rush her out of the teahouse.

Now as she walked along the boulevard of shops and among the bustling parents with their well-behaved- or very severely misbehaved- children, she thought she noticed the doll she needed to look for. It was called a ‘Turbo Man’ doll. As much as she liked the merriment, she didn’t like two men arguing in the middle of the walking path over the exact term for the doll. One argues it was called ‘an action figure,’ and the other bantered it was a ‘doll.’ They were getting progressively more passionate- no, perhaps angry is the better word for this type of situation. Both of their faces were getting redded from their collarbones; the flush rose up their necks and to the tips of their ears even as it filled their faces. They looked hot- temperature-wise, it seemed almost as if they could catch a fever with such little ease. However, there was one thing she noticed they both had- the doll. The mission only needed one. As she tried to think of a way to maybe take a doll from one of these morons, another appeared with a bag with several of them- still in their boxes- but he appeared in a way she was not expecting.

He appeared with chaotic stupid defiance as he inserted himself into the conversation of the two feuding males and said firmly with an air of finality, after locking eyes with both of them, “Figurines.” There was a pause in the first pair of men’s argument, and Yukihime blinked, but she watched with interest and then surprise as both men turned on this man and started arguing with him. Yukihime saw they were all distracted; she knelt down to just below the men’s height and crept over to the Figurine Man’s backside- then snaked out a bog from his bag of dolls before backing up, standing up, and hastily walking off to go and find someone with an authoritarian air. She found a woman with that air, and thankfully the woman was also a shinobi who accepted the doll to cover the mission requirements.

Yukihime was more than happy to hand it over so that she could run home with another completed mission under her belt.


Post Word Count




Total Word Count




Needed Word Count

818/ 422
Per New WC rules if entire thread meets or exceeds needed TWC, 422 WC was needed to meet needed Mission TWC.



Exit Claims

  • + 8 Stat Points to Speed, (50) to (58)
  • 818 WC towards claiming Sublte Weapon Manipulation ( 818 / 1000 )
    Mission Claims
  • + 16,000 Ryo (Double Mission Ryo for Beloved Presence Skill)
  • + 40 AP
  • + 2000 Winter Equinox Tickets


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Hiroki Shimada
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I Need a Turbo Man Doll! Empty Re: I Need a Turbo Man Doll!

Sat Feb 11, 2023 11:18 am
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