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Akabayashi Terumi
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Snowball Brawl Empty Snowball Brawl

Thu Dec 22, 2022 5:24 pm
Round One: It was time the day of the tournament. His team was assembled, but the strategy he was still working on. He read over the rules of the competition there was nothing in the rules about using jutsu. The main rule was if you were hit you were out and each team consisted of only four members. Hikari and a new person he did not know. Oh well he knew Hikari enough that she would be a boon on this simple tournament and he was more than capable of taking regular people down without an issue. In round one their opponent was a group of grade school children. Now to most the question of going all out against children was simply to let them win, but this was a tournament. It was all about winning. Dodging the first snowball thrown with the help of his Sharingan he lined up a shot and tracked where the child was moving with his ocular abilities and hit the kid on the shoulder. The other two members of the team were able to handle the rest.

Round Two: These opponent's were older, but moved with much more coordination than the others. They threw a snowball which was on target, but before it struck him it smashed into the wood clone he had made. The referee called the clone as being out. While the opposing group looked enraged by the call yelling the ref was allowing their opponents to cheat. "Nothing in the rulebook saying jutsu aren't allowed." This of course got a resounding boo from the audience, but he wasn't there to win their adoration. Just the prize at the end of the tournament. The wood clone threw a snowball that hit one of the men in the leg. Hikari and the other one seemed to be holding their own so far. Each opponent was taken out in some fashion or another either before Akabayashi eliminated his or shortly after. It was almost funny how easy the tournament was.

Round Three: It began with the opponents making trenches out of piles of snow and throwing over them. They assumed if they could not be seen it would be harder to hit them and usually they would be right. This time however they weren't facing normal people. One of the masked beasts of the Terumi flew above the group in the sky and allowed the true Akabayashi to see their positions. The creature dove back down to the ground took a snowball on its hands and flew back up to throw at one of the opponents trying to arc their snowball over the pile of snow. He looked up and spotted the beasts pointing at it and flipping it off before moving off to the side to signify he was now out. He didn't seem very happy that his teams amazing strategy was out done so easily. The doctor knew his tactics were unfair, bu5 were acceptable to the referee who seemed to be getting stressed by the crowd booing him and his determination to not call anything.

Round Four: The Semi-finals finally, the day had been going swimmingly for team Ninja no one from the team had been eliminated even once the entire tournament. Would things change this round? They sure wouldn't as they went against a team whose luck seemed to have come to a close. A snowball landed to the left of Akabayashi he hadn't even needed to dodge it. Should he taunt his opponents? Give them encouragement? Or just end their journey swiftly and move onto the finals. The last one Akabayashi picked the last one. Akabayashi threw a snowball straight which shouldn't have hit anyone, but with the rinnegan he could pull a person to him. Using this pull one of the opposing team flew toward team ninja into the snowball and landed where Akabayashi was before he moved and got out of the way. "You aren't supposed to jump in front of them you know." He would say as the now defeated person dusted himself off and stepped to the side.

Final Round: This was it the prize was within reach and now all they had to do was win this last round. The referee looked a little worse for wear and seemed fed up with the crowd he pointed to Crom. "You are out on account of throwing too hard!" This scored the ref some points with the crowd, but the loss of a team member wasn't enough to change the figurative slaughter about to happen. Snowball after snowball was thrown by team normie, but getting one to connect was impossible as the snow was melted immediately by fire jutsu. More booing from the crowd of course. They even tried a stratagem like that of team three building things to block snowballs. Akabayashi's goal was to melt most of the snow on their side leaving them little room to escape. "Hikari do you remember the thing you did against the oaf for your jounin exam? Can you do it again?" He would ask hoping she knew what he was referencing. They were all grouped up and attempting to collect snow whatever little of it that remained. If a storm of a thousand snowballs was enough they would be victors and could all claim the prize. Tickets to the winter games stand and a decent chunk of change for how simple the work was. A mighty fine payout by any standards. There was more to come in the near future at the snowman building competition.

TWC: 932
Claims: Completing the mission 5 times. 4 times with 3 people roughly 166 WC per person. Once with two people 250 WC each. 5,000 ryo, 1250
Winter Equinox Tickets. 7500 ryo per mission for rank reward 7500×5=37,500. All WC toward Animal Path completing it. Only has 659 until completed. Rest of the WC to charity.

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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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Snowball Brawl Empty Re: Snowball Brawl

Thu Dec 22, 2022 10:35 pm
'Why do I have to be the one always roped into the craziest assignments?'

Not to many days had passed since the young Kunoichi ended up in the Frozen village Hidden in the mountains of Snow Country, when she had been approached by her former Black Opps Subordinate and team medic about a possible side job to get some additional funds. Normally the Kunoichi would be very opposed to this sort of thing, however, while the Seventh Hogokage was still trying to get her back on the payroll, the Kunoichi had basically been forced into doing small jobs around the village in order to make a living and pay off the loan she had to take out to re-start her life in Hoshigakure. Due to that, the Akari assassin wasn't as picky That being said, The Kunnoichi assumed that the side job would be something like helping the local authorities track down a criminal, or maybe consulting work to help teach a small buisness's security team to handle low level shinobi attempting to seal classified documents. Something fairly small, but would overall help the community.

As such, it came to be quite a surprise when the job that she received from her former black opps agent was just entering into a snowball fight tournament.


The Kunoichi and her three teammates would enter the snow filled arena. They had been able to reach out to a Hoshigakure gennin to be their third member, and had to find a random Kirigakure ninja to be their fourth since Dr. Terumi forgot that the teams needed 4 people instead of just 3. Looking over at the other side Hikari would see... to her horror, a bunch of grade school students on the opposite side of the arena. As the referee would start the match, the Kunoichi would in the corner of her eyes see underneath the sunglasses of her comrade the normall warm eyes of the doctor turn blood red.

"Try not to...." The Kunoichi would start to speak to warn her teammates not to hurt the children, but the Terumi was already on the case, and with speed only a trained killer could obtain, blasted one of the kids in the shoulders.

A loud boo would erupt from the crowd, as 2 other children were also tagged out by Hikari's teammates, causing the last one to run and hide behind a small snow wall and cower in fear. His cries hurting Hikari in her soul. Looking over at Omega, the Akari assassin would start to collect some snow on the ground and forming it into a icey sphere in her hand. "You know... the mission does take priority, but have you ever though that there might be such a thing like Overkill?" Then, with a flick of her wrist, the girl would throw the ball to the left of the snowy fort, and give enough spin on it that the snow ball would curve behind the wall and pelt the young crying child in the leg.

Hikari of course got booed out of the arena, and to be honest the girl felt like she deserved it.


Well, at least this was against actual adults this time. At the start of the round, Hikari took cover behind a small snow barrier that was constructed. Of course the Immortal doctor was at his tricks again, using jutsu to help himself eliminate his opponents. One of their opponents would start getting up into the officials face, yelling at him to eliminate the Nova member. "Comeon! This isn't in the rules, but its obviously cheating! The rules don't forbid killing the other team, but we all know that isn't a rule. So do your damn job and get those fucke...."

At the sound of the first swear, Hikari would already be winding up her arm, and as the male started swearing for the second time, the frozen present the Akari had sent to him for the holidays would be deliver right into his wide open mouth, dropping the man to the ground. Giving a slight wave to the boy, Hikari would duck under an incoming snowball, and would remain in cover for the rest of the round.


At the start of the round, Hikari would once again try to take cover, but would stop as soon as she saw a familiar black threaded monster popping out of the Nova's back. Wait... Since when did Omega learn that technique. One second thought, how did Omega know that technique? Wasn't that a blood line based technique that couldn't be learnt even if one transplanted DNA from a user into them?

Either way, Hikari would look on in horror as the S rank technique would demolish the civilians who dared to think that it was a good idea to enter into a local snowball war tournament.


A massive wave of boos flooded the arena as Akabyashi's team entered into the snow. Hikari could barely take her hands out of her mittens to show her face she was so embarrassed. Her humilation was so bad, that she missed the official's mark to start the match, and found herself standing alone in the center of the arena, and started to get a volley of snow balls thrown her way. On reflex, the girl phased out of reality, letting the snowballs glide through her to the crowd's Ire. It didn't take long for her team to handle the opposing side. We.... Were they committing some kind of war crime, using jutsu on unarmed civilians of another country?


At least this mess would be over soon.

The Akari was absolutely shocked that the pale snow boy was actually disqualified for.... Throwing to hard? Yet at the same time, the two members of the black opps had been committing war crimes, and were being allowed to stay. Honestly, Hikari was sort of hoping for the opposing team to win at this point.

At the start of the match, Hikari would quickly try to dive and grab enough snow for a quick tag at the start of the match to even teams, but to her surprise the man who she tried to hit would be able to duck underneath the assualt. Well, at least these guys stood a chance.

As The Termui would start melting the opponent's snow reserves, the doctor would call out to Hikari and ask about something she did during her Jōnin exams. "Wait, the Holy marks?" She would ask from behind cover. "I mean... I recall them, but I don't see how that would help us right now.... Wait.... you mean the Shuriken Shadow Clone technique? Omega, I almost killed the Third Hogokage with that, Isn't that overkil..." The Kunoichi would call out before realizing that she was saying this to the man who was literarily burning away their opponents snow for just a few thousand ryo. "Fine! You Win!"

From behind cover, Hikari would toss up into the air a single snowball way far over the head of the opposing team's position, before preforming the proper handsigns, and cloning the small ball of snow a few dozen times. The ball would descend and it along with its hundred replicas would start to descend upon the earth, completely burying the opposing faction under an avalanche of snow. Luckily, no one would did in this chakra made avalanche, but it would take some time for rescue workers to help get everyone out safely.

With deafening boos, an award ceremony would go on where Hikari, whom had slight tears forming down her face as she tried to come to terms with what she had done, would be given the victor's purse along with her teammates.


WC: 1,289


1,289 WC to the new version of HBH with the max stat discount  
26,250 Ryo, (1,000 Ryo Mission reward, Plus 4,000 for being a Jōnin, Plus 250 for Ap conversion of 5 AP and multiply it by 50, all of this multiplied by 5 for the E rank mission be completed 5 times.)  
1,250 Winter Equinox Tickets

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Shiro Hyuga
Shiro Hyuga
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Snowball Brawl Empty Re: Snowball Brawl

Thu Dec 22, 2022 11:39 pm
The arrival to see the Land of Snow was a rather surprising offer levied towards the young Kirigakure ninja, he accepted with a smirk, focused purely on the thought of what he could learn, as well as the news that this was meant to be a peaceful interaction between that of all of the villages was something he could not pass up any time soon. This is where he could start making some allies, the thought revealing his purely white towards the empty snowy fields he found himself a part of, where, upon further investigation, he seemed to have been lost in the snow, before finding himself in the middle of a village that didn’t seem to know him nor really care about his entire existence of late. It had taken him a bit to get here, yet that was in the past, especially when a certain Doctor had come and “requested” that he join a little snowball fight.

A snowball fight that he was invited to join, the Kirigakure ninja was delighted to show off his own skill set towards his fellow companions in this competition. Even the knowledge that they were Hoshigakure ninja didn’t deter him from showing off just what he had in stored for them to witness, even though his repertoire of techniques was a bit underdeveloped, it wouldn’t be long before their team of four would make it to the top, especially since the people he was with seemed to be of a high skill level… Maybe even more so than himself when it came to pure battle skill, yet his confidence did not falter, in fact it was BOLSTERED by the possibility of doing a simple snowball competition, finally he could be in his element! Everything in their path, no matter the time or effort, all would be crushed beneath them.

ROUND 1:Yet Shiro was not expecting to go up against mere grade school children, there was simply no use in not holding back against them… Okay maybe holding back against them a little bit would be better then them losing. He gave way more accurate throws then that of his other teammates, his projectiles were on point as always. It was super easy for him to dodge their pitiful attempts at throwing out snowballs. Training as a ninja would suit them well, yet with two very well placed shots aimed directly at the kids, one aimed at the stomach, and the other aimed at their leg, the series of boo’s had Shiro’s body slump for a moment, they were booing them? Sheesh he didn’t even think that he hit them that hard with the pieces of snow. Yet one kid hiding behind a snow wall made his eyes widen in surprise. It reminded him too much of his own mother, his soul almost cracking a little as the Akari assassin formed a small ball of snow inside of her hand, pelting it at the child with almost as much speed as Shiro had. The kid was slammed in the leg, he began to cry as it seemed that they certainly weren’t the favorite ones to win. Hikari was especially targeted because of that first round incident, perhaps the next two rounds wouldn’t be so one sided.

ROUND 2:Using jutsu to win a snowball tournament match, even Shiro could admit that it was a pretty low blow to have to use jutsu against simple unarmed civilians. Hell most of them didn’t even know or have enough chakra to amp up the throw in the first place, much less do all the crazy shit that his fellow teammates were doing. He was too busy bobbing and weaving around his opponent much to care that one of them was asking for a disqualification from them. The white haired boy sighed, knowing that this was going to be a consistent thing, he’d decide to play along with the crowd’s boo’s… beginning to take on the persona as one of those dastardly bastards you’d see in plays.

“Ah I see! Using the rules against us! Well technically there isn’t much ruling for the use of jutsu, however it’s not your place to judge since you simply don’t have enough use of chakra for it.”

Sure it was a dick move, but Shiro was willing to have some amount of fun here, especially given how much of a downer the previous match was to go up against a bunch of grade schoolers. That freaky guy with the Sharingan didn’t even try and go easy on them, yet at least here with adults they wouldn’t cry that much, Shiro let out a howl of laughter as the man who was cursing at the refs was suddenly silenced by a snowball directly towards his mouth. Landing with a sudden THUD on their back. Using the remaining snow around himself to throw two perfect shots at the other teammates there. This certainly was becoming a breeze to get through. Hopefully some kind of challenge presented itself soon enough, his mouth opened as a yawn escaped, before walking out with the rest of his team.

ROUND 3: His surprise to see that the other team had built forts in order to defend themselves was a great move if this was any other team besides basically superhuman individuals. This wasn’t even a fair fight, and they didn’t even have to do anything as the Terumi’s own beats showed themselves now. Shiro using his Byakugan to see just what kind of beast this thing with blackened tendrils jutting out of it… Some kind of masked horror? It obviously was a kekkei genkai of some kind… or a special technique derived from a Kekkei Genkai. Yet finding out that one of his teammates had both the Sharingan and these blackened creatures confused the Hyuga. His eyebrow raised as the masked beast proceeded to destroy the other team through no fault of their own, they were simply up against people who could give less of a shit what others thought about them. Only that now, they were certainly the least favorites, getting booed off and even having things thrown at them including snow.

ROUND 4: The match was very brief, Shiro immediately sniping one guy on the leg for taking a misstep when running to grab more snow. Yet Shiro was not ready to see that someone else had actually moved from their own position unwillingly as their red haired friend's eyes suddenly changed. He saw the purple rings of the Rinnegan, yet he had no idea what this kind of thing was. What kind of dojutsu even was that, the purplish pink eyes.. The control over something like forcing someone’s body to go a certain way freaked the young genin out a bit as he stood there confused, Akabayashi’s taunting didn’t win them any favors within the crowd's own views on the matter, only that now they were in the finals.

ROUND 5:The finals of the tournament were absolutely wild, seeing that the Namikaze chick was able to make a massive avalanche of snow was surprising to be sure. Just how was she even able to multiple all that snow together. Something like that certainly wasn’t natural by any circumstance, his eyes could see that the people were alright, yet he turned towards Hikari specifically.

“Maybe next time don’t cover people without much chakra in almost an avalanche alright?” He said with a snarky tone towards his superior in almost every aspect besides that of speed. He surely had confidence, especially after they had gotten to the award ceremony with boo’s roaring from the crowd, as Shiro simply took his prize and went along with the group, curious as to who these mysterious people could be.

Exit and Claims:

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Crom Tokage
Crom Tokage
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Snowball Brawl Empty Re: Snowball Brawl

Fri Dec 23, 2022 10:44 am
Round One: Crom had been signed up for a Snowball tournament that was made of 5 rounds. The teams were being made by someone else and he was put on a team full of people he didn’t really know personally. Like a Akabayashi Terumi, a Hikari Namikaze and a Shiro Hyuga. It was a team that seemed to be mostly Hoshigakure Shinobi. So Crom enjoyed the fact that there weren’t any rules against using Jutsus. “Who allowed this to fly?” Crom wondered to himself as he watched his other teammates easily dodge and dip thrown snowballs and take out the opponents so Crom did his part and dispatched his own share of opponents.
Round Two: People were starting to realize how broken it was to have adults against children with the allowance of jutsus, nothing like seeing a bunch of children with their poor chakra control get slammed by a massive snowball thrown by another person that seemed to be able to create snow and ice from his very body. This was Crom’s Element almost literally, his Clan was originally from the Snow Country and he felt more at home here in this tournament then he did honestly about anywhere else. It was a nice bit of insight for the young Shinobi as his team and himself took care of their next opponents with ease.
Round Three: Now teams were of people who thought with their heads during the fight because this next team actually made trenches and forts to hide behind. Crom’s Teammates had some easy counters for this team with one using some kind of Masked Beast to fly over the enemy team and dive bomb them with snowballs. This really opened Crom’s eye’s on how varied the people in Hoshigakure really were. These fights had been to easy and Crom had simply been letting loose tossing these snowballs probably a bit to hard but compared to his teammates he was barely doing anything major so he was just enjoying himself. This had been the most fun he had had in ages, beyond reading his research papers and scrolls from the archive. Maybe he would have to get out and about more often with all these snow based events going on.
Round Four: The semi-finals, just one more match and they would have won the whole tournament and with none of the team being eliminated from prior matches they should have been the crowd favorite but it seemed that due to Crom’s teammates using some questionable jutsus against the other teams that seemed to border the impossible or things of legend. His red-headed Teammate whose name he was starting to remember who it was pulled a opponent from a distance straight into a flying snowball. He didn’t pull him with any item or limb he simply seemed to reach out and grab the person and pull him towards him. This made Crom remember about the legend of the Sage of the Six Path though he was sure it was simply a legend at that, though now Crom’s Curiosity had been piqued. Crom pushed that aside and simply decided he would look more into that legend once the tournament was over and he had some spare time, no reason to wonder and ponder in the middle of a snowball fight.
Round Five: The finals what should have been the end of the end and a satisfying time for the whole team, but it seemed the referee had decided that enough was enough and chose to bench Crom for “Throwing to hard." A strange decision and it annoyed Crom to no end as he literally watched his teammates go way above and beyond what should be allowed with their jutsus he didn’t fight against the ruling and made his way to sit out the rest of the match. He knew they weren’t going to lose this match but it still was annoying to say the least. As Crom had thought his team wiped the opposite team with ease and they had been crowned the champions of the tournament to quite a few people’s dismay and distain.

WC: 686

Completed the mission 4 times, [Already completed this mission once prior.]
4000 Ryo, 20 AP, 1000 Winter Equinox Tickets
Putting 250 wc towards mastering Cat Eyes for reduced Handseals
Putting 250 WC towards mastering Sensory Deprivation for reduced Handseals
Discarding the rest of the WC
Mikina Viperis
Mikina Viperis
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Snowball Brawl Empty Re: Snowball Brawl

Fri Dec 23, 2022 3:03 pm
Approved for everyone up to this post

P.s. It's Hiroki but as Hiko
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