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Wed Mar 01, 2023 10:48 am

At Baliquis’s suggestion, the younger woman- Ryumi- jumped, seemingly giddy and pleased, and Baliquis was slightly startled internally because it was such a unique recreation to her offer. Usually people weren’t physically jumping for joy when Bali approached them or offered to work with them, but Bali smiled inwardly. It was an appreciated change from the norm, and she liked the quirkiness of it.

“Well, that covers my weakness…. Not the best when it comes to sensory! So pairing up together would be the perfect combo!” Ryumi said, and Baliquis nodded as they managed to get inside the clan headquarters. They seemed to work well enough as it didn’t take them too long to go ahead and find the files they needed. While they did so, Ryumi was quick to keep an eye out for anything else they made need, and Baliquis made use of her own self for assistance by making sure they were safe so there were no unexpected surprises with her sensory abilities.

Baliquis did her own amount of food work by looking into the files to retrieve the types of files they were looking for, with a reminder from Ryumi here and then. However, the more petite woman’s mere presence was more prominent than she was, and that’s something that Baliqis would deeply respect and appreciate. Even she felt moments of feeling more petite than she was despite her unsettling height. When Baliquis finished, Ryumi looked through files again, and after some brisk organizing, she announced, “We should probably take this to the kage at this rate… Something strange is going on around here… And I don’t like it!”

“I agree.” Baliquis said simply and supportively with her practiced and hollow smile, “Letting our leadership know where issues are would be in the best interest of everyone.”

However, as they left, Baliquis advised her temporary partner, “I apologize but I will leave that up to you; I need to get back to the Temple and handle some things.” With that, Baliquis left with a friendly wave.

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Wed Mar 01, 2023 3:18 pm
Youta Shinkou wrote:
TWC is 552
Rest of missions have been done previously

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4,000 Ryo+500 Genin

287+552=839/1125genjutsu frogging

Baliquis wrote:


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Sat Mar 18, 2023 6:30 pm
Baliquis being in agreement with her that they should have taken the document to the kage certainly was surprising. Especially given that she had been looking in the files briefly, mainly checking back onto the document with her parents. One of those who had been issued into the files was simply codenamed “Operative: Bitter Haven” Which had Ryumi shudder slightly at the thought of what that could mean… she needed to report this to the Kage and fast! Especially when there was so much information that had been leaked already as a result of the rising amount of money. Just what was happening inside of their village to where people were beginning to send money in places in order to get Operatives into the place. Her eyes widened, understanding slightly what the operative could mean… Was someone after Tsunayoshi? The thought shook her, she wasn’t able to see Tsuna much, as he was mostly patrolling around the village… Yet he was the one who had defeated anyone he went against within the exams… Without taking a single scratch of damage and only losing his armor in the process. If someone was confident enough to send someone to go after him… She only hoped that the man would survive.

“We have to get out of here, now-”

She was then notified by Baliquis that the women would be leaving them in order to return towards the temple. Ryumi was shocked that she would simply leave the idea of a potential threat towards the village to only her. However Ryumi couldn’t ideally chat about this. Her body moved with only a small thumbs up towards her fellow shinobi. Dipping out and away from the scene of the amount of black mail and evidence against this once well respected clan. Her focus shifted in order to get a hold of someone so that way she could tell them what was going on. However the other missions were going to become an increasing concern in the future if she were to ignore them. It was annoying, however she knew that doing most of these other missions wouldn’t be too much of a hassle, especially with the rest of her team to make things a lot easier. Even if all of them had to go at this specific moment. She wouldn’t mind doing it solo, as it allowed her mind to wonder about why they had her own parents' documents, and the thought that someone was potentially after Tsunayoshi made her concerned for how well the village would deal with a threat from the inside. She shifted her focus back onto the missions that she had to do. The missions that were so integral in making sure that she could get enough money to help with Lloyd. Yet she constantly had to spend money now. From equipment to new clothing to even trying to pay back Typhon. Her scarred face grimaced, shaking the thoughts of running away from the opportunities that laid out before her. Startling the few people that were walking past when she was running at full speed.

She had speed. Speed in which case allowed her to go through with the rest of the missions on her own. There wasn’t really a need for the rest of the group, they wouldn’t really be needing to see her for a bit anyways. She’d bolted straight towards the Kozai Yuki national archives…the librarian named after it’s beloved chief Librarian Kozai. Focusing on the task at hand was important to any shinobi willing to get the job done. Her arms reached outwards in order to open the doors and explain the situation towards the librarians about how she was meant to organize the new files at the expansion suite right next door from the Archives. The process was rather annoying, since she couldn’t rip or damage the files in any way, she had to be careful not to have any cuts from the finely tuned parchment that she carried with her towards the small section that had been useful for most lower ranking individuals. Academy students would be able to access low ranking jutsu to be taught and to use for upcoming Genin exams. Yet it was primarily ninjutsu, meaning that there wasn’t really a way for her to learn anything from these small files. She had asked if she could at least look at a few of the files contained in the lower level parts of the library. To which she was told to simply do her job. Ryumi rolled her eyes before continuing to organize and place the files within the right spots.

The final parts of this were rather amusing, Rey’s arms felt nice and worked up from running around a library all day in order to organize. Now she was simply stretching them out whenever she needed to on her way to the final mission that she would have to accomplish. Focused primarily on simply enjoying the food and eating to her heart's content. Rey’s focus became tenfold when the two restaurants were able to provide so much food for her to try. It was more food than she had ever seen before! Much more than what she was able to forage around back at home. This was more than worth it for the type of investigation and organization work she had been doing. Plus she was getting paid to do this! Her scarred hands would be shown for all to see as she went on about judging each of the restaurant's foods and side dishes. She couldn’t put her finger on it, yet the sheer thought of choosing one over the other was going to kill her at this rate. As such, Rey wished for one final dish to be served to her that was small enough that she could eat in one bite, to which both restaurants were up to the task in giving her something of substance while also being one bite.

She ended up choosing the one that was slightly saltier than the other… And mainly because the other one seemingly had some ties to the church… Thus it was simply up to the food, and my was she stuffed! She didn’t know if she could truly go back to normal food after all of that!


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