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Emi Tanaka
Emi Tanaka
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Village Leader
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A Trip to the Doctor's Empty A Trip to the Doctor's

Sun Nov 27, 2022 11:28 pm

Being a Kage was taxing. So much shit to deal with from so many people. It did not help the practical mountain of work left behind by the Missing In Chiefs. Sometimes, Emi just sat there, considering if it might be easier to leave the village.

And never come back.

But no, she had experience what it was like to deal with that sort of backlog. She was still working through it, recently. She would not willingly put that on someone else's shoulders. Unwillingly, however, she may have to. She might be trying to ignore the summons to the Land of Volcanos, but it was not exactly easy. She wanted to get caught up as much as she could before having to make the journey there. But she also had her own, private duties to attend to.

Like her visit to the doctor. That she very nearly forgot about in all the turmoil.

This was an appointment she had had for awhile, and, to be totally frank, if she had not gone to rescue the cat, she very likely would have completely forgotten her appointment.

As it stood, well, she stood, waiting for her turn to be called into the back rooms for the appointment. It was bland in the room. There was a framed picture of a human skeleton with a bunch of arrows pointing to bones and the name of said bones on the other side. There was something resembling those optometrist "read the next line please" "C X Y B Z M N G" stuff. Except instead of letters, they were pictures of different organs.

Yes, Emi found it particularly weird. Who thought that was honestly a good idea? Emi wondered who picked it out. If it had been her doctor, perhaps she should.... find a different doctor.

But also probably not. Even if it was hers, it showed more a lack of taste than anything else. No need to read too deeply into something like that, it was probably entirely benign.

"Emi Tanaka?" Emi turned to the source of the question. It was just behind a door that, moments ago, had been entirely closed and, while Emi had not actually checked, likely very locked, as well. While she had been leaning against the wall, hands in her pockets, with a tee shirt depicting the logo of one of her favorite albums, she now took the time to shift her weight forwards, onto her feet fully, and began walking to the now half open door from within which her name had been called.

Her actual name, mind you. When checking in, she had asked quite plainly for a pseudonym to be used to call her back. Yes, she was the kage. But right now, she was inconspicuous. The people of the village did not really know what she looked like, and she preferred that. She knew full well this would not be something she could maintain forever. For now, in this moment, this space, and this time, she would have preferred to NOT have the citizens of the village stare at her, in this office room, puuting a face to the name.

And silently judging her for her incredibly casual clothing that, without a doubt, most of them were thinking was "highly unfitting for a kage."

Emi really hated feeling this way. Multiple people burning into her with their eyes, most certainly sharing their disapproval over someone so unfit to be Kage.

It was... it was a real issue for her. Something she wanted to ask her doctor about.

Emi was directed to the small room, and took her seat on the couch.

"How are you doing today, Emi?"

"Honestly not very well, it's-"

There was a pause, as Emi tried to find the words. After almost have a minute, she just shook her head.

"Might I ask a question pertaining to this?"

Emi nodded.

"Is it related to you being voted Kage in the recent election, and the responsibilities that comes with?"

Well, Emi could not deny that, but... But it still felt like an impossible weight to try to speak. So instead, Emi simply nodded.

She was no longer looking across the room to the doctor, but rather to her own knees, where... she realized her knuckles were white.

She had not even realized she was clenching her fists.

"Emi, I want you to be comfortable in these meets. Especially now that such a major event has essentially upended your life. Normally, my schedule is very booked, but... If you wanted, I believe I can make some time around this slot every other week, rather than the once a month you currently schedule for. Do you think that would help?"

Emi had not even noticed it. She was too focused on nothing real, not even seeing right in front of her face. She did not notice it, until she felt it, falling upon her hand. A small little thing, yet something which has perhaps caused and relieved the most pain of anything else in existence: a single tear.

The splash upon her hand brought her back to her senses, no longer stuck in her mind, trying to process what the doctor was saying.

Once again finding it difficult to talk, Emi simply nodded. Then she wiped her eyes, one at a time, before sitting up straight, looking at the doctor.

There was a saying: Swallow your Pride. It was often meant to mean "shut up". If it was meant more honestly, it might mean to recognize yourself and who you are in the presence of.

Emi was glad the doctor was not trying to "swallow her pride." Emi needed this, especially now. She knew it, just as well as she knew she was now the Komekage of Cultural and Economic Development. It was not a job she had wanted, nor one she had requested. But a joke had gone awry, and she was not dealing with it the best she could.

And part of dealing with it the best she could, would mean being the best she could.

And these appointments would help. A lot. She knew it.

A literal child. A literal child was the one tormenting Tanbogakure. Sure, it was not horrible torment. It was, however, annoying, difficult to clean, impossible to ignore, and all around rude. At this point, the child was sat in a chair opposite Emi. Apprehended, tied up, and just waiting for some people to come around to collect. It felt wrong but... something needed to be done. So, Emi asked.

"Why'd you do it all?"

Imagine for a moment you live in a simple home. It is small, yes, but it is home. That is what everybody keeps saying.

Imagine that the paint is peeling, the wooden floor is visibly rotting in places, and the single bedroom is used by your parents. Where do you sleep? With your brother, in the closet.

There is a bed in there.

A ratty one, where you have to use tape and a piece of ripped t-shirt to keep one of the springs from poking you in the back.

But a bed. That you and your brother share.

Your dad is a bit of a beast. To put it mildly. He comes home at night drunk enough that he should be unconscious. He reeks. And he is scary. He is never happy like this. Always mean. Sometimes... sometimes physically so. You have seen bruises on your mother, and on your older brother. He- he tries to stand up for you, for mom.

It sometimes works. He tells you that, for those sometimes, it is all worth it.

Last week, he went into work and said he "ran into a pole".

The pole was very fist shaped. And mobile. While my brother sat in an unmoving chair.

When I go outside, everybody looks at me with pity. Or fear. Some even with malice. They hated me. Not for what I did, but for what I represented. I was a blight on the neighborhood. A house that looked perfect on the outside. A house that was as broken on the inside as the father was.

Imagine that your life was so fucked up, so broken, that the response from others was not 'how can we help', but 'why can we still see you, go away!' It destroys you, destroys your soul.

Some nights, your dad never comes home. Those are the good nights.

Some nights, he comes home late. He stamps around the house, often shouting. Wanting food when everyone else ate hours ago.

Sometimes your mom suggests he warm up leftovers. Well, she did, once upon a time. She had not in a long time.

He does not like that answer.

He is scary when he is drunk and hungry.

When he is home, he always must eat first. Mom tries, she really does. Between his drinking and... probably gambling, well.

Your family is pretty poor. It is hard to build up a safety net when someone spends all the extras and them some.

More than once, moneylenders have come by your house, asking after your dad. Under threats of silence, you say he is not there. Often, they don't buy it.

When they don't, he takes his rage out on you afterwards. For 'reminding him of those no good assholes and their absurd interest rates. No man could keep up with that!'

Your older brother once tried a witty snap back.

He was bed bound for days and wore long sleeves and sunglasses for a week afterwards.

What am I supposed to do? So, you run away. Yes, you feel bad for your mother, your brother. But... what can you do? You're just a kid.

Maybe you meet some people on the street. They manage to get you talking.

But instead of making fun of you, instead of pretending you are a nobody, a pain to have within their eyesight... They help. The offer friendship. A place to live. Things to do.

A Family.

And then, after a bit, well, you kinda of suspected the whole time. They were not really secretive about it but...

They ask you to do something. Practice spray painting a certain shape, and then go tag a monument in the center of the village.

These are people you trust. They took you in at your lowest. Provided you food, water, shelter.

Safety. Family.

You do not want to say no. And after you do it a few times, it gets easier. So they start stepping it up. Larger tags, sometimes more complex. More public spaces. You start needing to go in the middle of the night so nobody is around. And, deep down... deep down, you know this is wrong.

But these are your family. Your new family.


A nice family. Do you know what it was like, to have a family like that? The fear was no longer 'might I die'. Just 'will I not fit in?'

It's... it's still a shitty family. Or so I'm told. I never got to have a good family. By the time I was two, my dad was a drunkard. Brother says... says, when he was younger, dad was better. Calmer.

He's so scary now. I'm so scared.

Please don't send me back to live with them.

It was a lot for Emi to take in. She... was not used to this, and had nothing she could really offer to the boy. His story was tragic, painful. And as much as she wanted to let him go, there... was nothing she could really do.

She had had to find the kid. Even as kage, she... could do. His fate was sealed. He had been caught. He just admitted, and... And Emi could not lie about this. Could not risk it. As much as she hated it...

She had caught him. In the process of tagging a wall near the center of town. He was nothing special, just... an unlucky kid, in an unlucky situation.

She wanted to help him, but she already saw the guards coming. They would take her statement. Take his statement. And then be on their ways.

For now, she was helpless. Perhaps more from fear than actual limitation. But did the distinction really matter? For now, she hoped the kid was lying. And moved on with her life. Because any other outcome was too much to consider.

2072 wordcount

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Kaito Inuzuka
Kaito Inuzuka
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A Trip to the Doctor's Empty Re: A Trip to the Doctor's

Mon Nov 28, 2022 12:48 pm
Exit claims Approved for Emi Tanaka!
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