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Yusuke Inuzuka
Yusuke Inuzuka
Stat Page : Stat Page
Remove Taijutsu Default
Fire Default
Clan Specialty : N/A
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 0

Guard Duty Intern (Mission) Empty Guard Duty Intern (Mission)

Wed Oct 19, 2022 11:45 pm
Guard Duty Intern
Rank: D
Rewards: 2,000 Ryo/10 AP

There were several large pin up tents around the entrance to Hoshigakure. Each one served as a pitstop for travelers to the time-honored Village Hidden in the Stars. In total there were six and today would be Yusuke's first day as a shadow for a Guard at the gates. This was one of the most boring positions a ninja could take, but Yusuke had been given the mission from higher uos. He couldn't say no, and it wasn't like he would anyway. Yusuke was happy to serve the people of his village, so he and his dog companion were walking from one gate to brother. For the third time in fifteen minutes.

It seemed this job was largely notary delivery from one tent to the next, so Yusuke followed the guard as he did so. The guard name was Yeche and he was quite stuck up. Yusuke tried to talk with him but got little more than grunts and groans. Yusuke couldn't help to think that the guy should have been grateful that someone was taking over his duty, but Yeche wasn't. In fact it seemed to Yusuke that Yeche wasn't very impressed by anything. Yusuke wondered what kind of ninja he was, but it was hard to tell.

"Probably a fuuinjutsu master.." Yusuke muttered to himself as he followed Yeche back out of the tent. It was a warm Autumn day and Yusuke was sweating. Perhaps it was just the anticipation of how long he would be in the current tent before being sent to another.

Fortunately Yusuke was only forced to follow Yeche for five and a half hours. Once this shadowing was over Yusuke was given free reign of the travels for today.

First Yusyke started in the first tent. His shift officially began when he was given a scroll of people's names to transport to the third tent. Yusuke was fast, in fact the fastest genin Hoshigakure had as far as the self proclaimed master could tell. Yusuke and Rudi jumped into the air, speedily landing and rushing toward the third gate. This gate was where villagers were checked in, so Yusuke had to bring the list of names to be double checked for proof of residency. Like all that he had done so far today, this duty was incredibly vital for the village. There were ten people who were trying to get back home.

Yusuke wouldn't hear any more about it however, for when he delivered the notes he was given a scroll of updated bingo book targets. Yusuke was to take that to the first tent, the farthest tent from the village gates. The inuzuka and his dog companion leapt high in the air, bouncing from here to there until they made it through the lines of people waiting to get in the front of each tent. Yusuke delivered the scroll.

He expected to be given some parchment of paper but he was mistaken. Instead the captain of the first tent requested he perform monitoring of the people coming through tent one. This tent was where villagers were separated from nomads, vagabond, other shinobi and the like. This was an important job too, and Rudi stood with Yusuke at attention as they watched and memorized the faces of literally everybody that came in. Fortunately for their brain it was only four visitors but one wasn't a villager of Hoshi.

The captain requested Yusuke to direct this fellow to the second gate where he would be identity checked. A lot of exiled villager would try to sneak in, and even villagers from other countries who sought the secrets of Hoshigakure. While it was unlikely this man was more than a peddling merchant, it was now suddenly up to Yusuke to handle the business.

Rudi walked with Yusuke to the man named Chong. The giant dog was certainly opposing, and Yusukes muscle bound exterior could cause fright in any normal civilian; and it did. The man named Chong was stumbling and stuttering as Yusuke asked him the series of questions he was taught for identity checks. The man was scared but he passed and Yusuke proceeded to eacort him to the second tent.

In the second tent Yusuke was forced to wait until after the interrogation was completed. Yusuke and Rudi had to stand next to the booth where Ching gave his name, birth date, birth place, and so much more. The list went in and on, and even Rudi was shocked by the complete investigation the officer of the second tent put Chong through. Fortunately for Chong he checked out to be the person he said he was. Of course he was terribly anxious but that didn't matter once his identity hsd been cleared. Yusuke was instructed to bring him to the fourth tent.

The fourth tent was dedicated to creating temporary travel visas in Hoshigakure. This tent had the longest line, and because Chong had come from the second tent he had to have a body guard still. A stupid regulation but one that Yusuje was dedicated to uphold. Yusuke stood with Won for nearly forty minutes when he eventually made it to the front of the line. Yusuke delivered a note he had been given on Chongs identity to the attendant and she proceeded to type on a type writer. She had blue paper being printed by the stamps on the keyboard, and she typed very fast. Yusuke wondered if she typed faster than he, but didn't have much time to ask. His time with Chong was at an end snd he was relieved of his duty.

Yusuke headed home from the gates, Rudi closely following him. The dog was barking, asking Yusuke what he thought of his day. While Yusuke wasn't exactly thrilled to have such a tedious task, weekly now, he was happy to be given the chance to get familiar with the people coming through the village. Rudi wasn't surprised to hear it and agreed with his master. The Inuzuka duo made it home just in time to get the rest they would need for the next day.

Soon the duo would be looking to get some real combat training done, and they both dreamed of the excitement.

WordCount: 1,038
+10 Vigor

Technique Proficiency:

(Past Training=1,470)+1,030= 2,500/2,500 (A Rank) Lariat
Crom Tokage
Crom Tokage
Stat Page : Stats
Remove Ninjutsu Sensory Default
Wind Water Default
Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 18805

Guard Duty Intern (Mission) Empty Re: Guard Duty Intern (Mission)

Thu Oct 20, 2022 6:56 am
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