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Yusuke Inuzuka
Yusuke Inuzuka
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The Howling Fang Empty The Howling Fang

Thu Oct 13, 2022 10:07 pm
The year had been a long one. When it had first begun Yusuke and Rudi found themselves inside the Kennel, a large underground pit where Inuzuka ninken were raised up with their future human partners. Yusuke had an important task. 

It was Yusukes duty to record all live births by female canines. The Inuzuka clan of Hodhigakure had over seventy one breeding females, so his day to day work remained at a steady pace. When he wasn't recording the names of birthing mothers he tended to the pups that roamed the Kennel. This of course put him in the eyes of children. Most of the Inuzuka Clan of Haven Country had some sort of ties to the Kennel. Many, like Yusuke, spent their early life there; growing up with Inuzuka pups and other babies. This kept the Clan very secular and close knit, which was important to Hoshigakure. 

In order to maintain their work the Inuzuka Clan elected humans who had a rare genetic anomaly within the clan, fur growing all over the body and even tails growing. These people belonged to the House of Hauringu, and held to a higher degree of standing in the clan. These people recorded the births, and deaths of Inuzuka canine. 

Yusuke was one of the lucky elect and forebears he refrained from his career as a genin for the village in order to serve his clan. 

By the time this past spring arrived he was given a miraculous opportunity. The other member of Hauringu offered to take his duties over for five years, and in turn Yusuke would do the same in five years. A new partnership was formed between the two.

Yusuke decided easily to return to his tasks as a ninja. While he was certainly the most fit monk of the ninken clan, he wasn't the most perfectly honed weapon of Hoshigakures military arm. Faithful to his village Yusuke was determined to be recognized for his skill and ingenuity. On April First he resumed his duties as a genin, just a day after his birthday. 

For the entire summer Yusuke worked his hands to the bone, performing daily E Ranked missions for the village. Saving cats, grocery shopping, carnival activities and so much more occupied his time. When he had time left over Yusuke took to the grinding belt and honed his skills further with physical training. 

As a taijutsu specialist it was imperative to Yusuke that he be in top physical form. This necessity became routine for Yusuke and he built himself into perfect condition by doing five thousand push ups everyday, five thousand crunches everyday, five thousand squats everyday and much much more. His muscles became thicker and more hardened than ever. Underneath of his furry exterior was a brick house of a man. 

As summer came to an end it became clear to Rudolf he had more training to engage in everyday. He began a daily routine of house top hopping, racing his partner Rudi. The thrill of an empty chest excited Yusuke, and he became ever more fascinated with the thrill of adrenaline. The pair began sparring more intensely, Yusuke mastering the Eight Gates and Rudi held his partner in high regards. Sometimes one of the pair would even end up in the hospital, and that's when Yusuke slowed down a little. 

As Autumn approached the sparring sessions lightened up, the duo practicing their style of Wolf Fang Fist. Yusuke became more familiar with his clans taijutsu style, perfecting certain moves day by day. Rudi was a perfect sparring partner, a fast healer who knew his way around the arena. Yusuke would perfect walking on all fours during this time, mastering how to keep his four pointed flank side Seay from danger. Rudi was a good teacher, and Yusuke had the most upright respect for his canine companion. 

The duo had known each other since birth. Yusuke was just a few days old when Rudi was born. Once Rudis eyes were open he and Yusuke picked each other as partners. Yusukes mother and father adopted Rudi and took care of him in the Kennel. Rudi grew big faster than Yusuke, and was always there to help the kid learn. Rudi was a brains over brawn kind of dog, and it showed the way he taught Yusuke unorthodox styles of problem solving.  

Their bond grew stronger every day, and eventually the two became genin. In their wildest fantasies they would spend the following years dreaming while tending to the Hauringu agenda, dreaming of where they would be if they had never slowed down training.

WordCount: 766
Yusuke Inuzuka
Yusuke Inuzuka
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The Howling Fang Empty Re: The Howling Fang

Thu Oct 13, 2022 10:51 pm
On this day the training was certainly an unusual case of sparring. Yusuke and Rudi typically fit the lone wolf type, they usually sparred with each other. While this was certainly advantageous for practicing collaboration during battle, it did have its disadvantages. The two felt comfortable with each other, but thanks to Rudi they were going to step out of their comfort zones. 

On this day their opponent would be a genin from Hoshigakure. An Uchiha by the name of Rey and someone Yusuke had made friends with during his time at the Hoshi Academy. When the Inuzuka duo reached out to Rey he had no problem battling with them. The Uchiha was a taijutsu user like Rudi, and was famous for his grappling throws. He would be a tough match up but with no fear the three were standing inside of the circular arena. 

The dry dirt was practically sparkling in the afternoon daylight, and the chalk line surround the two in a circular shape looked freshly painted. Rudi, an inquisitive pup, wondered whi hsd painted it but quickly shook the thought from his mind. Yusuke growled to his dog, telling him that Rey had activated his two tomoe sharingan eyes. Rudi's hair stood on end at the thought of his opponent starting out so hard. 

Yusuke wasn't fazed, in fact he called out, "Don't pull no punches Rey!" Yusuke was shirtless, his dark brown fur covering his arms and belly. He looked pretty savage with his tail swinging in excitement, on all fours with his long claws digging into the very dry dirt. Rudi got in his battle formation, raising his hind end and snarling viciously. The two were ready and Yusuke called out again, "Ready when you are! 

Rey nodded and put his hand up in a classic grappling stance. The Uchiha had his palm facing the sky and his hind hand, the right hand, was chambered behind his back. The tomoe in his eyes were spinning and Yusuke took that as a silent way of saying he was ready. 

Pulling no punches indeed Yusuke immediately opened the first gate of opening. His body immediately flexed with might and the dog man ran forward. His claws were so fast the sharingan couldn't track him quick enough, but Rey was a naturally defensive fighter and he had a perfect reaction to the slashing claws of Yusuke. Rey stepped forward, dodging Yusukes claw with a pivot of his hips, then reached out to grab Yusukes furry arm. 

Yusuke was too fast, and Rey only grabbed a tiny handful of fur. Yusukes feet hit the ground and Rudi was behind him, the vicious ninken snarling as it went for Reys face. The Uchiha stepped backward his time, swinging a chambered elbow and knocking Yusuke off balance. In the same motion he pivoted his hips the other way and gator rolled Rudi by the neck. 

Yusuke nearly fell over, unsuspecting of Reys eyes in the back of his head. "That damn Sharingan." Yusuke growled quietly then jumped high in the air. He flew backwards a little bit, flipping over Rey. Yusukes hands were weaving signs and he raised his fingers to his mouth. Three fireballs shit forward at point blank range. Rey was in trouble. 

Meanwhile Rudi got back to his feet and wondered how much more strain Yusuke could take from the Eight Inner Gates. The dog barked to Rudi, asking him how much longer he had to end this battle. Yusuke landed on the ground and replied with a bark, "Five minutes at the most." 

If Rudi could have smiled he would have. The ninken knew Rey wouldn't be able to handle all the pressure Yusuke was putting on him. To keep up their edge Yusuke dashed forward at Rey.

This time the Uchiha was prepared, and fired three long spears made of water from his mouth, then thew a pair of kunai at Yusuke. Yusuke jumped up in the air, his legs sending him flying up into the air once again. This time Yusuke didn't have time to weave together his fingers, instead he rolled through the air, flipping once and dodging the projectiles. 

That's when Rudi pounced. The big dog grabbed Reys arm and shook it, jerking the ninja down to the ground. Rudi suddenly had his opponent by the neck. 

Yusuke landed on the ground with perfect grace, his four points gracefully cushioning his fall. He laughed and snapped his finger, Rudi released Rey. "Well you did good but I'm still faster than those eyes." Yusuke released his chakra flowing into the first gate of opening, his body suddenly felt fatigued and he collapsed into a cross legged position. Now both of them were on the ground and all of a sudden Rey started laughing. Rudi let out a Howl in response and the three enjoyed their recuperation after an intense spar. 

Total WordCount: 1,582

Stat Allocation:
+15 Speed

Technique Proficiency:
+1,500/1,500 (Skill) Wolf Fang Fist
(Past Training=433)+82=515 (A Rank) Gate of Life
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The Howling Fang Empty Re: The Howling Fang

Fri Oct 14, 2022 1:48 pm
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