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Yusuke Inuzuka
Yusuke Inuzuka
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Village : Hoshigakure
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Simple Gardening Empty Simple Gardening

Fri Oct 07, 2022 7:57 pm
Simple Gardening
Rank: E
Reward: 1,000 Ryo/5 AP

Standing at his front door Yusuke was ready for the day. Fresh out of the shower he looked clean with his hair draping down past his shoulders. Yusuke was staring off into the sun rise while Rudi took a leak in the bushes. "Hurry up Ru! Yusuke called to his dog, this potty break was all that stood between them and a successful day. To say Yusuke was ready would be putting it lightly. When Rudi finished up Yusuke dashed off in front of him, his orange gi flying forward as he ran on all fours. 

"Catch me if you can old man! Yusuke called to his dog as they raced off to the mission board office in Hoshigakure. The two always raced there, freeing their mind of worries and harnessing their focus for top secret shinobi missions. On this day the two would be working as gardeners for an elderly couple, and Yusuke took the mission seriously. 

Once the Inuzuka pair had arrived at the house they could see they would have their work cut out for them. There were rose bushes over grown with weeds, and a tree had broken off a giant branch into the garden. It was Yusuke and Rudi's job to repair the garden. Yusuke started off with removing the enormous limb. 

To a weaker man this would have been a struggle, but Yusuke was fit and able bodied. With one big heave Uusuke picked up one end of the branch and pulled it off the garden. A bunch of various flowers had been smashed, and dragging the limb out didn't help any. The ground was all uneven by the time he got the tree limb out of the way. It was obvious what was next, and the two began covering up the uneven ground by digging like dogs. Before long the ground was even and all that was left was to repair the garden. Rudi hoed out the ground but the more wasn't much he could do. The rose bush was probably toast, but he didnt tell the elderly couple that. Instead the nice young man clipped it short and guaranteed a bigger bush next year. The couple was happy and sent Yusuke off with his trusted canine companion in tow. 

Still pumped up from all the heavy lifting, Yusuke and Rudi had another race to the mission board office. This time however the floor was lava, and they had to stay on the roof tops. Rudi used the Man Beast Imitation jutsu to vault over the rooftops easier, and the two were neck and neck for most of the race. Usually Yusuke won, but on this day Rudi was the one who made it first. 

The two walked into the office on all fours, and the twins confirmed the mission was comolete by a small stamp provided by the wife who had ordered the mission. Everything checked out for the Inuzuka ninja and his canine friend, and they left the office one thousand Ryo richer.

WordCount: 502
Stat Allocation: +5 Speed

Technique Proficiency:
(Past Training=203)+502=705/1,000 (C Rank) Great Fireball Jutsu

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Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
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Simple Gardening Empty Re: Simple Gardening

Tue Oct 11, 2022 11:47 am
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