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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Remove Ryo : 500

The Reckless Sarutobi Stats  Empty The Reckless Sarutobi Stats

Fri Oct 07, 2022 1:44 pm
The Reckless Sarutobi Stats  PJzwZmM
Alias: "The Reckless Sarutobi"
Age: 16

Ninja Rank: D-rank
Power Rank: D-rank
Height: 5 Feet, 7 Inches
Weight: 167 lbs

Appearance: Isshiro is a tall young man with an athletic build and a shredded body. He has spiky medium white hair with blue stripes in the back, almost like his bright blue eyes. He usually wears a metallic mask around his mouth to muster his voice or distort it. Isshiro wears a black and gray tight turtle neck long-sleeve shirt with black glove that match and almost look like they belong with the shirt; around his right arm he wears a gray arm band made of metal. On top of his black and gray shirt he wears a white jacket with multiple red straps around it; on top of his sleeves and gloves he wears another light gray gloves that stretches all the way towards his elbows. Isshiro wears white skinny combat pants with several pouches around his waist connected too two straps like belt, he also wears white combat boots.

Personality: Isshiro can be described by a few words that capture his characteristics perfectly; Ishhiro is a unexpressive individual that keeps to himself a lot of the time. While being part of the Sarutobi clan he does posses the will of fire and a strong pride, but those characteristics are not quite visible at first glance or at all. Isshiro has a obsession with training which he does a lot of the time, he spend majority of his days improving his ninjutsu as well as studying, reading and writing have become a big part of Isshiro's pass time. Isshiro keeps himself at a deficient of his village and villagers as well as comrades; keeping his distance from everyone not allowing anyone to get close to him in a personal level. 

Clan: Sarutobi 
KKG: Ash Release (Earth Path) [Not currently available)
Clan Specialty: +25 to Speed | Ninjutsu 
Specialties: (Main) Weaponry | (Clan) Ninjutsu
Elements: Katon
Advanced Elements: -

Current Stat Points: 0
Current Health Bar: 100

Vigor: 20
Chakra: 20
Speed: 30
Strength: 30

Jutsu Unlocked

S-Rank: -

A-Rank: -

B-Rank: -

C-Rank: -

Clone Technique
Transformation Technique
Surface Walking

E-Rank: -

Skills Unlocked: 

Inventory: Wanderer Bundle (Naginata, Wakizashi, and Ronin Robes)

Ryo on person: 500 - 500 (Wanderer Bundle) = 0 | Current Ryo on person: 0 Ryo

Your Story: Where isshiro was imprisoned for committing crimes as stealing and other minor crimes; during this short time he was held in a cell next to a young woman known as Reina that was also held as a criminal. Isshiro only cared about find a way to escape for himself but as the time, days and weeks passed by he had no other option but to look for held with the other criminals, after a few days of planing Isshiro and Reina plotted an escape plan with other prisoners, at night they knew that the guards were few and far between. Reina acted as she was feeling sick forcing hers lelf to vomit her food as the only guard open her cell to check on her then he was attacked, as she pushed the guard towards Isshiro's side of the cell where he attack him from behind with a small shank that he made, allowing them to escape. 

Your Missions: -
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