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Sarutobi, Isshiro Empty Sarutobi, Isshiro

Sun Oct 02, 2022 10:29 pm

Sarutobi, Isshiro

Sarutobi, Isshiro >

Basic Information

Age: 16 
Birthday: October, 12th
Gender: Male
Height: 5,7
Weight: 167 lbs
Appearance: Isshiro is a tall young man with an athletic build and a shredded body. He has spiky medium white hair with blue stripes in the back, almost like his bright blue eyes. He usually wears a metallic mask around his mouth to muster his voice or distort it. Isshiro wears a black and gray tight turtle neck long-sleeve shirt with black glove that match and almost look like they belong with the shirt; around his right arm he wears a gray arm band made of metal. On top of his black and gray shirt he wears a white jacket with multiple red straps around it; on top of his sleeves and gloves he wears another light gray gloves that stretches all the way towards his elbows. Isshiro wears white skinny combat pants with several pouches around his waist connected too two straps like belt, he also wears white combat boots.

Personality: Isshiro can be described by a few words that capture his characteristics perfectly; Ishhiro is a unexpressive individual that keeps to himself a lot of the time. While being part of the Sarutobi clan he does posses the will of fire and a strong pride, but those characteristics are not quite visible at first glance or at all. Isshiro has a obsession with training which he does a lot of the time, he spend majority of his days improving his ninjutsu as well as studying, reading and writing have become a big part of Isshiro's pass time. Isshiro keeps himself at a deficient of his village and villagers as well as comrades; keeping his distance from everyone not allowing anyone to get close to him in a personal level. 
Likes: Training | Sea Food | Reading | Writing | traveling | Power
Loudness | Crowds | Dry food | Waiting | Concealment | Feeling Powerless

History: Isshiro was born into the famous and prestigious Sarutobi clan. His parents were known quite well within the village as held to a high standard for a sarutobi to achieve; his father was a jounin that held titles for protecting the village as well as his mother. Isshiro even as a baby was not fond of people crying whenever anyone other than his parents pick him up. While Isshiro's parents tried everything to bring Ishhiro into the shinobi world as a proud and righteous member of the sarutobi clan he always felt at a deficient towards his own parents and clan almost disowning them. 

Isshiro during his academy days was the quiet kid sitting at the back of the classroom looking out through the window distracted by the world; but he was always intrigued by learning so even when he found himself being nonchalant about his class he still tried his hardest to learn and listen. He picked up a lot from his academy days, as well from his parents studying time. He knew that if he could focus he would become much stronger and smarter than his peers; during combat like training in the academy and home he always tried to be the best at it. Of course at the academy he was up agaisnt other academy student while home he trained with his father a jounin, this allowed him to topple his academy training with ease making him the first student in his class to become a genin with flying colors in all subjects and physical training; as well as chakra training. 

Isshiro became a genin around 13 years of age; he was actually thrill to become a genin and see what the world had to offer him. Isshiro was never a member of a proper squad with his own sensei; he was always an extra to a team that had one missing member. Isshiro didn't mind being a replacement even if it was momentarily he didn't care about making bounds with other he just wanted experience out in the world; he was blinded by scenery and travel that he defied orders and commands from his superior getting lecture by his higher ups and his parents. Isshiro was beginning to be known as the Reckless Sarutobi; this would only darken his thoughts about his village and what he considered family. During a mission that turn from a D-Rank to a B-rank, where his team was being held hostage by two rogues he and his commander had to make a plan to save them and Isshiro walk out on them during the rescue, leaving them to die or find there own way out. From that moment he became a missing Nin leaving his headband on a tree branch just hanging. 

Isshiro made his way towards minor villages staying wherever he could, moving away from the land of fire and passing through the land of lighting then towards the land of keys. Once stepping in a totally foreign country it was a bit harder for him to get around as he was lost majority of the time, he still tries to gain knowledge by trying to remember locations and direction until he made it towards the land of Bean. Where isshiro was imprisoned for committing crimes as stealing and other minor crimes; during this short time he was held in a cell next to a young woman known as Reina that was also held as a criminal. Isshiro only cared about find a way to escape for himself but as the time, days and weeks passed by he had no other option but to look for held with the other criminals, after a few days of planing Isshiro and Reina plotted an escape plan with other prisoners, at night they knew that the guards were few and far between. Reina acted as she was feeling sick forcing hers lelf to vomit her food as the only guard open her cell to check on her then he was attacked, as she pushed the guard towards Isshiro's side of the cell where he attack him from behind with a small shank that he made, allowing them to escape. 

Ninja Traits

Rank: D-rank | MN
Village: -
Element(s): Katon (Fire) 
Specialties: Weaponry (Main) | Ninjutsu (Clan)
Clan: Sarutobi
Bloodline Bonuses: Legacy Of The Sarutobi


Health: 100
Vigor: 20
Chakra: 20
Speed: 30
Strength: 30

The Player

Other Characters: -
Faceclaim Name and Series: Server - Project Divider
Roleplay Sample: The sunlight shine down across the long and rocky road; the wheel in the caravan moved and jumped as each stepped on the small rocks that made the road. Two guards walked next to the driver two horses galloped slowly, two more guards walked behind the caravan all guards had there weapons on them small swords and kunai's one of them held a shield. Inside the caravan we're three individuals, one young man, one young woman and a butler. They seemed to be quite the royalty or important people; on top of the roof another guard sat this was a female she had long brown hair and a large blade on her back as he kept her eyes close focusing on sensing chakra as the caravan continued to moved. The two guards in the back look in each direction to make sure there were no assassins hiding on the upcoming forest. 

A bout a mile ahead large tress and bushes covered the side of the road as they would entered a forrest that divided the village and the town they were heading towards. This luscious forrest has been here since the beginning of the shinobi world it was much larger in took from one minor nation towards another; but war and conflict changed all of that the forrest began to get harm and destroyed by shinobi and wildlife. Slowly but shorty this forrest was used to travel from the nearest town to the nearest village incase of attacks or disasters, but this also came with thieves, and bandits, rogues and everything in between. While going from the town towards the village was mostly ok, as bandits and thieves usually attack people heading the opposite way as they know people from the village had more money and more influence than the town except for there royalty. 

"Tanaka-sama; how much longer are we going to take before we get home?" The young girl spoke with a whiney tone but delicate towards her butler. He looked outside through the tainted glass as they entered the forrest, he turn towards the children as they sat there looking at him swinging there little legs back and forth. "Young prince and young princess we will be arriving at the town soon; no need to worry. We are well secured" Tanaka the butler said with a smile on his face as gentle as a kitty cat. The young prince looked out the window outside as he smile looking at all the trees and bushes as well as deers and small birds and even squirrel that ran by the tree branches to pick up nuts. The cavaran continued to move forward as the guards moved along with the caravan; the terrain was quiet rocky as the two back wheels bumped into them as they broke down as pieces of the wooden wheel broke. The caravan stopped violently as the two young royalty jump from there seat and began to look around with a worried face; Tanaka open the door to the caravan and stepped out "What has happen? Why did the caravan stopped?" Tanaka asked as he looked at the back wheel. The two guards in the back turn around and began to secure the area as the two front guards began to help the driver fixed the wheels. The lady guard kept her composure as she continues to surveillance the area with her Sensory technique. 

5 bandits stood in the left side of the forrest as they watched the caravan and the guards planning to make there move. "Send the signal." the leader of the bandits said, as one of the bandits shoot an arrow into the sky attached with a paper bomb. Once the arrow reached 10 kilómetros up it exploded; the guards looked up at the sky as they stopped fixing the Caravan and began to defend them getting ready for an ambush. From the opponent side of the road 5 bandits rushed the caravan and from the front 4 more rush as well the guards stood there ground weapons at the ready and the singular guard with a shield stood in front of them. The female guard open her eyes as she stood up and pulled her long blade from her back preparing to attack the side that wasn't being guarded. She by lonesome protected her side of the caravan while the other four guards protected the left side. 

The bandits all attacks at once the small battle unsuit around the caravan as takana and the kids stood inside and locked the caravan. The driver took out a small dagger ready to help the guards fight of the bandits but his assistant was futile he was decapitated by the leader of the bandits in one attack. He jumped on tip of the caravan as he looked down on the guards and his bandits, they had the advantage agaisnt the guards slowly but shortly each one of them died except one the female guard she stood her ground and killed 5 bandits but she was still outnumber by the remaining bandits which was 2 and the leader. After a while even she went down; from inside the caravan the kids tried to not cry loud enough as Tanaka prepared himself to attack if the open the door. Everything felt slow motion as both door in each opposite end open simultaneously in the front the leader as he had a large evil and sadistic smile of his face front behind one of the bandits attacked Tanaka and dragged his body out the two children stood sitting down in shock the leader of the bandits entered the caravan as he sat down where Tanaka was; he commanded for them to fix the caravan they were going to the town and asking for compensation for the royalty family but this was a just bluff. Once he entered the towns palace he was going to attack everyone and steal there wealth. Not long after the caravan was moving towards the small town. "no need to worry kids, everything will end soon.. hehehe" 
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Sarutobi, Isshiro Empty Re: Sarutobi, Isshiro

Tue Oct 04, 2022 1:27 pm
Approved and welcome to the MN!
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