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Nature of the Kyuketsuki Empty Nature of the Kyuketsuki

Thu Sep 22, 2022 10:35 pm
Skill Name: Nature of the Kyuketsuki

Appearance: The kyuketsuki that unlock this particular skill do not change in appearance or demeanor much at all, The only outward appearance of this skill is that for each stack of Blood lust that is currently being stored by the skill user brightens the color of their eyes until at maximum stacks their iris' glow as brightly as an LED array, this doesnt produce any actual light so in darkness they can not be seen by their eyes but it does prove to be most unsettling to the casual observer.

Backstory: This variation on Nature chakra was discovered by Arantima Kyuketsuki after being exposed to true nature chakra and finding that his inner nature did not mesh well with the softer nature of nature chakra when not absorbed via the Jugo bloodline. This variation on nature chakra is what occured the longer and harder that Arantima tried to force his own inner nature to resonate with the nature chakra. It began to not only attack the nature chakra around him but the Virulent nature of the Kyuketsuki bloodline began to constantly devour the nature chakra ambiently around him and as it built and built in his system he could feel the energy being twisted and corrupted by the virulent nature of the Kyuketsuki blood.

Effect: Derived from Nature chakra proficiency This skill allows those Kyuketsuki who have been exposed to Nature chakra to violently pervert it into something that only Jashin and the Kyuketsuki truly can understand. This Skill grants the Kyuketsuki who know it the ability to Generate and spend "Blood lust" stacks in the place of Nature chakra stacks.

This skill Allows the user to generate a single stack of Blood lust per post starting at 0 upon entry and ending that first post with 1 stack of Blood lust up to a maximum of 6 stacks. If the user is a pureblood Kyuketsuki they will instead generate 2 per post up to a maximum of 10 stacks. These stacks work just as Nature chakra stacks do, and if any nature chakra stacks are absorbed by a technique or put into the body of a user of this skill they will be converted to blood lust stacks at the same rate at which they are gained in tandem with the natural generation but may not be put over their maximum cap. If a nature stack coverting would put them over their cap the nature stack is instead consumed and discharged harmlessly from the body at the same rate of blood lust generation.

These Blood lust stacks may be used in Jutsu to increase their potency so long as those jutsu call this skill and Blood element out specifically. The user of this skill may also learn jutsu that call out nature chakra proficiency using Blood lust stacks in place of Nature chakra stacks on a 1 to 1 basis. Any stacks that remain at the end of the thread are discharged into the world as harmless ambient energy reducing the users stack count to 0 once more so that these stacks may not transfer between threads.

Wordcount: 2000
Character Specific: Arantima Kyuketsuki and those he teaches
Bonus Requirements: Nature chakra proficiency (Which will be replaced upon learning this skill), Blood Element, Noblesse Bloodline
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