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Shikami Shinkou
Shikami Shinkou
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A day in the life of Mizukage Empty A day in the life of Mizukage

Sat Sep 17, 2022 4:43 am
Shikami had recently finished up on the paperwork of the finances of the village. It turned out the village was sitting better than some people thought they were. Shikami would lean back in the chair and take off his hat and rub his forehead for a moment. As he stared at the hat, and he realized there was a power behind it. He would walk to the library, and head down to the second level. He knew of the place, but never had permission to read what the scrolls had within them before. It was there that Shikami would begin to study and get lost in the secret arts of Kirigakure. It would be a shame to be a Mizukage and not know at least one of the secret things that made his village so feared. Shikami read through a great many techniques. Some were not quite the right fit. Others had just been a bit to far ahead at the time. Things Like Tempest Release and Great Water Shark bomb caught his attention but would be saved for later at this point. Eventually Shikami would come upon a skill passed on from the First Mizukage, Xyxer Gyojin.

It was something brought from Old Kirigakure, the Silent Killing skill. It was an ability that was learned by the ninja hidden in the mist to allow them to get an drop on their enemies. This began to formulate an entire strategy within Shikami's head, for he was skilled in the art of sensory techniques, specially those that made him invisible, however this made him silent. And if he learned the Mist Rain technique he read earlier from Lord Aloide. Shikami could really become a threat to be reckoned with. He would enter the battle field and leave before anyone even knew what had happened. With this new information in mind, Shikami would read the scroll and take in the lessons that it taught to heart.

First Shikami had to learn to step lightly himself. This was a great challenge indeed, to learn how to step without a sound, and yet move at regular speed, and without channeling chakra to do so. While Eventually Shikami would learn to do this, it took him days however to do. Sneaking around the Kage headquarters, scaring poor Chizu half to death. She was never upset however, she understood what he was doing, and with her being a hyuuga, she was a great partner to do such training with.

Once that part was down, Shikami who had taken the scroll with him to read the next part when he was ready, found something else out. He now had to make those same steps, without allowing any of his cloths or equipment to make a noise. That was going to be a rough order to fill, this would take much longer to do. Lady Chizu would become the target once more. This time she would say something to Shikami if she heard even the slightest sound from anything on his person. This could not be cheated by not having something on him he normally would, he had to learn this technique properly. Chizu would even take fun in sometimes not telling Shikami, just to at the last minute face right at him smiling.

Shikami accidently however utilized the skill one morning, as he had spent the night in the office, Chizu thought he had gone home. Shikami made no sound as he stepped out of the office and said something to the little old lady making her shout in shock. She even told him that she never heard him coming, not even through the door. Shikami was too tired at the moment as he had only a couple of hours of sleep at the time when she told him that. It was not until he was half way through his cup of coffee that he would realize what she had said, Making him jump for joy and run back to her. He had finally picked up the skill naturally, and he was thrilled with the results.

Lady Chizu recognizing that it was a huge accomplishment for him would simply smile and nod at him, ensuring him that he sure did and that she was proud of him. With those words she would go back to her work behind the counter, being a receptionist for the kage would always be her number one duty to do. With this accomplished, Shikami would collect the scroll and return it to the library 's second floor. While Shikami was going to just leave with only the one skill learned, he looked back and figured, it was best to learn this stuff as soon as he could. Upon the decision he would pick up two more scrolls. The Scroll for the Tempest Release, and the Scroll for Great Water Shark Bomb.

Shikami would take these back to his office where he would study them in his off time. Which was rare now a days for him to have. He had to not just run the village, he had to grow even further in power than he intended to keep his village safe. It did fill his gut with a wrenching as he thought about the heinous miss deed he almost did to the village. But his mind at the time said it was the right thing to do. But the moment the hat touched his head, it was like new answers flooded his mind on what exactly he had to do was. When Reading scrolls and paperwork would get to be too much, Shikami would spin around in the desk chair and stood up, looking out to the village that was below.

Now one may always assume that the kage tower was tall as it was because the kage thought higher of himself than anyone else, Shikami came to learn that it was because the kage used the advantage to keep an eye on the village and its people. Now one says it as in the village, for claiming the people and not himself because than he would still be no better than a monarch. The people belonged to the village, not to him, if anything he belonged to the people. This would be the hill he would die on , the people he would protect till his dying breath. For he was their kage.

Shikami looked out at the village and than further out, he could see the edge of the storm wall off in the distance. Something put in long before the village of New Kiri was built on the back of Shimagakure, and there it was, still standing, and strong. It made Shikami think of the Tempest release, and when he turned around to read more about the release, he found out Lady Murata had improved the wall further, having making it apart of the Tempest Release, this gave insight to Shikami for both the element itself and the storm wall. It even let Shikami see into the mind of Murata a bit, while he never thought of Improving upon anything, Lady Murata had. This gave Shikami more to think about for future plans.

Meanwhile Shikami would look back to two other pressing matters he had , his low Shinobi forces numbers, and the Communication squad's headquarters had fallen into disrepair, he had to make a call to either axe it or repair it. Shikami would rub his temples as he sat back down in his chair. Maybe he could be like Murata and further improve upon the communication squad and their headquarters. Shikami would have to ask around for some advice on how to do that however.

Shikami needed to go home and get some rest though. He would roll up the scrolls and tuck them into his robe, and picked up his hat and put it on his head. As he left his office he would tell Chizu good night, and he headed off for home. Even though he had become Mizukage, he had kept his little singular flat. Off in the distance Shikami could see two shadows in the rooftops, keeping just out of sight for the most part. Shikami knew it was his new ANBU guard keeping an eye on him. Shikami would make it home with no troubles that night. Once he was inside, he would take the scrolls and place them in the night stand beside the bed. he would take his hat and robe off and hang them from the corner of his bed post. Laying down in bed, still mostly dressed however, Shikami would close his eyes and pass out from exhaustion.

The ANBU of the previous kages sat watch outside from the kages apartment, while he slept. They watched over the village, they would have idle chat as they were long time friends at this point. One who was generally on gate duty, was now guarding, it was a nice change of pace, and no one was likely to come in, and if they were, they had a reliable enough chuunin at the gate for the night. The night went by peacefully. The ANBU had a change of the guard part way through the night, and they left to take care of their own personal duties while a newer anbu member sat guard for the first time, nervous and rattling.

As soon as Shikami opened his eyes, he could feel the weight of the village on his shoulders. He had become Mizukage a few months ago, and he knew that the village was his now. He rolled out of bed, still mostly dressed and grabbed his scrolls before heading out the door. He needed to get to his office and start working on some of the pressing issues the village was facing. Shikami had just sat down at his desk with a cup of tea in hand, when he heard a light knock at the door. He called out for whoever it was to come in, and the door opened to reveal his assistant Chizu. She had a small tray with a cup of tea and a plate of food. She placed the tray down in front of Shikami and told him that she thought he might need some breakfast since he had come in so early.

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A day in the life of Mizukage Empty Re: A day in the life of Mizukage

Mon Sep 19, 2022 1:28 pm
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