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Jonetsu Meijin
Jonetsu Meijin
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 17500

Jon's first Steps! Empty Jon's first Steps!

Sun Sep 11, 2022 5:44 am
Mission List:

The sun would rise up and shine through the window of Jonestu Meijin. The Meijin would stand up, stretching and after he rested, he stood at five foot eleven inches. His blonde hair glistened in the suns rays, which he would shake out with his hand. Jonestu would walk into his bathroom which he would wash his face and than brush his teeth. Jonetsu would look up in the mirror and used a little bit of water to help him shape his hair along with a comb. He would smile at himself in the mirror , giving himself a thumbs up and would take off his wife beater, walking to his closet with just his boxers on. He looked for a decent shirt to wear today. Once his shirt was selected he would than go over to his short drawer and select a pair of shorts that matched the shirt just fine. Since the weather today was one that most would be jealous of if they had to spend it indoors.

Jon would head into his kitchen and whip himself up a rather amazing breakfast if he said so himself. A nice hot serving of grits and Shirmp, with a couple of eggs fried up over easy, making sure the white was cooked entirely but not the yolk, with a little salt and pepper to the top of his bowl. The shrimp was seasoned with a little garlic, Onion, cayanne pepper, Paparika, generally a standard set of seasonings for shrimp. A tablespoon of butter in the grits would top it off, with two slices of bacon crumbled up mixed in. Jon would eat his meal with great vigor. Today Jon had a goal, and he was pushing to accomplish the goal today.

Jonetsu Meijin recently graduated from the Academy of Konohagakure's Shinobi finest. While Jon was seemingly a jack of all trades, he had not yet mastered any. With but a sole exception. Jon could not show any promise in any Taijutsu, or Genjutsu, but his Ninjutsu was by far the only thing he could do, however at this moment, he could barely do what he needed to do. However he planned to change that eventually and focus hard on learning how to grow the amount of Chakra he could grow.

However, while he knew he needed to do a lot of training, to increase not just his amount of Chakra he had, but the control of chakra he had. He knew he would also need to actually act as a ninja in the mean time. So he figured he would first do his duty to the land of Konoha, and get a variety of missions completed. Jon would report to the mission boards of the ninja headquarters, he saw there was several for hunting down a variety of bad guys, and while he wanted to do those, they had some requirements. Mostly that Jon had to prove himself a decent enough Ninja that he will not just be fodder for any of these villains.

So Jon would walk to a different board, and there he would find that essentially the missions were sorted. He had walked up to the Hunter style Missions. Those were the ones that implied combat of sorts. he found the board with varying missions of ranks. These were mostly sorted by the difficulty by either the length of time they took to complete or the toll each would take on the body of those involved.

After some time Jon would collect a series of missions. Today he would do three E Ranks to see how he would fair, than a couple of C Ranks and if he could muscle it at the end of the day, he would finish it up with a B rank mission, that should put him where he needed to be and should take the majority of his day to do. The Blonde haired man would take the papers up to the desk to get them cleared for him to do them. The lady would take the six missions and began to look them over. Upon looking at Jon's records she would see he had just started, and that these missions were within his parameters to do.  With a nod she would make a couple of notes and stamped them and handed him the part he needed that told him who to see about what, and she would tell him "good to go, have fun". The people would tell him what he needed to do as he reported to whom he needed to report to.

The first thing that Jon would decide to do was visit the Yamanaka Florist.  When he got there he would see the several members rushing around in a busy bustle. One would stop upon seeing Jon and would ask him in a rushed manner "What do you need?" The Girl that asked Jon would recognize as a genin that graduated the academy just two years before him. Her blue eyes accented by her blonde hair. It went down to her  back, and made sunflowers wilt in its radiance.  Jon may have had a crush on her when he was going through School, but had not thought of her since her graduation till just now seeing her. This made him pause in his words for a moment until someone shouted something from the back and the girl responded that she was with a customer. This broke him from his trance "Sorry.." he would say " I am here to help with flower picking. It was set up in the mission hub in headquarters." as Jon spoke he pointed with his thumb over his shoulder.  

Right than her mother passed by and heard Jon's Reason for being there "Oh yes, come with me to the back really quick and Ill fill you in on what we need"  She would head off and her daughter showed Jon to the backyard where their greenhouse was located and they grew the flowers. As she would leave she would tell him "Oh if you need anything, My name is Kireina" Jon would finish her name for her and nod "Ya I know, you were two years ahead of me, I am Jonetsu" At which he would smile at her and she would dart off.

Her mother would come by and notice the way Jon looked at her daughter and she would clear her throat. This would startle him to attention. She would smile knowingly and nod to him as she handed him a list "Start by helping to pick these for us, We have them labeled in case we needed any help" And she would walk off. Jon would walk out to the greenhouse and begin to find the flowers that was needed and he went to pick the number he needed, and than he would stop, he felt that would hurt the flowers. He would look around and eventually found a pair of sheers that he would use to snip the flowers and gather them together.

He would carry the bundles in one type of flower at a time. However that was the part that took the longest, the sheer volume of flowers needed. He would return with the final batch and notice that the flowers he had been bringing in was being sorted through and picked for different bundles. At which time they would ease as they took the last of the flowers, finishing the last three bundles at once. They were all high fiving each other and happy they completed the orders they had in today in rather record time. It excited Kireina so much that she hugged Jon randomly which made him blush. She disengaged from the hug and took off running. Her mother walked up, smiling knowingly once more and handed him the money for the job "Thank you for your help. Just becareful, she may smell sweet, but she has thorns" and with those words of wisdom she walked away.

This would leave Jon with the next mission he needed to report to. Jon would be walking up to the Inuzuka compound when he would noticed another girl from just the year before him of the academy. Rozeki, Or Rose as her friends called her. She was someone who appealed to his senses of chaos and disorder. The bad girl type. With her Dog sitting on top of her head. Jon would wave and talk to her "Hey, I am Jonetsu I was answering a Mission that was submitted to the headquarters. " That was when Rose would go to Introduce herself and Jon would say her name before her and inform her " You were in the class ahead of mine" She would nod once slightly awkwardly and than went in to talk about how a local butcher was late on delivering a meat order to the clan. Jon would nod understandingly  and with a promise to return, he would head out to the butchers shop.

Upon getting to the shop, He would see that the Butcher was having issues running the front of the shop and trying to get the Inuzuka's order out, the start of the month will do that to the shop since people are shopping for the month again. Upon getting there, Jon would talk to the butcher really quick . Letting him know why he was there and how to help. The Butcher would ask him to run the front of the shop, this would allow him to focus on the cutting, agreeing Jon would begin to take over the front, selling the precut meat and if he ever got low letting the butcher know so he could restock real quick, but the extra time be spent preparing the Inuzuka order.

Jon would see why it was hard to do both, it took several hours even with the pair of them for the orders and front of the store to get caught up. Once the order was finished, Jon would volunteer to take it for the butcher letting him take over the front of the shop, with the large order out of the way the butcher could handle the work load on his own so he would agree and pay Jon for his help. Jon would take the meat back to the compound, and Rose was the one to meet him outside of the gate. She would see the entire order ready which would make her smile that Jon delivered it himself and had taken the extra steps as he explained what kept the butcher from the order being on time. Rose would thank Jon with a quick kiss on the cheek since her hands were full.

Jon would watch as Rose's raven black hair floated in the wind as she turn around to head back inside. Jon would be in the trance once more. God why did he keep meeting the crushes of his school years. Jon would shake himself free as someone shouted at him for just standing in the middle of the street.  He would take off of the road before he looked to his missions to see who he had to go report to. The Park ranger was who he needed to go to see. As Jon would approach the man, he would notice him using Wood release, the man must be of the Senju clan. He would talk to the ranger, first getting his attention and announcing himself, and the reason he was there. The park ranger would let him know, that while he could grow trees with leaves on them, he could not reverse the process. The park was covered in the colorful leaves that announced the arrival of autumn, or the occasional tree dying for some reason.

The Senju would go into further detail about how the leaves would become fertilizer for the flower shop, this made Jon perk up a bit, he may get to go see Kireina. Jon would nod and take the rake and bags that he was given and would begin the long arduous process, taking the leaves into bags until the bag was full and he would begin to gather them into the back of a wagon that once he would eventually run out of bags, he would take the bags he had gathered down to the machine that would grind them down into the minuet grains that made decomposition so  much faster. After emptying the bags, he would use one bag to gather the remains, the other bags would go back with him to rake up more leaves.

Eventually Jon would be down to no bags left. After getting everything Mulched up and ready, which took many trips. The sweaty and leaf shavings covered Jon would head back to the flower shop he was at earlier. When he was met by Kireina's mother, she would puzzled to see him back, let alone in that state. He would walk up to her, and let her know he had a wagon outside filled with fertilizer from the park , asking her where she would like him to put it. She would nod knowingly. This was not apart of the mission the boy had done, as normally they were just left, but she understood he wanted to run into Kireina again, even against her previous warning. She would let him know where he could take it around the back. Down the alley next to the shop. He would do such and Kireina was indeed who he ran into again. She would help him with the bags, and as they did the work, they would talk, even tell a couple of jokes and laugh.

Jon being a little to embarrassed to say much else however, when he was done, he would give an awkward goodbye as he would head out and return the wagon and bags. Picking up the rake in the park and returning everything to where they belonged. The park ranger would pay Jon for his work, letting him know he had done a good job, and let him go for the boy to do what he wanted to for the remainder of the day. However while the ranger walked off. Jon would look at his contacts he had left to get ahold of.

Seems he had to go see Ichiraku himself. The man , the myth, the legend. A man on par with legendary shinobi of the past. Jon would walk into the little bar like store of Ichiraku, the man could have made it bigger, but he had success for a reason, and refused to change it. Jon would talk to the man about answering his mission request. At which time Ichiraku  would nod and tell him about the sad state his restaurant was in let alone the street. Of course the Restaurant was this way because of the style of shop he chose to keep the building, but he was prepared to pay to get help to keep it in pristine condition. Jon would nod to the man as he would start off with the shop and cleaning up the area right there. The shop was small so it would not take long to do, However when Jon would head out and begin to clean the street . The one issue being is as he would pass back next to Ichiraku's , it was dirty again. At which time Jon would go in, clean it up again, and continue on down the street.

Several times, this would happen to Jon, he would be a little upset over it, eventually taking a seat, flabbergasted. That was when a familiar voice could be heard behind him. Rose had came to Ichiraku for lunch, leading her to ask Jon what he was doing there, at which time he would kind of unload about the frustration of the mission he was doing. Rose would chuckle at him and shake her head , before asking him if he has had lunch yet. He would tell her no, and Rose would order two bowls of protein ramen bowls. The succulent meats was perfectly compliments by the saltiness of the broth.  The Broth soaked into the noodles perfectly, making every bite, be it noodles and meat, meat alone, or noodles alone which also absorbed the juices of the meats, was each perfect.

However before Rose could do anything, Jon had laid the money on the counter to pay for the bowls, At which time when she started to argue with him about who would pay, Ichiraku himself would push the money back to Jon and said to consider lunch apart of his payment for working. At which time Jon would smirk at Rose who was upset that he ultimately won, to which she would thank him reluctantly and would be off. Leaving Jon to go back to his cleaning of the shop. Eventually, when things slowed down, Jon would collect his payment from Ichiraku and would thank him for the meal as well, and would than begin to head on his way to his next contact he had to see for the day. Jon at this point was beginning to realize the magnitude of the standard missions. He could only imagine the difficulty of a hunter mission even a low ranking one.

Jon would take the moment to think about how his day has gone. First he met his first crush and now she knows his name, and even laughed at a few of his jokes even. Than there was the second crush he ever had, Rose Inuzuka, that he ran into twice today. One of those was technically a date, even if just a lunch date sort of thing between friends. This kind of stuff excited Jon quite a bit. He had a huge smile on his face and was quite happy about everything  to have happened today thus far. Little did Jon know that, his day was filled with positive for a reason and he was about to find out exactly why.

As Jon walked up to his next contact, he ran into his arch rival from the academy days. A Uchiha who excelled in everything he struggled in, and even matched him in his use of ninjutsu. Physically the kid was even on par with Jon. They had gotten into plenty of fights before. However something was different today. The boy would notice and recognize Jon. "Oh look its one trick wonder, what are you doing here" the Uchiha boy sneered as Jon approached. He would look at the downed power line and back at the boy. "Obviously I'm here to help with the powerline issue that seems to be here. I'm furthering myself as a shinobi and getting myself prepared to take on harder and more dangerous missions. Like the Hunter missions." To which the Uchiha boy would laugh at Jon's Declaration.

"Fine whatever Oneder Boy, just get the pole taken care of please, we are out of power and I have to go kick ass some of my games that I have, Which I doubt you have even heard of." However as the boy spoke and than went into the house, Jon took a good look around. The Uchiha boy was in a bit of a run down location of the village, While most Uchiha are treated as Royalty some are often excommunicated for one reason or another, and for a kid to be apart of it, means it was a parent that did something.

This made Jon begin to feel sorry for the boy, he now realized that the kid needed to be the best to try and get ahead in life. Jon was a threat to the kid in certain aspects. Jon did not grow up the best, but the boy did not want for anything but his own dreams. He could now comprehend how the Uchiha boy had come to be the bully that he had been to Jon, it was the only way to feel better about his own situation.

Jon walked down the street to the spot where lines were downed. Across the lines was a tree, the tree had even taken a post out of the ground. The first step that Jon would think to do was to get the tree removed from the lines. So after a bit of looking over it, He would go looking for an ax he could use and started at the bottom of the tree and began to cut it into logs. It would take Jon some time to get the entire tree cut up. But the inevitable happened. He was getting down to the last of the tree, at which time Jon would grab the bottom part of the chunk that was left, and he would drag the tree down. However upon doing so, he would reveal the broken lines, however he did not pay them any attention they were not close enough to him, he finished taking care of the tree first. Upon which when he was done, he would turn the axe from where he had gotten it.

Jon would look at the pole and tried to think how he could help. He noticed the sparking wire. This was a dangerous job indeed, and Jon wondered if he would be up to the task. He looked around, some basic science he learned in school taught him natural lightning or even electricity was grounded out by rubber. So after awhile of searching nearby, Jon would find some old tires that he would take his time to cut and when ready, Wrap the ends of the wires, to help make them safe to touch.

Once that was completed. Jon would slowly get the pole lifted up, and eventually put back into the hole it had came out of. Tamping it back down into its spot, Once he was done, he would let the proper people collect the line and properly get it fixed. Since he was done with that, Jon would take the logs he had cut up and leave a few sections at several houses that appeared to have chimney's. He figured they could use the fire wood while they waited for their power to come back on, for heat and light. After that Jon would look down at his final contact to get ahold of.

Jon stared at it for a minute. He knew this location, it was the academy he recently graduated from. As he thought about the day, he knew that today would be the talent show for the younger classmen. He already knew how cutthroat it could be for both the students and the parents involved. However Jon did not fully know the extent just yet. He would quickly find out. He went to the school and the principle having recognized one of his recently graduated students would welcome Jon openly. This to which Jon would greet the Principle and inform him he was there on the duty of the mission he had accepted from the headquarters.

That was when the Principle took Jon into the office and began to inform him of what was going on. The purpose of the mission was to make sure that the talent show had as little influence from the parents as possible. Be it sabotage or bribes. Whatever was the flavor of the month this time. He let Jon know at that moment that every year he puts in that mission , cause each year, there are many parents that do anything they can to have their kids give a good, if not the best show. They thought it would guarantee them better training if they did. If only the parents would understand, cause no matter how many times they were told, that the talent show does not matter about who trains their kids, they seem to think otherwise.

With the explanation given to Jon he would accept the mission and told the principle he would do his very best at this mission. With that being all they had to talk about, they would go separate ways. Jon would head down to the stage right away and took a good hiding spot up among the cat walks. This allowed him a grand aerial view, and allowed him to see if anyone went up high for the area he was in as well. This was a great spot to be, and a couple hours before the talent show started, granted him ample time to prevent any before show shenanigans' of the parents, However the things that happen outside of the school was harder for Jon to discern, so Jon would make sure to watch the people and see how things went between them and the judges.

Jon being present up on the catwalk was a great deterrent, several parents found themselves "Lost" on the way to the bathroom. Others he surprised by jumping down behind them as they did their nefarious things. Scaring them senseless and stumbling with their words. Jon would correct their sabotage and send them on their way. Now Jon would also keep an eye out however on other kids being sketchy and letting them know that he was watching to try and stop them before they started anything. Eventually as the night went on, Jon began to notice one of the Judge's kept looking at someone out in the crowd, when they did, the person would nod or shake their head, and the judge voted as such. At which when Jon realized this he would confront the person who seemingly bribed the judge. That was when he had been offered an amount of Ryo that would change his life, once he got the man to believe that he was actually on a mission to ensure fairness. As hard as it was, Jon had honor. With that said he ejected the parent from the show. To which the man tried to put up a fuss but Jon told him he would not kick out his kid only for the kid to have a fair chance. However the man was not allowed in. With that said Jon had walked back to his spot. After the show was over, Jon was happy to report that that was the last of the devious scheming of the parents.

Jon would report to the principle about what he was able to stop, but apologized for not catching the judge and parent sooner, some kids got cheated, but not near the amount who would have if Jon had not done his job. To which when he was told about that, Jon would feel better over all about it, and that the kids got to show their talent truly, allowing them all a fair chance to be scoped out by possible sensei's cause even if the show did not determine it, it allowed them to see who to keep their eyes on.

Jon would nod and collect his payment from his old Principle. Upon which he would head back to the headquarters and would turn in his completed missions and their ryo for payments on the completion of the missions. Jon would be handed his portion of the ryo and the lady would mark down his completed missions in a log book. To which Jon would be handed for him to keep track of from that point on. Jon would smile at the woman , thank her, and run off. It was time for him to return to  his flat. It was late and he worked hard that day, and had not yet had dinner.

Jon would head home from there, and when he was at his house and he made himself a cup of instant Ichiraku ramen, cause the old man did franchise even if he did not update the building's look. Jon would take the time to think over the day, He got to know two of his crushes from his school years, he got to meet a rival and understand him better. He just hoped that if anything comes down between him and either of the girls its only one of them and not both of them, He would not want to hurt either of them. Meanwhile his thoughts also landed on hat rival and how he could try to be more friendly and helpful to him without upsetting him. After a long thinking process, the only thing that came to mind was to treat him no differently than a normal human would another. It may be the long process, but maybe his rival could be more like a friend eventually. Jon would begin to think about what else he would want to do now. He knew now he needed to do much more to be prepared for a hunter mission. However he wondered if he could find a sensei to help teach him and truly get him prepared for such a mission.

Jon would lay down in his bed and turn on the radio to listen to some soft rock to fall asleep to. This would allow Jon to sleep peacefully. However his brain would flop through a couple of different dreams, each time his Uchiha Rival was his best friend, but while the majority of the dream was similar, they had one glaring difference, the love interest the first time was Kireina, however the second time the dream rotated around in his head, it was Rose instead. Of course something to cover now that Jon does not yet know is Neither will be the one for him, but for now let us leave him to his fantasy. the final dream that awoke Jon was one with him , Rose AND Kireina. One could only guess what kind of dream would happen with that chemistry, but nothing will ever be detailed outside of his dreams for such an action.

Jon awoke and he would take the time today to visit both of the girls, of course separately. For the most part Jon was sort of feeling out his place with each girl individually. However by the end of the day, while it was amazing to hang out with both of the girls. It would seem at this time, both of them was seeing Jon more like a friend at this moment in time, Each had a moment where they did something that made him feel possible otherwise, but it was generally in some sort of thanks as to why they were so gleeful. The Blonde would traverse the roads alone. His head hung low as his hands were in his pockets.

He walked by the locations he worked that day, however he did no work that day. He did eventually pull himself out of his slump when he came across the library. He had a mission and other things to do first anyways. He needed to get ready to fight a Hunter. So Jon spent time reading up on all kinds of Fire Jutsu. Jon however would select to start with some of the most basic fire jutsu to the arsenal of any respectable fire wielding Shinobi. He would finish his studies, taking notes on a scrap piece of paper on the jutsu he was going to go practice in the training field. With his little cheat sheet, All that Jon had written down was the series of hand seals each technique would use.

The first technique he used was simple three hand seals Snake, Ram, Tiger . Once he made the Tiger hand seal Jon could feel something that worked within his body and did so quickly. Jon would exhale as it had felt like a bunch of oxygen built up really quick within his lungs, but as he exhaled a stream of fire would come out and form a ball in front of him. Jon could feel the heat of the fire and he smile. This was the moment that he got hooked on the fire techniques. There would be nothing else for him to do now, Fire was the only way. Jon being excited would repeat the technique this time adding in Monkey before the Tiger seal. The Ball was larger than the first one, twice the size actually. Finally Jon would finish off his Trifecta with doing the same techniques once more, this time the boar symbol formed between monkey and tiger. A Third fireball was formed right than, twice the size of the last, being four times the size of the first fireball he had used. Jon would watch this one until it fizzled out, a smile on his face the entire time.

Jon was feeling more powerful than ever seeing what he could accomplish , he would move on to the next technique that seemed to lead into the gateway of many more techniques when combined with the previous version. Rat , Tiger, Dog and then the swelling feeling, this time as Jon exhaled to let go the excess oxygen instead of a stream, six fireballs shot out from the mouth of the man. Jon had to admit, this made  him feel like a Dragon breathing all of this fire. Being excited for more, instead of trying the next level of the Phoenix fire jutsu, he would instead move to the next technique. Snake , Dragon, Rabbit, Tiger this was the series of next hand seals he used, and when he expelled the air this time, the fireball took the form of a great dragon's head, this made him feeling like a dragon that much more complete.

That however Reminded Jon of one of the techniques he had read about, one that seemed to combine the great Fireball with the Phoenix Shower. Snake, Ram , Monkey, Boar, Tiger and finally Horse. The feeling of air filled his lungs once more to the point that he swore they would explode or he would float away , that is until he released a barrage of fireballs. With each release his lungs filled again, the fireballs was half the size of the last time he used the fireball technique, but he could rapid fire them, making it be about ten shots he had before the drain of chakra was all he could feel on his body. That was amazing to him.

This last one, Jon wanted to feel the power and decided to do something else first. The Academy days taught him about certain ways to help him focus his chakra before using a technique, and he utilized this method first, two hand signs was that was needed. The Following six hand signs would make the surging power he felt swell him up even greater. Horse, Dog, Ram, Dragon, Tiger, Snake... Jon exhaled and upon which he unleashed a flame that would create a wall in front of him, but this one felt more powerful than the others due to the method of chakra focusing prior to using that technique. Jon was essentially standing in the ring of scorched land as he stood there panting. He was excelling at these techniques far quicker than he had expected to .

Jon stood there panting softly as his heart rate slowly came back down from his exertion of using the techniques. Jon would walk off to the Ichiraku ramen stand, it was time to eat some lunch. When he got there the owner Mr Ichiraku himself recognized Jon and welcomed him and told him he had great timing, that he was about to put in another request for shop cleaning, he just could not keep up with cleaning and the orders that was coming in. Jon said do not worry about it and he would handle the clean up today himself without the need of the mission boards. However by the time Jon had finished his routine of cleaning, Mr Ichiraku had a bowl of ramen waiting for him, to which Jon was thankful to the man and he would sit down to eat the bowl. He ensured to slurp his noodles extra loudly for the cook to know he appreciated the food greatly. Once he was done he would wipe his mouth since he drank the miso from the bowl. It was delectable as always. To which Jon would thank the man once more and would leave out that day.

As he walked past the butcher shop he ran into Rose and saw she was carrying another order of meat, seemed the canines of Inuzuka clan eat a lot of meat. This gave Jon the ability to offer to help carry the load to the compound as he did just the other day. Talking with Rose along the way. Jon had consigned himself to the role of admirer from afar to both the girls he had a crush on at this point. He needed to focus more on his ninja career first anyways. It was a rather pleasant conversation of Jon did say so himself as they walked, he even got offered to help feed the canines. To which Jon would agree and walked with Rose, getting to feed a couple of the dogs and wolves. There was certain ones however that Rose had to feed herself, they did not recognize Jon and would not accept from him or would be aggressive towards him.

When they were done with feeding the dogs, Rose asked about lunch to which Jon would reply that he already ate, thank you anyways, and he would head off once more today. As he got to the park he would notice that more leaves had fallen, to which he would just pick up the rake since he knew where it was and the bags and began to clean the park up on his own. There was not as many bags this time, so he would just walk down to the flower shop with the bags of mulched leaves he had today and dropped them off at the back gate, right as Kireina came out the back gate herself, shocked to find Jon standing there. He would laugh nervously and tell her he just decided to clean up the park when he got there today since more leaves fell, he was just gunna leave them at the gate for them. She would nod and smiled waving him in, in which they would together add the mulch leaves to the flowers that did not get them the other day . Kireina would walk with Jon from there to the park, She always enjoyed seeing the trees and enjoying the breeze of the outdoors, since most of the time she was working indoors, she did not get to enjoy nature, just sell it. Those were her words. They would sit on a park bench and talk for a good hour before she realized the time and had to take off back to the shop to finish helping with another series of orders.

Jon would wave and smile as she took off. It would seem today was yet another productive day even if he did not mean it to be. He realized that sometimes one does not have to do missions to do the stuff that was needed to be done, the missions just helped him to realize where the problem area's generally appear to be at. Jon would head into the headquarters to look at the mission boards again. He was planning his next set of missions already, at least those that they would allow him to do. Jon would note the ones that appeared to just be random chores around the village. It would seem that there was quite a bit around the village in general that just became missions rather then regular chores, also some of it seemed that places was using the shinobi mission system as a way to get temporary employment while they looked for someone who would eventually do the job or help them out.

Jon began to formulate an idea that may help several people at one time, but he needed to first track down some people he had noticed out of the corners of his eyes, while Jon originally acted like everyone else and just sort of ignored them. But for the constant cleaning of Ichiraku and the Park, Jon would get some of the homeless people around to get them coordinated to help out with keeping the general city cleaning done. giving them stories about what each has done for him to encourage them to do it, They would get fed, and likely some assistance in some ways, even if it was just something for a bit of money.

While there was plenty just happy to panhandle, there was others that seemed to take the advise and would seemingly head off into the general directions of the locations. He would stop one of the younger, stronger lads and talk to them about running deliveries for the butcher shop, that would help the inuzuka with their day to day as well.  The kid would take off to the butcher shop. This made Jon feel good and he would try to think about what else that he could give them ideas on stuff to do, so that way they could make something out of their lives and maybe live a bit better than they were now.

He thought maybe after the next storm he would gather up the homeless to travel the city and help with clean up and getting downed trees taken care of and reporting downed lines and the such, that would help with response times and moving from one spot to another in times like that. Jon would head back to his flat and sat down with a paper and pencil and began to write down these ideas and began to formulate speech's for events like that to bring the homeless together to get done these things. He knew that there would be a select few who was just in it for the easy money. But he would try to appeal to their love for the village, just as he would if he was talking to a group of shinobi laying their lives down for the village knowingly.

Jon would look at the time when he finished writing what he felt would inspire even the most life conscious shinobi to run into death knowingly.  It was time for dinner and bed, Jon was not really that hungry now that he thought about it, so he would take that time to take a shower, nice and hot. When the blonde came out looking like a lobster and his bathroom like a sauna, he took a deep breath in and enjoyed the warmth before he got dressed for bed. He would make himself a pot of hot tea before bed and took the cup and kettle to the bedroom, sat on the table side he would drink the warm tea until he eventually fell asleep. The cup set on the end table so he did not drop it on the bed itself and drench it. The shower and tea helped him to relax and have nice peaceful dreams.

However for him where most would be in terror of their dreams, he imagined himself. Not just Surrounded by fire, but walking in fire itself , being unharmed. He knew that could never happen right? That was why it was just a dream. At least that was what he thought, he never thought it could be an eventuality, cause there was no one completely immune to fire right? Seems Jon had not known what the future would hold for him, but the biggest question was, would he be the hero or the villain when his dreams would become reality. That would be the telling of the story of Jonetsu Meijin, and the ride that he was about to find out just how fast it would all move for him.

As the image of Jon moved through the fire, it was like Jon was watching a movie as it happened. He would see silhouette after silhouette come towards Jon and each fell in a blaze, eventually the fires around Jon changed and became blue, this was curious cause Jon knew no way of flames being blue at this time. These feats which would scare most made Jon just that much more excited, he was in his sleep however and would not likely remember the majority of these things when they happened. that was likely the case as to why he was not deterred from his current path, which most would see as they became mindless killing machines. Jon did not feel like a killing machine though, he felt a sense of duty as he watched each shadow fall one after the next to his might.

The Blonde haired man awoke in the middle of the night and walked over to the window, opening it up, and staring  up at the full moon that was up that night. Well that would explain his weird dreams now would it not? He was not entirely superstitious  but one could never be too careful right? Jon would think back to his dreams, or what he could remember of them at the moment, he was curious as to how he could obtain blue flames, everything he used earlier today had been red, as fire should be, Why did the fire seem not only calming but also welcoming. This was curious to the man of fire. Since he could not go back to sleep he decided he needed to come up with a nickname for when he started to make it up the ladder as it were. Several would fly through his mind like the bats outside of his windows, but there was one that just kept jumping out to him. The Dragon of Fire, For he would eventually not just fight to defend his village, but the land as a whole. And he did not know if maybe Dragon of the Leaf was already taken. His will of Fire was a physical embodiment within his family, and this name would show that as well as his skill. Even in the academy he hated water, and the people who could use earth, Lightning or wind just seemed weird to him, and do not get him started on people using two elements or more. He could only harness fire, it was the blessing of his family, and those of his family was unrivaled in their use of the element.

Jon would have worked himself to being tired again with all of his thinking and reminiscing he did , he would head back to bed, but not before he would close the window back, the wind made the cold night air come in and Jon preferred the warmth over the cold. This time when Jon fell asleep, he could not help himself , he would wind up dreaming of Kireina and Rose again. Even if they made it known that he was a great friend, and that he would likely stay in the position, He could not help his feelings, and he was a young adult, his mind was only on a handful of things at any given time. Jon would smile in his sleep at the dreams he had, While he did not like water, seeing them simultaneously step out of the ocean in swimsuits and he was up on the warm sands of the beach , everything just seemed perfect to him at the moment within his dreams. So much that he turned over in his sleep and snuggled up to his pillow softly calling out each female's name.

It was Lucky for him that no one lived with him. For that would have been a very embarrassing moment if a parent had walked in on that or heard what he was saying. Jon's dreams were wild. But while things go good, there are those nightmares. He was having a good dream with the girls of his dreams, when suddenly everything in his dream erupted into flames. Jon could not help his body and their movements. All he could see was everything around him igniting into flames, and a odd feeling as it all happened, Jon was gleeful for it all. He felt the power and knew that this was his possible villain path if he was not careful , and something his father told him rang out to him, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Jon tasted the power earlier today and knew he walked a fine line now. He could see what the possible consequences of his actions could be if he allowed himself to stumble along the path.

The man could become a thing to fear, but would it be the village or his foes that would fear him? Jon now questioned these things as various images flashed in his dreams, and eventually much like many stories, he could see a battle between his good and evil selves begin to erupt out. When Jon awoke once more , this time it was morning and he looked at his bed sheets around him, seemed he had some of his dreams escape out and not the good ones. The bed around him was singed from fire. He had a good feeling that it was him, but the question was , would his good side win or his evil side, and something his grandfather told him rang through his mind. There are two sides in each person, both just as hungry as the other, and when asked which would win, he was told that the one that is fed more will grow stronger than the other and win.

This reassured Jon that ultimately being good or bad was up to him, and he had all intentions to be good, but only time would tell if life foresaw the same path as him for himself. Fate was tricky like that, giving a false sense of security but than would rip the rug out from under your feet and drop you on the path you are supposed to be on, rather you realize it or not. That was what you were meant to do, and meant to suffer to learn the lessons to mold and shape you into who you are supposed to become.  The fact that someone became a monster was never out of sheer pleasure, but a design , to balance the world out, the events to lead someone to become that monster due to being forced into certain choices, Usually things that would make them ostracized from the general public. Monsters are generally heros who had to make hard choices that the public just could not understand. Jon realized this and remembered his conversation with his grandfather about as such.

Jon would swear to himself and his grandfathers grave that he would abide to being a good guy. He would always make sure to feed the good wolf inside and starve the bad wolf, that would ensure he would be a hero and do his grandfather proud. He would make a solmen vow and swear it once more to lock it in for good measure.

WC- 8500  75 to Vigor, 10 to Speed 2750 (A) 1000/500/1000 (C/B/A) 1000/500 (C/B) 1750 (B)

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