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The Mods of NRPG Empty The Mods of NRPG

Tue Sep 06, 2022 12:30 pm

The Mods of NRPG

Any online game has a development team, and NRPG is no different in that regard, although, like most forum-based RP sites, we prefer the term 'staff team' or 'the mods.' It is our job to ensure the day-to-day running of the forum, to protect our members, and to ensure the site itself remains balanced and fair for everyone (Although we are human, and we are all capable of making mistakes). If anything leaves you feeling uneasy, be it something like being threatened by another member or even something as simple as being unsure of a decision, we highly encourage you to seek out a dialogue with a staff member to bring up said issue. We can't make any changes or resolve problems if we're unaware of them.

Due to this reality and having more tasks to handle to keep up the productivity on the forum, the typical 48-hour rule found across the platform to post back in topics is extended to 72 hours for current staff members. Additionally, exiting threads typically have to wait 48 hours to have their exit recognized as confirmed. However, current staff members can intervene on said exit within 72 hours.

On each page you open on the forum, there's a widget to the left of your screen where you can see the current staff team. This will list all of the current staff members and their positions. We have added organizational innovations and created three special teams to bring more structure to our staff team. Their goals and areas of expertise are outlined below. 

Approval Team:

Approval Staff are one of the most specific roles in the staff team; however, they are also the most important. Approval Mods approve stat page changes, thread claims, character applications, and running dice rolls. As such, they ensure that the WC you're claiming hasn't been plagiarized and that anything you claim is valid and usable. They're also capable of NPCing. They will also be able to approve summons, new missions, villages, and jutsu C-rank and below. 

The approval team serves as the starting point for new team members. There is then the potential for them to be separated into either balance or coordination when they are ready and wish to take on extra responsibilities.

Finally, rest assured that just because you are on the approval team, you will not be prevented from helping with an event or dipping your toe into technique modding g if you so desire. Collaboration within the staff team will not only be encouraged but also expected.  

Balance Team:

This team will be focused on ensuring that our site's balance is up to snuff. Is a specific mechanic becoming too oppressive? Is there a loophole in our existing rules? This team will be t e one to tackle it. They will also be in the front of the creation center, dealing with the more complicated jutsu (B rank+), skills, and whatever else the teams above feel uncomfortable engaging. One willing to dive deep into the numbers, has an eye for the details and understands our existing systems would be a good fit for this team.

Coordination Team:

More than an administrative role, this team is for you if you can maintain an unbiased stance, a cool head, and are willing to help the other teams operate at their best. They have a primary duty to work on seasonal event planning and development and site maintenance. Coordinators will ensure that the other sections stay true to their purpose and direct assignments to the correct group. They will update directories, rule pages, and the site timeline.

Furthermore, they will be the prominent point people on communication to the rest of the site on the state of staff and their progress towards any given objective. Coordinators will pitch approval work to the creation center as needed. It will, however, only be if a particular balance or approval member cannot complete their work on time or if the creation center queue is exceptionally long.

If a staff member is unresponsive to handling a topic or issue for a week, the interested member should reach out to a different staff member about the situation.


Staff work is not easy, and as such, we believe that the staff team should get some form of compensation for their work, and we have a system that rewards the staff WC based on their work. Each staff member's work within a week is recorded on topics inside the staff s action of the forum. This is, of course, for everyday work, and additional projects like Rule and System Design may result in additional WC being given. This payment can be freely split between characters as the Staff Member in question sees fit, but once that WC has been claimed on a character, it cannot be transferred. If the character has an active Living Clone, the LC can access that character's WC bank. 

How to Join

Anyone who would like to help keep the site's lights on is encouraged to apply—we will not be upholding any restrictions to use. that may have been put in place by previous administrations. The only requirement is that you are willing to adhere to these guidelines.

Help maintain an operating creation center with an agreed-upon maximum wait time for reviews.
Respect and engage with each other in the staff and the community at large in good faith
Actively work to build the community up.
Read carefully, use a word counter, and understand character and creation rules.

If you wish to volunteer with us, you can apply here.

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