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Mineral Sand : Third Eye (WIP)  Empty Mineral Sand : Third Eye (WIP)

Sun Aug 28, 2022 5:32 pm
Name: Mineral Sand: Sensory Sand - Third Eye
   Element: Magnet - Mineral Sand
   Rank: A/S 
   Specialty: Sensory/Ninjutsu
   Particular Jutsu Type: Sensory
   Backstory: Created by the legendary ancient Kazekage, Garra, and honed by members of the sand corps over the next few centuries. Ninja who use mineral sand are able to use their magnetic field along with their mineral sand to sense nearby entities. The power of this jutsu resolved around the user being able to sense not only chakra signatures, but also invisible and hidden targets, as it is not only detecting chakra signatures through the magnetic field but also physical signatures though the mineral sand.

Beyond that, users are able to then use their mineral sand and their chakra to create a literal eye made of sand. This third eye allows users to see things from a distance, proving to be a powerful reconnaissance tool.
   Appearance: Mineral Sand : Third Eye (WIP)  Sand_s11    Mineral Sand : Third Eye (WIP)  Third_10

   Handseals: None ; place fingers on eye.
   Duration: 3 Posts / 5 Posts
   Cooldown: Posts used + 2
   Range:  40 Meters / 60 Meters
   Power: -
   Speed: 80 / Vigor Stat + 30
   Health: 20 / Vigor Stat - 30
   Stat Boosts: -
   What it does: This jutsu has a passive and two active effects.

Passive: The user's basic sensory range is increased the range stat of the jutsu, following the guidelines listed in Sand Sensory and Chakra Sensory. This passive effect does not have a sand charge or AP cost, simply being an extension of the users magnetic field.

Active 1: Physical Sensory Sand - By paying one sand charge, the user can sweep an area at a radius equal to the range of this jutsu at jutsu speed. The sand used in this ability is microscopic, deals no damage, and is almost impossible to be seen or sensed. This technique works similar to that of radar, outlining everything and everything within it's range, including invisible targets, and relaying the information back to the user. Targets hidden underground cannot be sensed by the ability, since they are surrounded by the physical earth around them, and remain marked for the duration of the technique or while inside the techniques range.

Active 2: Third Eye - By paying one sand charge, the user can place their fingers on one of their eye and create an eye made of sand anywhere within the range of the technique. This Third eye is created and moves at jutsu speed, has a health stat (equal to the stat listed above), and must be spawned following jutsu creation guidelines (cannot be spawned within 5 meters of another target, etc). While the technique is being used, the user's targeted eye is blinded, and sees clearly through the created eye. Should the Third eye be destroyed, dispelled, or end because the duration has been met, the user immediately regains function of their targeted eye unharmed.

The user's third eye functions like a normal eye and emits information directly back to the user. Dojutsu eyes can be targeted, however the third eye cannot use dojutsu effects through the third eye, and any dojutsu effects cannot be used while the targeted eye is blinded. The third eye can be targeted by genjutsu, however, since the user themselves might not be affected by the genjutsu, the effects of the genjutsu may vary once the third eye is destroyed.

Both Active effects can be used simultaneously and have the same AP cost.

   Character Specific: -
   Wordcount to learn: 2500 / 4000  
   Action Cost: 40 / 50 Activation ; 20 / 25 Upkeep
   Mastery: Yes
   Bonus Requirements: Magnet Release, Mineral Sand , Sand Sensory
   Canon, Custom, Bloodline, or Village Exclusive: Canon
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