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Missing-Nin (B-rank)
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The Kage Summit Empty The Kage Summit

Tue Aug 02, 2022 4:18 pm


The snow here was delicate - soft. Light. Moving as if the world were airless. The shrill howl of wind was absent. Not even a gentle tug of the wind took hold of the falling powder - influenced its course to the undisturbed white blanketing the earth beneath Yurei’s feet. Time had seemed to freeze in all but the glitter around him. Ethereal. The Uchiha held out his hand, his porcelain-white skin bandaged in black that separated him from the rest of the world - the cold. And when that delicate snow fluttered into his grip, he could not feel it - not but the sound of its crunch within his clenching grasp.

Yurei’s hand fell to his side. His cold gaze shifted into focus, set only on his destination - the Kage Summit. His pale eyes peered through the awful visage he wore upon his face, still with a coolness not unlike the country he found himself in. For a moment, they flashed, and space-time shifted around him, swirling in an expelling vortex. Damon Uchiha. Yurei blinked, shifting his gaze to the man beside him, one who had accompanied him initially - Komon Hyuuga. “This is it, then?” he asked, confirming the answer he already knew. “The Gokage Summit.” It was pronounced - with venom from a forked tongue. His eyes then shifted to Damon, that cold stare boring into his brother. 

Such history. One of cruelty. Of failure. Incompetence. Decades upon decades of stagnation. Sins laid bare before him. And a man from Kumogakure, one he met by chance all those years ago, was the key. Yurei drew his head downward, speaking to Komon behind him. His words escaped through the ghoulish mask’s gaping mouth. “Lead the way, Komon,” he instructed. The remote location of the Kage Summit was enough, and the neutral territory made trap or ambush unlikely. More convincingly, Yurei had felt nothing. No chakra. No life. 

It was dead.

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Komon Hyuuga
Komon Hyuuga
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Vagabond (B-Rank)
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The Kage Summit Empty Re: The Kage Summit

Sun Aug 07, 2022 4:40 pm


The land of iron was a thing of beauty, filled with blankets of white powder like a childs snow globe, and equally as quiet. One would be forgiven for thinking it was a place of peace, but like Kumogakure, and Yukigakure before now Komon, had killed here as well. He thought back to blood spilling on the now undisturbed snow all those years ago. Had his actions been necessary then? Or had he simply caved to them out of fear.

The brothers had just gotten a seat at the table, had just taken the helm of their village and their first order of business had been to convene with the leaders of the world. So when the opportunity presented itself to make an impression. Komon had taken it. But did the man deserve to die? Komon couldn’t say for sure, the man’s views then didn’t seem too far off from the uchihas behind him now.

Although he didn’t feel as if he agreed with Yurei, he didn’t feel the need to stab him either.

This is it

He’d say stumbling into the grand halls of the summit. The last time he’d been here he’d been preoccupied with other matters, and hadn’t the time or interest in taking in the craftsmanship of the building. But looking at it now he couldn’t help but be impressed by the quality of its construction. The frozen climate had perfectly maintained the wood, not allowing it to rot,  and the halls had been chiseled with care. This place showed no signs of aging and he wondered if it ever would.

It didn’t take long for Komon to reach the main room, with the Uchiha duo presumably close behind. He paused as memories of the former world leaders and their guards walked about the room, Xyxer a particularly nasty Mizukage, commanding the attention he thought he deserved. Valen, the newly appointed leader of Hoshigakure, didn't know him well but Damon and Yurei’s accounts of him did not seem pleasant. The Hokage Risako, a mere puppet of its recent conqueror the Mizukage. His hand brushed the seat of the table closest to him, and his Brother Komori who’d finally reclaimed their home from the monsters before him.

They’d had such great plans for their village back then, he’d think to himself.

Where did it all go wrong?

He wasn’t sure, and he didn’t think he could ever be until he found the man with the answers. Until he found his brother.

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